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Are Wildwood Beaches Open?

The Wildwoods are a very much loved family vacation destination for families not just from New Jersey but from the tri-state area. There’s so much to do in Wildwood, New Jersey and we have blog posts about so many of those activities. We’ll link to them below. But right now we want to tell you about the fabulous Wildwood beaches and answer the questions you want to know about your summer 2020 in the Wildwoods!

Whether your visit to the Wildwood beaches will be your first or your 20th or somewhere in between, we know you’ll love it. The views, the attractions, the family atmosphere (and that boardwalk food!) – it’s all so memorable. The Wildwood beaches are open! Take a look.

boys in wildwood adironack chair on Wildwood beach

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Wildwood Beaches will be open this summer

This information is accurate as of Friday, May 15, 2020. If you are looking for updates after this date, please check with the beach directly.

Wildwood beaches opened on Friday, May 8, 2020 for passive recreation. They will open Memorial Day weekend for full use.

Beach Tags & Admission Fees

Admission on the Wildwood beaches is free. It’s our other favorite free beach in New Jersey. Beach badges are not required.

Beach Webcams

Check the status and crowds on the following Wildwood Beach webcam.

Click to watch What Families Need to Know about Wildwood Beaches

What is allowed on the Wildwood beaches this summer?

  • Swimming IS NOT allowed until Memorial Day weekend.
  • Sitting or sunbathing on the beach IS allowed. For now it IS NOT allowed in Wildwood Crest. Sitting and sunbathing should be allowed everywhere starting Memorial Day weekend.
  • Surfing is allowed in the following locations.
    • North Wildwood: Permitted on 2nd Avenue.
    • Wildwood: Permitted at Taylor Avenue.
    • Wildwood Crest: Permitted from Rambler Road to Primrose Road & Aster Road to Cardinal Road.
boy on Wildwood beach

Will lifeguards be on duty?

Wildwoods Beaches officially open weekends Memorial Day weekend when lifeguards will be on duty from 10:30 AM to 5 PM weekends and daily hours begin in mid-June.

Will bathrooms be open at the Wildwood beaches?

Yes, Governor Murphy’s order calls for the opening of shower pavilions, changing areas, and restrooms at beaches. Bathrooms are located at the following spots:

  • North Wildwood: Located at 7th Avenue & Kennedy Drive, Lifeguard Headquarters at 15th Avenue & Beach, 25th Avenue & Boardwalk, Olde New Jersey Avenue & Seawall.
  • Portable bathrooms on beach every 3-4 blocks in season. Wildwood: Located on the boardwalk at Glenwood, Schellenger, Roberts and Bennett Avenues.
  • Wildwood Crest: Located at Rambler Road and the Beach.

Will the Wildwood Boardwalk be open?

The length of the promenade will be open to the public for walking, running, and biking from 16th Avenue to Cresse Avenue (with the exception of the area immediately south of the Wildwoods Convention Center currently under reconstruction).

Will tram cars be running in Wildwood?

Tram cars will be running in Wildwood.

Wildwood Tram Car on Wildwood Boardwalk at night

Will face masks be required at Wildwood beaches?

We don’t believe Wildwood has rules in place for face masks. Please follow the state recommendations of wearing them when you can not safely keep your distance from others.

Where can I park for Wildwood beaches?

Parking is available on the street with meters, further from the beach on street parking is free, and there are lots available as well. Parking meters are in affect from mid-May until September or October.

Does this beach have a playground?

Wildwood does not have any playgrounds on the beach. However, off beach they have several. Keep in mind that the playgrounds are currently closed.

  • Wildwood Crest Playground is a few steps off the boardwalk on East Heather Avenue behind Crest Bike Rentals.
  • The Fox Park playground is a must visit playground, located across from the Wildwood Convenion Center and behind the Doo Wop Museum.
  • Away from the boardwalk and other Wildwood family attractions is the Albert J. Allen Memorial Park playground in North Wildwood.
  • Bill Henfey Park is another North Wildwood park with a playground.
  • Sunrise Park is in Wildwood Crest.
Wildwood crest playground
Wildwood Crest playground

Is the Wildwood beach handicap accessible?

Handicap access is available by contacting the beach patrol for the corresponding area at (609) 522-8258. Surf chairs are available. For more information on NJ beaches with handicap-accessible ramps or beach wheelchairs click here.

Is there anything that makes this beach special?

There’s so much that makes Wildwood beaches special. First, Wildwood beaches do not charge admission. They are always free!

The Wildwood beaches are very long. There should always be plenty of space to distance yourself from others. Keep in mind if you want to be close to the water, you will have a longer walk. Come prepared with a beach wagon with heavy duty wheels (Get one with our Amazon affiliate link) or have everyone help if you have a lot of gear to bring down on the beach.

boy on Wildwood beach

Some Wildwood beaches are dog friendly. Dogs are allowed on the beach at Poplar Avenue from 6 am to 10 pm. North Wildwood has a dog park on 24th Avenue, east of the Boardwalk. A permit is required. Dogs can enjoy the area adjacent to the dog park as a dog beach. The entire area from Glenwood to Maple Avenues welcomes dogs to play in the sand and water. The Wildwood Dog Beach is the largest dog beach in the world!

Wildwood dog beach
Wildwood dog beach

Rules for New Jersey Beaches

As of January 26, 2022 it’s unclear if there will be a restriction on the number of beachgoers allowed on each beach or lakefront, or if any social distancing measures will be required. 

  • Capacity limits may be in place and will differ from beach to beach
  • Social distancing measures may be in place in some areas.

What are the rules for Wildwood beaches?

  • When in public, whether on the beach or boardwalk, individuals must practice social distancing and stay six feet apart whenever practicable, excluding immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners.

Where can I learn more about this beach?

For more information about the Wildwoods beaches, call (609) 849-9422 or visit this website.

Nearby Activities

What is there to do near Wildwood beaches?

There is so much to do in Wildwood, we couldn’t possibly list it all here. Check out these blog posts, but keep in mind most of the family attractions are closed for now.

In a Surrey from Crest Bike Rentals in Wildwood

Where can I eat nearby?

The Wildwood boardwalk offers pizzerias, ice cream shops, and more. Almost all of them offer take out service. The locations below are ones we’ve experienced and do recommend. Check directly with them for take out and curbside pick up options.

  • Doo Wop Diner at 4010 Boardwalk in Wildwood.
  • Seaport Pier at 2201 Boardwalk in North Wildwood.
  • The Surfing Pig at 231 West 10th Avenue in North Wildwood.
  • Uncle Bill’s Pancake House at 4601 Pacific Avenue in Wildwood.
betty Boop statue at doo Wop diner on the wildwood boardwalk in Wildwood.
Doo Wop diner on the Wildwood boardwalk in Wildwood

Want to find out about other New Jersey beaches?

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