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Gifts Moms Want This Year for Mother’s Day

I feel like 2021 needs to be the Year of the Mom. With the pandemic this year moms have had more pressure on them than ever before. They’ve had all their normal mom responsibilities while also trying to work from home, teach from home, and possibly teach your kids from their home. Many moms haven’t even had much time to leave their home. While other moms are serving their communities out of their home. If ever there was a Mother’s Day that moms deserved a little pampering and extra THIS is the year for it. It was with that in mind that we created this gift guide of gifts moms want this year for Mother’s Day. Gift moms gifts that will make 2021 her BEST mother’s day ever.

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Our guide of gifts moms want for Mother’s Day includes gifts we think all moms will enjoy. We thought hard about each gift to make sure it would be a gift that

  • moms could enjoy using,
  • would make mom’s life a bit easier,
  • would allow her a distraction from her day-to-day,
  • or allowed mom to pamper herself a bit.
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All of these items are available for sale online to make your job of shopping for mom easy. You could even use some of these gift ideas for aunts, grandmothers, aunties, and others who take on a mothering role with kids! Let this guide make your shopping easier. Use this gift guide for the ideas or even better shop right from our links (some are affiliates) and have everything shipped to your home. No leaving the house. No dealing with crowds or hoping the store hasn’t reached max capacity. Shopping made easy.

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Gifts Moms Want This Year

Check out these gifts moms want. From gifts that help in the kitchen to gifts that help moms pamper themselves we've pulled together a list of great gift ideas for moms. Take a look and we're sure you'll find the perfect gift for mom here.

All of these items can be ordered online. We've posted some affiliate links. (We participate in affiliate programs that allow us to earn a commission when you make a purchase using our links.) We've received samples for most of these gifts for mom and have tested them out to make sure they work as promised and look as they do online. If your company would like to considered for this list please contact us at

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Small Inexpensive Gifts for Moms

We start our gift guide of gifts moms want this year with small inexpensive gifts for moms.

More Gifts Moms Want

These gift ideas for mom not only work for Mother's Day, but they also work for birthdays and other special occasions.

Yummy Treats for Moms

Chocolate, cookies, one or the other, or a little of both, these are some yummy treats moms would not mind unwrapping on Christmas or their next birthday.

For Mom's Kitchen

Does your mom love to cook? Has she been getting by with a few of the basic kitchen items all these years? Doesn't she deserve a few new pretty items to complement her great dishes. Or maybe you want to make mom's life a bit easier with some practical items that make meal planning easier. Or perhaps there's some more creative recipes mom could try out with you if only she had the right items. When you think about gifts for mom, consider these creative gift options mom can add to her kitchen.

For Moms on the Go

Moms are always busy, and almost always on the go, even in the midst of a pandemic. These are some great gift ideas to help busy moms out.

Luxurious Bath, Skin, & Hair Products

Help mom turn bath time into a luxurious self care time. If she can't escape to a spa allow her to have some experiences, at home, that feel spalike. These gifts moms want will do that.

Comfy Loungewear

Stunning Pieces of Jewelry for Mom

The best gifts can come in small packages. Gift mom a piece of jewelry that brings back memories or one that adds to her collection.

Easy Plants & Pretty Flowers Moms will Love

Moms love easy plants and pretty flowers. There's just something about having them to look at and brighten up a room. It's especially helpful if they're low maintenance. So even if moms get busy and forget to water them everyday the plants can still thrive. These are such plants.

Downtime Activities for Moms

When mom gets a few moments to herself, let her have something fun to turn to. These kits, crafts, and gifts will help mom escape, for a little while, without having to leave the house.

A few more ideas for gifts for moms

There were a few more gift ideas for moms that we wanted to include. They don't fit into any of our other categories, but they are gifts we have received and know other moms would love.

Looking for local ideas and ways to spend the day with mom in New Jersey? Visit our FREE or Almost FREE Mother’s Day Offers in New Jersey for ideas.

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Just because it’s been a crazy year and it you may not want to shop in stores, doesn’t mean you can’t show your mom she’s loved with a special gift! If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for mom, that you can buy safely and from the comfort of your own home, any of these would be a gift mom wants.

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Monday 10th of May 2021

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for including our Mom Celebration Bracelets in this well curated guide! They give back and have our heart!

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