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Discount Tickets to Legoland New York

We’ve now got the additional details about Legoland New York discount tickets. Can’t wait? Use our affiliate link and head on over to ARes Travel to get discount tickets to Legoland New York now open in New York. Jersey Family Fun is authorized to help sell tickets to this newest family attraction in New York state.

Legoland New York entrance
Photo Credit Legoland New York

About Legoland New York

Located just an hour away from New York City, a trip to Legoland New York is sure to be a day full of fun. The kids (and adults) will be able to ride rides, build using their imagination, and splash around in all the fun as they check out the various themed areas located in the park.

There are actually so many great rides and activities located at Legoland that booking a stay at the Legoland Hotel is a great way to extend the visit so that no one feels rushed. And the best part? The hotel is literally right by the theme park, making for a simple transition from a day of play to rest.

Read more about Legoland New York

To learn more about Legoland New York visit our article 12 Reasons to Get Excited about LEGOLAND New York. Keep following Jersey Family Fun because we will soon be making our own visit to Legoland New York resort and amusement park.

Where is Legoland New York?

In the Hudson Valley area, Legoland New York is located just about 60 miles outside of New York City. It’s a simple drive to get to the area, surrounded by some lovely scenery when the weather is changing.

Discount Tickets to Legoland New York

How can I buy discount tickets to Legoland New York?

We’ve partnered with ARES Travel to be able to offer our readers discount tickets to Legoland New York. We have an affiliate partnership so when you purchase tickets using our link or mentioning Jersey Family Fun we earn a small commission.

Simply click this link, or call (800) 903-5044 to place your order. If calling please mention Jersey Family Fun and this discount offer. Then, ask if additional discounts are available. Sometimes there are discounts so exclusive we’re not allowed to mention them on our site.

How can I pay for my tickets?

You can pay for your discount Legoland tickets online through a safe and secure portal using American Express, Visa, Discover, or Mastercard.

Once you make a payment for your tickets, they’re immediately delivered so that you can book your trip.

How much money can I save on Legoland New York tickets?

The amount of the discount can fluctuate during the year based on demand and current promotions. By using our link,, you can expect to save $2-$10 on tickets to Legoland New York. You can save additional money by using one of the associated hotels on the ARES site to book an overnight stay with your visit to Legoland New York.

We are working to get our readers discount stays on the Legoland New York hotel as well as the amusement park.

Legoland New York Hotel
Photo Credit Legoland New York

When can I use the discount tickets to Legoland New York? Are there any black-out dates?

You can use your discounted tickets to Legoland New York anytime you’d like, but reservations are required to get into the gate. 

It’s best to plan ahead and book a date as soon as you know so that you don’t miss out on your chance to spend the day at Legoland.

The weekend times will be the busiest times, as are school vacations and holidays as well. If you want to use your discounted tickets quickly, the best bet is to be able to go during the week instead of trying to plan out a weekend trip.

Bricktober at Legoland New York
Photo Credit Legoland New York

Can I buy Legoland New York discount tickets on the same day as my visit?

Since reservations are required, it’s unlikely you would be able to visit on the same day you make your purchase. You need to purchase your discount tickets and then make a plan to make a reservation in the future.

How far in advance do I need to buy the discount tickets?

The further in advance, the better. The park is currently taking reservations and is also running at a limited capacity.

This may or may not become the norm, but it is essential to keep in mind when planning out a trip to Legoland New York.

Do the discount tickets have to be used on a specific day?

The tickets can be used on any day that you can secure a reservation. As stated earlier, if you’re hoping to visit Legoland New York sooner rather than later, planning a trip during the week that isn’t a holiday week will make your visit happen much more quickly.

When do the Legoland New York discount ticket expire?

There is currently no expiration date listed for the discount tickets to Legoland New York. Make certain to always read the fine print on the tickets to verify that no expiration date is listed.

Is my order for discount tickets to Legoland New York refundable? Can I cancel my order?

All ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-returnable. Once the order has been placed, there are no refunds or exchanges.

You might be able to cancel out your reservation and book for a different day, but you won’t be able to cancel your order or ask for any type of refund or exchange.

Do I have to buy the discount tickets to Legoland New York online?

Discount tickets must be purchased online and will not be available to buy in person. Remember – this is a unique discount code just for you!

Can I buy the discount tickets to Legoland New York as a gift?

Absolutely! Experience gifts make the best gifts! If you know someone that would love to go to Legoland New York, gifting them a couple of tickets is a great idea. These could be great for birthday gifts or even a fun way to plan a family day out.

How do I use the Legoland New York discount tickets?

Once you purchase your discounted tickets, you’ll then be taken to an appointment screen where you can select the day for your visit.

What’s included with the discount tickets to Legoland New York?

The discounted tickets are good for a 1-day admission to the Legoland New York Park. It’s also important to note that packages and pricing can change without notice.

Your ticket admission doesn’t include any food or drinks or other special activities that may have an additional fee attached to them.

Is there any additional information I should know about Legoland New York to location name?

For all the details about the park, check out the additional details here. Their website is user-friendly and does a great job of breaking down what to expect during your visit to the park.

Where can I learn more about visiting Legoland New York?

Full details can be found at the Legoland New York site. You’ll find more information on activities, rides, food, times, and any other information that you might think of or need answers to. Just be sure to revisit our site for discount tickets.

Where else can I buy discount tickets to?

We’re so glad you asked. We’re working with Ares and several other partners to be able to offer discount tickets to all kinds of local family attractions and resorts. Click the links below to learn more about saving money on these nearby family attractions.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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