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100+ Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Teens

When it comes to buying things for your teens’ stocking, it can be kind of tricky. It’s easy to get caught up in a ton of expensive stocking stuffers to try and impress your kids. Gone are the days when you could give them a stuffed animal and watch them snuggle with it for hours with a smile on their face.

I can remember back in the day when I would wrap little gifts for my toddlers, and they would spend hours just playing with the wrapping paper. I honestly could have just put wrapping paper in their stockings, and they would have been just as happy. Unfortunately, our kids grow up, and the days of playing with wrapping paper are over.

Your kids might be older now, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give them new iPhones in their stockings to provide them with still a great Christmas. While your teens may want bigger and more expensive gifts these days, there are still plenty of great unique stocking stuffers for teen ideas that are fun and go way beyond the whole socks and money kind of presents!

These are meaningful stocking stuffer ideas that your kids will be able to use and that they won’t get sick of within a few minutes of receiving them!

Remember that a stocking stuffer is just that, a stuffer, a fill-in gift, something before the main event at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be a huge grand gesture, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Even stocking stuffers from The Dollar Tree can still wow your teens!

This is why I put together some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas for you that work for teenagers and older kids. You could even use some of these gift ideas for preteens and young adults too!

Let this guide to stocking stuffers for teens make your shopping easier. Use it for ideas or even better shop right from our links (some are affiliates) and have everything shipped to your home. No leaving the house. No dealing with crowds or hoping the store hasn’t reached max capacity. Shopping made easy.

ideas for Stocking stuffers for teens image

Before the Stocking Stuffers for Teens Come the Stockings

Before you can start filling the stockings for teens you’ve got to make sure that their stockings can hold all the stuff and you can hang them securely. We’ve discovered some new stocking designs and stocking hangers we’re sure your teen will love. Take a look.

Stocking for Teens

Peanuts: 19″ Snoopy Applique Christmas Stocking

This Snoopy stocking has a polyester felt hat with short pile faux fur at the top. Embroidered on the stocking are the words Merry Christmas and Snoopy holding his best bird friend, Woodstock. The stocking measures 19″ long.

Get the Peanuts: 19″ Snoopy Applique Christmas Stocking for your teen.

Peanuts: 19" Snoopy Applique Christmas Stocking for your teen
Photo credit

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Christmas Stocking

This Harry Potter stocking isn’t your typical stocking color but it didn’t stop my teens from wanting it. Like the Snoopy stocking the Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Stocking is also 19″ long.

The stocking is created from 100% polyester fabrics. It has a printed Hogwarts crest on front of stocking with a plush cuff. There’s a velvet backing and attached cord hanger.

Buy the Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Christmas Stocking for your special teen.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Christmas Stocking for teens.
Photo credit

See the entire collection of stockings for teens at the website.

Stocking Hangers

Peanuts Snoopy Stocking Holder

Order the Peanuts Snoopy Stocking Holder now.

Photo credit

The Mandalorian The Child Grogu Stocking Holder

As soon as my youngest teen saw the Grogu stocking holder, he immediately claimed dibs on it. Who can blam him? It’s so cute. This stocking holder is made of metal, plastic, and paint/mica and the hook can extend up to 1″ from base.

Order The Mandalorian The Child Grogu Stocking Holder now.

Photo credit

Disney Minnie Mouse Stocking Holder

Isn’t Minnie adorable? This stocking holder is made of metal, plastic, and paint/mica and the hook can extend up to 1″ from base. Order the Disney Minnie Mouse Stocking Holder or similar stocking holders now.

Photo credit

NEW for 2022 Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Plant Your Pencil

Know how we all have those pencils that are too short to use? It seems so wasteful to just throw it out. Sprout’s Plant Your Pencil ‘presents’ a better option. It’s a sustainable pencil that you can plan after it becomes too short to write with.

Sprout World’s pencils are available with 10 different seeds that grow into vegetables, flowers, and herbs. And now the Sprout pencil can also turn into a tree. Thus, the circle is complete: trees become pencils, which can then grow into spruce trees.

Sprout World’s pencils are also available as eyeliners. Our teen reviewer says, “The eyeliner works very well. I also like how you are saving the environment by planting the remainder of the eyeliner. It is also very smooth and easy to apply.”

Yummy Stocking Stuffers

Stuff those stockings with Cookie Pop and Candy Pop’s specialty winter flavors, Iced Gingerbread Cookie Pop and Peppermint Hot Chocolate Candy Pop!! They are so yummy. I had to start giving away my samples or I would have finished them all in the first day. Of course, at just 150 calories per serving, it’s a treat I don’t have to feel too guilty about.

Candy Pop's Peppermint Hot Chocolate Candy Popcorn is a delicious stocking stuffer.

This popcorn is crunchy popcorn coated with candy and cookie goodness. It’s available in other flavors like Cookie Pop OREO, Candy Pop M&M minis, Cookie Pop Chips Ahoy!, Candy Pop Snickers, Candy Pop Twix, Candy Pop, Candy Pop Butterfinger, and more!

Candy Pop's Iced Gingerbread Cookie Popcorn is a delicious stocking stuffer.

Get this Snack Pop Candy Pop Popcorn Variety Pack, on Amazon, as a gift or divide it up so everyone gets Candy Pop in their stocking. Or order the winter flavors on their website.

We’re currently testing more products in this category. Check back soon for new additions.

Skincare, Hair care, and Nail Care Stocking Stuffers

Tubby Todd’s The Sun Kit

Help your teens and tweens protect their skin year-round with the Tubby Todd’s Sun Kit. The Sun Kit includes a 4-ounce tube of sunscreen, a .5-ounce sunscreen stick, and 2 tubes of lip balm. Each item is large enough to last a while, and yet still small enough to slip into a stocking.

Tubby Todd's The Sun Kit is a great stocking stuffer for teens because everything fits nicely into a stocking.

Cococare’s Cocoa Butter

Cococare’s makes two Cocoa Butter products that would be great stocking stuffer ideas for teens, the lip balm and the yellow stick. Both are available on Amazon.

The 100% Cocoa Butter Stick is a high-quality, pure cocoa butter. This natural and vitamin-rich emollient forms a protective barrier on your skin to keep it moisturized and lock in hydration. The solid stick of nature’s perfect moisturizer just rubs onto your skin. No drips, no spills, and small enough to throw in any stocking.

The Cocoa Butter Lip Balm features the emollient qualities of cocoa butter, antioxidant properties of Vitamin E, moisture-retaining benefits of castor oil, and soothing power of aloe vera team up to prevent and protect against dry, chapped, cracked, and wind-burned lips.

Get that Unicorn Glow

Chill-Out Cooling Glimmer & Glow Stick is a pearl shimmering highlighter stick that glides on and blends seamlessly with your teen’s skin. The hydrating formula comes in a portable, mess-proof stick- perfect as a highlighter or body shimmer for a beautiful unicorn glow. You can find this and other Unicorn Glow products on Amazon.

Unicorn glow products as stocking stuffers for teens

Green Ablutions Haircare Bars

For the teen looking to reduce their impact on Earth and the environment, Green Ablutions haircare bars are the way to go. The haircare bars, offered as shampoo and conditioner, are zero-waste and plastic-free. Green Ablutions bars are packaged in recycled paper boxes that can be home composted or recycled. The products can be purchased on the Green Ablutions website.

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Bar from Green Ablutions
Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Bar from Green Ablutions

LeakLocks toiletry skins

Is your teen constantly bringing hairsprays, lotions, nail polishes, and etc to sleepovers and trips? If so they need these LeakLocks toiletry skins.

LeakLocks toiletry skins stocking stuffers for teens

Leaklocks are a patented “skin” that fits over all toiletry items that teens love to travel with. (Lotions, shampoo, sunscreen, toothpaste and acne gel to name a few!) No teen wants to have their lotion leak all over their outfits and other items! Leaklocks prevent those items from leaking out into their luggage or carry on.

Leaklocks are available on Amazon.

Techy Stocking Stuffers

Airpod Case Covers

Airpod case covers are one of the newer must-have accessories. If your teen has their own AirPods help them keep the AirPods protected with one of these stylish AirPods case covers. We liked these fashionable ones from BURGA. View the entire collection of Burga AirPods case covers on Amazon.

Burga AirPods case covers another awesome idea for stocking stuffers for teens.

iWalk LinkPod Pro

The iWalk LinkPod Pro might just be the best portable charge bank your teen has ever had. Weighing just 90g, it will fit neatly into any bag or pocket and comes with a built-in connector so no wires are needed, so convenient.

The LED display will show the remaining power and the 4800mAh capacity is enough to fully charge your phone once while on the move. Available for Android and iPhone for $34.99 from Amazon.

Brain Teasers & Fidget Toys for Stocking Stuffers

You can never go wrong with a fidget toy or brain teaser for a stocking stuffer. It seems like every year there are new versions to help twist our kids’ minds and make them challenge their brain while also giving them a break from screen time.

Project Genius Mini Diver’s Helmet

With this mini brain teaser, teens twist the sides until it forms 4 rings of distinct colors. This fidget toy/brain teaser stocking stuffer comes on a small chain with a clip. Teens can clip it to a pencil pouch, notebook, or backpack so it’s always available when your teen needs a mental break during the school day. Get it on the Project Genius website.

Project Genius Mini Diver's Helmet brain teaser fidget toy stocking stuffer for teens

Project Genius Gear Ball

Twist the puzzle in three different directions to jumble the colors of the ball. To solve, twist the cube until all the edges line up to make a sphere, and each face is one solid color. This fidget toy stocking stuffer is on the larger side. If it’s too large for the stocking just wrap it as an extra gift. The Project Genius Gear Ball is available on Amazon.

Project Genius Gear Ball fidget toy brain teaser stocking stuffer for teens.

Project Genius Molecube

Twist the puzzle so that each of the nine colors appears on all sides. It’s like a 3-dimensional Sudoku puzzle only with colors and spheres instead of boxes and numbers. This fidget toy stocking stuffer is on the larger side. If it’s too large for the stocking just wrap it as an extra gift. Get it on the Project Genius website.


The Shashibo remains one of our favorite stocking stuffers for teens since we first introduced it to our readers a few years ago.

Shashibo shape shifting cube stocking stuffer for teens

I remember being immediately intrigued by the Shashibo cube, part artistic magnetic 3D puzzle, part fidget toy. The colors and artistic colors appealed to me. I had to play with it. Only once I did I was caught up in all the shapes it can twist into. But I couldn’t get it back into a square.

My then 14 year old wanted to play with it and did so for 3 hours. At some point, the 16 year old son caught sight of it. He wanted a turn. He kept trying to get his hands on it, but his brother would not share.

The 16 year old knew I had another one and he was determined to find it. Needless to say, the Shashibo has been a hit with these teens and likely will be with your teens too.

View the Shashibo cube collection on Amazon.

Jewelry Stocking Stuffers

Most teen girls love jewelry and it makes such a convenient stocking gift. Whether you leave it in its original packaging or place it in a jewelry box, it’s easy to slide jewelry gifts right into a stocking.

Air & Anchor Hoop Earrings

Every teen should have a collection of hoop earrings. They are such versatile earrings that can be casual or worn on dress up type days. Both the Small Moments and This Very Moment hoop earrings are hypoallergenic and made from textured brass with stainless steel posts. They are on sale at the Air & Anchor website for less than $20 each.

Jewelry stocking stuffers - Small Moments Hoops earrings from Air & Anchor
Small Moments Hoops from Air & Anchor
Jewelry stocking stuffers - This Very Moment Hoops earrings from Air & Anchor
This Very Moment Hoops from Air & Anchor

Desktop Calendars that will fit in a stocking

Does your teenager love puppies? Do they need some bathroom humor? Are they a teen getting ready for the SATs? Or is your teen like my older one addicted to Trivia crack? These desktop calendars, from Workman Calendars, are perfect! There’s ones to match every interest and they’re small enough to fit into a stocking.

Favorite Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Teens from 2021

Parents and grown ups can order their special teens Feed Your Soul’s 12-Piece Assorted Cookie Box ($32.95). Since each cookie is individually-wrapped, it’s easy to drop in a couple of their teens’ favorite flavors into their stockings for a sweet surprise. Or wrap the entire box as its own gift.

Crafted with real, simple ingredients, the cookie flavors featured in the box include: 2 First Batch (chocolate chunk), 2 Lemonberry, 2 Cocoa Loco (triple chocolate), 1 Sassy Molassy (ginger molasses), 1 Nutty By Nature (peanut butter), 1 Show Me The Honey, 1 Snickerdoodle, 1 Drivin’ Me Coconuts and 1 Toffee Time.

Cream Bakery Brownies and Blondies

The Cream Bakery is a family-run bakery based in New Jersey! Choose a box of their yummy brownies and blondies for your teen! Each brownie is individually packaged. So you can slip a few into their stocking and keep the rest for you. (We won’t tell.) Or you can wrap the entire box and gift it all together for your teen. Shop their collection of brownies and blondies.

Cream Bakery brownie and blondies are individually packaged and can be a yummy treat for stockings for teens.
One unpackaged these Cream Bakery brownies and blondies. won’t last long.


Jewelry makes a lovely and extra special stocking stuffer. Just make sure to wrap it in a gift box or bag so it doesn’t get lost in the stocking or anywhere else in the craziness of Christmas morning. I’m loving these jewelry pieces for stocking stuffers this year.

Cause bracelets from WorldFinds

These cause bracelets from Worldfinds aren’t only pretty but they also make a difference. WorldFinds donates 15% of the wholesale price of the bracelet to a particular cause. Each bracelet has its own cause such as teachers, animals, coral reefs, etc. Shop for cause bracelets that match the causes your teen is most passionate about.

WorldFinds Cause Bracelets are great stocking stuffers.JPG

Customized Evie Hoop Earrings by Made by Mary

Made by Mary makes these sweet Evie Hoop Earrings. Packed in a storybook-type box they are ready to be slipped into your teen’s stocking. Each hoop can be customized with a tiny pendant. Choose from a symbol, initial, or flower. See all the options at the Made by Mary website.

Silver Cleaning Complete Kit for Jewelry

How does your teen care for their jewelry? Do they have jewelry cleaner? The Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit is a small and practical stocking stuffer perfect for any teenager with a growing collection of jewelry.

Simple Shine’s kit quickly removes tarnish and restores a sparkling shine to fine and fashion jewelry. The gentle solution safely cleans gold, palladium, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, diamonds, CZ, pearls, beads, porous stones, soft stones, enamel, treated gemstones, and more! Use the two-cloth dry cleaning system to remove tarnish and grime, then buff metals to a gleaming shine.

The cloth works on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium metals. Please note: Cloth is not recommended for fashion jewelry. The biodegradable, non-toxic, and ammonia-free formula is safe for you, your jewelry,

Hair Accessories


TELETIES is a great alternative to the traditional hair tie or scrunchie. They come in three sizes tiny, small, and large, and a variety of colors. I find that they allow me to pull my hair back into a ponytail or bun without the pain that comes from using a traditional band. Shop their collection on their site.

TELETIES Hair Ties make a great low cost stocking stuffer for teens.

Silk Hair Ties and Accessories from Celestial Silk

Silk hair ties don’t tug and pull on hair! Celestial Silk hair ties come in a small bag that you can also use to carry lip gloss or balm in. A pack of 3 is $17.99. There are over 20 color combos to choose from (including popular school colors like red, black and white or blue, black and white). Shop their entire collection on the Celestial Silk website.

Silk Hair Ties from Celestial Silk make great stocking stuffers for teens.
Photo credit Celestial Silk

World Chic Beanies

Keep your teen’s hair from becoming messy and keep their heads warm and stylish with a beanie from World Chic. This wool from Iceland is very unique making your teen’s beanie stylish and practical. These beanies are made of 100% wool in Reykjavik, Iceland and are guaranteed to keep your teen warm all winter long. One size fits all. They can be ordered directly from the World Chic site.

World Chic beanies are a good practical option for teens stockings.
Photo credit World Chic

New & Fun Socks for Teens

Teens can never have too many socks! They make the perfect stocking stuffer because they can be rolled up or squished, wrapped or unwrapped, as they’re stuffed into your teens stockings. This year we’re loving these fun socks for teens.

Avatar the Last Airbender 5-Pair Ankle Socks

Avatar fans are going to love these socks with knitted in images of Avatar The Last Airbender characters. They contain 98% polyester 2% spandex. Get your teen Avatar the Last Airbender 5-Pair Ankle Socks.

Avatar the Last Airbender 5-Pair Ankle Socks make great stocking stuffers
Photo credit

2 Pack Avatar the Last Airbender Appa Socks

Similar to the Airbender ankle socks these socks have knitted in images of characters from Avatar. Created from 97% polyester and 3% spandex, these crew socks are 17″ long. Get your teen the 2 Pack Avatar the Last Airbender Appa Socks.

Add a 2 Pack Avatar the Last Airbender Appa Socks to a teen's stocking.
Photo credit

Socks for Teens who love to Read

When reviewing the collection of socks we wanted to review from John’s Crazy Socks, I immediately knew their Reader’s Gift Bag of Socks would be a hit for one of my teens who loves to read.

This is the ultimate book lover gift for your favorite bookworm! Each Reader’s Gift Bag of Socks comes with 3 pairs of men’s reading theme crew socks packaged nicely in a beautiful cherry-red gift bag. It even includes a candy treat. Slip that bag right out of the package and into your teen’s stocking.

John's Crazy Socks makes book themed socks, a great stocking stuffer for teens that like to read.
Photo credit John’s Crazy Socks

Girl Power Socks

Empower your female teen with a Girl Power gift bag of socks from John’s Crazy Socks. Similar to the reader’s bag of socks, your teen will receive her socks in a red gift bag with a candy treat. But this set comes with 5 pairs of girl-powered socks with designs like “The Future is Female’ and “Girls Rule”.

John's Crazy Socks makes girl power socks, a great stocking stuffer for female teens.
Photo credit John’s Crazy Socks

Stranger Things Socks

For the teen that’s a fan of Stranger Things, they need these socks! Get them for your teen on Etsy.

Stranger Things socks

Fun Underwear for Teens

Who says socks have to have all the fun? There are some fun underwear designs for teens too.

Avatar Elements 2 Pack Men’s Boxer Briefs

These Avatar briefs are made from 92% polyester and 8% elastane with a wide soft elastic waistband. They are available in adult small to double extra large.

Get your teen Avatar Elements 2 Pack Men’s Boxer Briefs.

Avatar Elements 2 Pack Men's Boxer Briefs

Toys & Figures

Funko Pop! & Buddy Figure: Avatar- Aang with Momo Vinyl Figure

The Pop! & Buddy: Avatar- Aang with Momo vinyl figure stands about 4 inches tall and his winged lemur is about 2 inches tall. This figure snaps into a base to ensure it will be a fuss-free addition to your teen’s collection of Pops. Get your teen a Funko Pop! & Buddy Figure: Avatar- Aang with Momo Vinyl Figure.

Stuff your teen's stocking with a Funko Pop! & Buddy Figure: Avatar- Aang with Momo Vinyl Figure.
Photo credit

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Blind Box Figure

Get your teen a Star Wars: The Mandalorian Blind Box Figure. Which of the 12 Star Wars Manalorian figures will they get?

Unique Stocking Stuffings for Teens

Custom Gift Cards

Teens love cash! And gift cards make it easy to give teens cash. At the Build-a-Card Visa or Mastercard option lets you upload an image of time-shared-joy from past or recent holidays, trips, concerts, academic or athletic achievements, or those special quiet family moments of bonding that resonate with them.

Stuff a teen's stocking with a custom gift card from Giftcard Granny.
Photo credit Giftcard Granny

Fund the card to allow them to choose an experience or object they truly want and add a special holiday text message which showcases your loving and heart-felt joy for their priceless presence in your life. This personalized gift card is a perfect fit for any teen’s stocking.

Sok-It drink sleeves

Sok-It™ drink sleeves are meant to help your teen keep their

  • favorite cold drink cold and
  • hands and spaces dry by absorbing the moisture that comes from most plastic disposable cups.

Sok-It products are made from thick, insulating, 4MM coated neoprene fabric on its inner and outer sides to provide natural barriers to various elements. They work with cold and hot drinks.

Sok-It features nearly 50+ patterns and styles. You can shop the collection on Amazon.

A speaker for their shower

Perhaps your teen will take faster showers if they have an iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker to help them get moving and grooving in the shower. It can’t hurt to try.

Incredibly compact with a little extra depth, the iFox portable Bluetooth speaker possesses unbeatable and robust sound quality. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker comes with a detachable suction cup and carabiner hook so your teen can play music anywhere for up to 10 hours. Plus, The iFox is rainproof and even fully submersible, making this Bluetooth speaker ideal for all kinds of outdoor fun. From the shower to their next pool party this is a Bluetooth speaker your teen will appreciate.

The iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker is available on Amazon and in stock.

The iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker makes a unique stocking stuffer for a teen.
Photo credit iFox

Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Teens that We still Love

Here are some stocking stuffers for teens we recommended last year that we still love and our teens love too.

100 Stocking Stuffers for Teens

We've thought about the most popular types of stocking stuffer ideas for teens and some unique ones as well. Each category is listed below with up to 10 options each to give you lots of choices.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Arts & Crafts

Think something different when you plan out stocking stuffers for teenagers. I love the idea of arts and crafts kits. Not only will these be a fun way to stuff their stocking they can provide some fun screen-free activities for your teens.

10 Yummy Treats for Stockings!

If your teenager has a sweet tooth, we found some delicious and tasty stocking stuffers.

Stuff that Teen's Stocking with Brainteasers & Mind Bending Puzzles

Pocket-size brainteasers can be great stocking stuffers for teens. Here's a few we've been testing out.

FunkoPop Figures

FunkoPop figures have become such the hot collectible with my teens. Movie characters, celebrities, video games, there's a FunkoPop for everyone. Coming soon a few of our new favorites, sent to us from Funko.

Stuff the Stocking with Jewelry for Teens

Teens love jewelry and I'm loving the move towards unisex jewelry. My 16 year old is especially fond of jewelry that has a mission and helps do good in the world. Below you'll find jewelry stocking stuffer ideas for teens: girls, boys, or both.


Winter is coming! If your teens are anything like mine, they've grown. Their styles have changed. Check out these stylish pieces of winterwear for their stocking. More ideas coming soon.


Teens can smell bad. Their bodies are changing. Their skin is changing. Help them deal with the changes gracefully with products that don't just solve their teen needs but that they can also feel good about using. Stuff your teenager's stockings with these ideas for deodorant, perfume, cologne, shaving cream, nail care and more.

More ideas are coming. We have received quite a lot of samples, this week, to test out for inclusion here. Please bear with us as we take the next few days to review them and determine if they should be included in our Stocking Stuffers for teens. Unless noted, each item in this list of skincare items below was tested by us from review samples sent to us.

Haircare & Accessories

Unless noted, each item in this list of haircare items or accessories below was tested by us from review samples sent to us.

iPhone and Tablet Accessories

Most teens today have their own iPhones, Androids, tablets, and other smart devices. Here we share a few stylish and practical accessories your teen may need. They aren't all exciting, but sometimes stocking stuffers need to fill a need versus being exciting and stylish.


Teens need socks! They may not always enjoy getting them, but they still need them. To make getting socks a little more exciting for your teens, we've included some links to socks that we think your teens will like. They've all been approved by teens in my house.

T-Shirts, Athletic Wear, and Apparel

My teens live in t-shirts and sweatpants or shorts. Some have gotten embarrassingly looking. If you can relate grab some of these t-shirts and other items to stuff into your teen's stockings.


Books can be a great stocking stuffer for teenagers, but there are so many to choose from. How can you find the right book for your teen's stocking? I turned to my blogger friends for help on this one. Find their recommendations at the links below.

10 More Fun Ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers

There are some unique stocking stuffers for teens that just didn't fit any of our categories above, but they had to be included.

ideas for Stocking stuffers for teenagers image

For help with your holiday and Christmas Shopping take a look at these posts

We’re currently updating these guides for 2023.

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