New Jersey Beaches and Beach Tag Information

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First published in 2013. This post with New Jersey Beach Tag information is updated every year with the current year’s information.


New Jersey Beach Tag Information for 2017


Below is a list of New Jersey beaches by county and information about their Beach Badges/Tags. (Yes, this is an ongoing list. If you have beaches we should add please email them to JerseyFamilyFun). This list will be updated every year.


New Jersey Beaches in South Jersey

Atlantic County Beaches

Atlantic County Beaches & Atlantic County Beach Tag Information

  • Atlantic City Beaches–  Free
    • Atlantic City beaches have a boardwalk.
    • There is no free parking available, but paid parking is available at lots or casinos. Some streets, like Albany Avenue offer a more affordable option with parking meters.
  • Brigantine Beaches
    • Purchase at the beach (when in operation) or available daily from 9am-4pm at Brigantine Beach Community Center, located at 265 42nd Street. The Brigantine Beach Community Center can be reached by calling (609) 264-7350.
    • Seasonal: $15.00 through the month of May/$ 18.00 starting June 1st. Daily $8, Weekly $14.
    • The Brigantine beaches do not have boardwalks.
    • There is free parking available on side streets and in some smaller parking lots.
  • Longport Beaches
    • Purchase at the beach or available pre-season at Borough Hall, 2305 Atlantic Ave., 609-822-6503.
    • Preseason sale price till June 17; Seasonal $15 everyone 12 yrs and up (Seniors $5). After June 18 Seasonal is $30 for adults and $10 for seniors.
  • Margate Beaches
    • To reserve badges send check or money in the exact amount of the purchase to City Hall, 9001 Winchester Avenue, Margate, NJ 08402 (made payable to City of Margate).
    • Preseason badges are $7 for ages 12 and up, and $3.50 for seniors in April and May. Starting June 1st, all badges are $15.
    • Ventnor badges are honored in Margate.
    • Anyone planning a vacation to Margate can purchase beach badges ahead at the preseason price by reserving them at City Hall and paying by mail.
  • Ventnor Beaches
    • Badges can be purchased at Ventnor City Hall, Beach Patrol Headquarters, the Ventnor Fishing Pier, or on the Beach by any Beach Badge Inspector.
    • Badges can be purchased prior to June 1st for $7.00 for the season, and $3.50 for Seasonal Senior Citizens badges. After May 31st, badges are available at a rate of $15.00 for the Season. Weekly badges are available for $10.00.
    • Margate badges are honored in Ventnor.

Cape May County Beaches

Cape May County Beaches & Cape May County Beach Tag Information

  • Wildwoods Beaches – Free

    • Wildwood beaches do have a boardwalk.
    • Parking is available on the street with meters, further from the beach on street parking is free, and there are lots available as well.
  • Avalon Beaches
    • Avalon beach tags can be purchased at the Beach Tag Booth at Community Hall on 30th Street and Avalon Avenue, open weekends from 10-4.
    • Pre-season $23.00, no cost for military season badges. After May 31, the price will go up to $28.00
    • Weekly badges are $12.00
    • Daily Rate : $6, Weekly Rate $12
    • Avalon badges are honored in Stone Harbor
  • Cape May Beaches
    • Purchase at the beach or available pre-season at City Hall, 643 Washington St., 609-884-9525
    • Tags required on beaches from 10 AM-5PM, Memorial Day to Labor Day
    • Seasonal $20 if purchased before March 31st, and $28 if purchased after March 31st
    • Daily Rate $6, Weekly rate $10
    • No cost for a veteran or active military season badges.
  • Cape May Point Beaches
    • Purchase at 9 AM – 12 PM at Borough Hall, 215 Lighthouse Ave., 609-884-8468
    • Daily Rate: $10, Weekly Rate (Sat-Sat): $25, seasonal $35. Preseason discount seasonal tags are $28 (before Memorial Day). Tags free for active military and veterans.
    • Tags are required June 15 through Labor Day.
    • The Municipal Boundaries for Cape May Point Beaches are from the State Park (Lighthouse Avenue) up to and including the Alexander Avenue Jetty…these areas require Cape May Point Beach Tags. Cape May Point Beach Tags are ONLY valid on our beaches and likewise, our tags are not accepted on other area beaches.
  • Ocean City Beaches
    • Beach tags are in effect June 11.
    • Purchase at the beach or available pre-season at six different locations or online. Call 609-399-1111 for information
    • Preseason $20, after Memorial Day, $25
    • Daily rate $5, weekly rate $10
    • Ocean City beaches do have a boardwalk.
  • Sea Isle City Beaches
    • Purchase every day 9AM-4PM at the Welcome Center
    • Passes needed for ages 12 and older
    • Wednesdays are free beach days, except on July 4th
    • Beach tags free for active military and veterans
    • Daily $5, Weekly $10, Seasonal $25 unless purchased before May 15, then they will be discounted to $20
    • Sea Isle City Beach tags can now be purchased from your mobile device!
  • Stone Harbor Beaches
    • All persons 12 and over must display tags the Friday of Memorial weekend to Monday of Labor Day weekend, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    • Seasonal, weekly and daily tags may be purchased from inspectors on the beach or at the Beach Tag Office (95th Street and the beach) during the summer season. Order by mail and your tag will be held at the Beach Tag Office.
    • Preseason tags $23 to May 31, Seasonal tags $28, Daily $6, Weekly $12,
    • Beach-tag reciprocity between Avalon and Stone Harbor
    • Stone Harbor Beach tags can now be purchased from your mobile device!


Ocean County Beaches

Ocean County Beaches & Ocean County Beach Tag Information

  • Point Pleasant Beach
    • Purchase at the main office of Jenkinson’s Boardwalk (located behind the candy store)
    • Daily-Weekdays- $2.50 (children 5-11) $9.00 (children 12-adult), children under 5 are free. Weekends- $2.50 (children 5-11) $10.00 (children 12-adult), children under 5 are free.
    • Full seasonal pass, May 18th-Labor Day- $90,(ages 12-adult) or half seasonal pass, May 18th-July 31st or August 1-Labor Day-$65 (ages 12-adult). Full seasonal pass, May 18th-Labor Day- $45 (children 5-11) or half seasonal pass, May 18th-July 31st/August 1st (closing day) or $35 (children 5-11).
    • Senior citizens (ages 62+) may purchase a full seasonal badge for $65.
    • Badges allow access to any of the Jenkinson’s beaches from 9:30 am-5:30 pm
    • Umbrellas are available for rent $10
    • Chairs are available for rent $8
  • Barnegat Light Beaches
    • Purchase at the beach or available pre-season at Borough Hall, 10 W. 10th St., 609-494-9196
    • Daily $5, Weekly $22, Preseason $30 to June 9, Seasonal $40, Seniors 65 years and older $12.  Badges purchased on the beach front are $1 extra.
  • Beach Haven Beaches
    • Purchase by mail via the form on the website. Call 609-492-0111
    • Preseason seasonal pass $30 (must be purchased before June 15th). Seasonal Badges are $40, weekly badges are $20, and daily badges are $5.
    • Free for 12 and under and 65 and older.
    • Free daily badges for active military personnel and their dependents, with proof.
  • Brick Beaches
    • Daily $5, Preseason $25 before June 15, seasonal $30. Daily parking $5, seasonal parking $30. Adults 65 and older free with proof of age and ID. 
    • 3 ocean beaches: Beach One, Beach Two, and Beach 3. One riverfront beach- Windward park. All 4 beaches are staffed with lifeguards 7 days a week, 8:45am-4:45 pm.
    • Access to swimming areas requires a beach badge or wristband.
  • Harvey Cedars Beaches
    • Preseason $30 before June 15. After June 15, Seasonal $40, Daily $6, Weekly $20, Seniors $9 for the season. Badges needed for age 11 and older.
    • Badges are on sale at Borough Hall, 76th Street and Long Beach Boulevard. During the season badges available at the booth in Sunset Park.
  • Long Beach Township Beaches
    • Order form available online.
    •  Preseason $30 before June 15.  After June 15, Seasonal $40, Weekly $20, Daily $7, Seasonal senior citizen $5, Veterans free with ID.
    • Ages 12 and older need a beach badge from June 21 – September 7
  • Ship Bottom Beaches
    • Daily $7, Weekly $20, Preseason $30 to May 31, Seasonal $40, Seniors 65 years and older $10
  • Surf City Beaches
    • Purchase at the beach in May, or available at 813 Long Beach Blvd., 609-494-2400
    • Daily $7, Weekly $17, Seasonal $25 to May 31, $35 after May 31.  Under 11 and 65 and older do not need beach badges.
    • Badges are required June 20th – September 7th.
  • Seaside Heights Beaches
    • Season badges may be purchased during regular business hours at Borough Hall between April 1st and Labor Day and at the Beach Control Office on the Boardwalk (@Kearney Avenue) whenever the Beach Control Office is open, (generally, weekends in June and daily between July 4th weekend and Labor Day).
    • $8 daily, $35 weekly (Sunday to Saturday)$45 on or before May 15th, $60 on or after May 16th. Seniors 65 and older Lifetime VIP pass for $10. Children 11 and under, active military and retired military free.
    • Bay beach free
  • Seaside Park Beaches
    • On sale beginning April 30th. Please call 732-793-3700 for more information
    • Beach tags are $55 before June 22nd and $55 after.  Senior Citizen is $20.
  • Lacey Township Beaches
    • For residents only & are required beginning June 27th.
    • Purchase at the recreation office M-F 8:30am-4:30 pm, Saturdays 10am-2pm.
    • $5 daily for children 5-adult.
    • 4 Beaches- Cedar Creek/Bamber Lake/Deerhead Lake Beach/Lake Barnegat Beach
    • Beach hours 10 am – 4 pm, beginning June 20-Labor Day.


New Jersey Beaches in Central Jersey

Monmouth County Beaches

Monmouth County Beaches & Monmouth County Beach Tag Information

  • Allenhurst Beaches
    • Daily badge $10, children under 12 free.
    • Beach is handicapped accessible; two surf chairs are available.
  • Asbury Park Beaches
    • Weekday $5, Weekend $7, Seasonal adult $70, Ages 13-17 or Seniors $20, Active Military free
    • Beaches are handicapped accessible; two surf chairs are available.
    • Asbury Park beaches do have a boardwalk.
  • Avon-By-the-Sea Beaches
    • Badges can be purchased at the beach at any one of Avon’s 3 tag booths, Washington Ave., Sylvania Ave. or Norwood Ave. Badges may also be purchased before summer at the borough office beginning in early May.
    • Daily badge: $9 (12 or older), Season badge: $90, Junior (12-18)or Senior (65+) season badge: $45.  11 and under are free.
    • Handicapped accessible with 5 surf chairs
  • Belmar Beaches
    • Beach badges are required from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on weekends only from Memorial Day weekend until the full season starts on the third Monday of June, when badges are required every day until Labor Day.
    • Daily Badge: $8.00 (16 + Older). Free to Military Personnel and all Monmouth County Volunteer First Responders (First Aid/EMS and Firefighters) when showing their valid membership ID cards. Season Badge: $55, Senior Season Badge: $15.00
    • Beaches are handicapped accessible with 8 surf chairs available.
  • Bradley Beach
    • Beach Tags available at Borough Hall during the hours of 9am-4pm Monday through Friday except holidays.
    • Daily badge: $8.50 (over age of 12), Season badge: $70, Senior badge (62+) $30, Junior season badge: (ages 13-15) $25. Active Military free.
    • Handicapped accessible with 3 surf chairs available.
  • Deal Beaches
    • Weekday badge $8 (12 and older), Weekends/holiday badge: $10 (12 and older), Season badge: $150
    • Badges required weekends beginning Labor Day, then daily June 16-September 4th.
  • Highlands Beaches
    • Free access to river beaches
  • Keansburg Beaches
    • 732 787-0214, call to see if bay beaches will be open.
  • Loch Arbour Beaches
    • Badges are available for pick-up from the Village Beach gatehouse, Euclid Avenue and Ocean Place, application available online.
    • Monday-Thursday badge: $6, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays badge: $10, under 12 is free. Season badge: $95, Senior badge (62+) $55
  • Long Branch Beaches
    • Badges are on sale until May 26. They can be purchased at the Recreation Department 226 Broadway, or the Tax Office, 344 Broadway. Starting May 27, they are for sale at the beach office only.
    • Daily Badge: $5, Weekend Badge: $7, Season Badge: Ages 18-61 $45, Students ages 14-17 $30. Children under 14 are free.
    • Badges are for Long Branch, not Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park
  • Manasquan Beaches
    • Purchase April 18-23 at Beach Office, Beachfront and Main Street.
    • Daily Badge: $9.00 age 12 and up. Season Badge: $80.00, Children 12 – 16 Season Badge: $35.00, Senior Season Badge: $25.00.
    • Beaches are handicapped accessible with 5 surf chairs.
  • Monmouth Beach
    • Daily $9, Season badge: $75, Season badge children (ages 12-16): $75, Senior citizen badge (65+) $25
  • Ocean Grove Beaches
    • Daily badge: $8, Weekly special (seven consecutive days): $40, Season badge: $80, Pre-season badge (available through May 13) $75, Youth season badge (ages 12-17) $40, Senior citizen badge (65 and older): $45.  Children under 12 are free.
    • Handicapped accessible; 3 surf chairs available.
    • Season and Weekly Beach badges can be purchased at the Beach Office located on the boardwalk at the end of Embury Avenue immediately across from the Fishing Pier.
  • Sandy Hook Beaches (Gateway National Recreation Area)
    • There is no entrance fee to Sandy Hook, there is a $15.00 per car parking fee, Season parking pass: $75
    • Golden Access and Golden Age Passport holders receive a 50% discount.
    • Fully handicapped accessible; surf chairs must be reserved in advance
  • Sea Bright Beaches
    • Daily, $8, Seasonal, $100, 65 and over or disabled, $35, 11 and under free
    • Available for purchase at Borough Hall, 1167 Ocean Avenue, weekdays 9 AM – 4 PM. Thereafter, season badges are available for sale at the Municipal Beach Office.
    • Handicapped accessible; 1 surf chair
  • Sea Girt Beaches
    • Daily $10, Season badge $105, Senior season badge $55, Free for military personnel
    • Handicapped accessible; 6 surf chairs available
  • Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park
    • Beach badges will be available for purchase at Thompson Park Headquarters, Lincroft, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. through June 16. (Holidays excluded.) Application available online.
    • Seasonal: $45 ages 13-17; $70 adults 18 to 64, $25 adults 65 and older. Season parking $70. Weekdays $8 18 years old and over; 17 and under free. Weekends and holidays, $8 for individuals 13 and over, 12 and under free. Daily parking is $8
    • Military and veterans free admission and parking
    • Badges are required weekends beginning Memorial Day, and daily from June 17-September 4
    • Handicapped accessible; 1 surf chair available
  • Spring Lake Beaches
    • Daily badge: (ages 12+) $10, Season badge: $105, Senior badge: $75.
    • Handicapped accessible; 4 surf chairs available
  • Union Beach
    • Bay beach is free; parking available
    • Beach is handicapped accessible.

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