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Advent Calendars for Teenagers

Advent calendars are such a fun way to countdown until Christmas. However, choosing an advent calendar that is teen-friendly can prove to be more difficult than you might expect. Most of the advent calendars are adorable, but the presents inside tend to be geared toward smaller kids. Is it possible to find advent calendars for teenagers?

Advent calendars aren’t just for little kids; in fact, there are plenty of advent calendars out there that are perfect for teenagers and even young adults!

Maybe your teenager changes their interests on a dime. Maybe they don’t have a strong interest in any one thing. Or maybe they do, but you don’t know if there’s an advent calendar for teens that matches their interest. Either way trying to find an advent calendar that interests your teen can be a challenge. I know that shopping for the not yet an adult but not a kid yet either age can be challenging, so I wanted to make this whole process so much easier for you!

Thankfully, there are a few companies out there who have worked hard to make fun advent calendars that can help bridge this much-needed gap without just filling in 25 slots of candy each day! Not only are these advent calendars fun and appealing to teens, but you can even find some out there that are reusable so you can put in your own fun surprises for them!

Two rows of stockings serve as an advent calendar for teenagers.

While some of these advent calendars are targeted explicitly toward teens, not all are. You could also use these advent calendars for your new college student or even grab one for yourself! There are plenty of options no matter what your gift receiver is into!

The advent calendar options in this list are full of fun options that your teen will be excited to open each day! From Funko Pop themed calendars to an advent calendar full of socks, these are the best advent calendars for teenagers! This list of teen-friendly advent calendar ideas should help you find the perfect fit for your teen, no matter what kind of things they’re into.

Red and white advent calendar for teens with refillable boxes

Advent Calendars for Teenagers

Your teens are NOT too old for advent calendars. Find the right one for them from our list below.

We have nearly 50 ideas for Advent Calendars for Teenagers

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FUNKO Advent Calendars Teenagers will enjoy

Funko pop figures have become the newest collectible my teens have started collecting. A few years back I started bringing my boys Funko pop figures from my Disney press trips. That started each of their collections. After winning more in crane games at Fantasy Island in LBI my boys were hooked. Each won 3 or 4 figures and now they can't stop collecting them. Funko sent us the Harry Potter advent calendar for this year, but there is a Funko advent calendar to match every interest.

More Marvel Advent Calendars for teens

Looking for more Marvel Advent Calendars for teenagers? Here's a few more options.

More Disney Advent Calendars for Teenagers

If you're teenagers are into Disney princesses or other characters these advent calendars would be perfect for them.

More Harry Potter Advent Calendars

For the teenager who can't get enough Harry Potter, pick up one of these Harry Potter Advent Calendars

Star Wars Advent Calendars

My teenagers have been Star Wars fans since they were babies. I don't expect that to change anytime soon. This year, my sister is gifting them one of these Star Wars advent calendars. (Shh, it's a surprise.)

Look Good, Feel Good with these Advent Calendars

Does your teen like to pamper themselves? These advent calendar for teenagers will help them pamper themselves.

Jewelry Advent Calendars

Maybe your teenager likes making his/her own jewelry? Or maybe they are just starting their collection. Consider these jewelry-themed advent calendars for your teenager.

Yummy Advent Calendars with chocolate & candy & cocoa for teenagers

If you don't mind your teenager treating himself/herself to candies and chocolates, treat them to one of these advent calendars.

Remember the Reason for the Season Advent Calendars

Let's not forget the reason for the season, the birth of Christ. If practicing their faith and generosity during the holiday season is important to your teen pick up one of these advent calendars.

Teens can always use socks!

Each of these advent calendars for teenagers are filled with unique sock designs, because teens can always use fun socks.

MORE Fun Advent Calendars for teens

Here's a few more advent calendars we think teens will enjoy.

FILL YOUR OWN - Advent Calendars for Teenagers

Each of these advent calendars come empty. They are a more grown up way to help your teen celebrate Christmas and keep up with your advent calendar traditions. Get one for each teen in your family. Then fill them with coins, cash, trinkets, gift cards, candy, anything you know your teen will enjoy.

Image of the corner of an advent calendar for teens.

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