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Diggerland: Everything You Want to Know (Photos Included)

For us, our love of Diggerland started back in January of 2014. It was then that we learned that the (former) owners of Sahara Sams, Ilya Girlya, his father Sam, and Ilya’s brother Yan were going to create a theme park like no other. They were going to create the country’s first construction theme park and it would be in New Jersey! It would be called Diggerland USA. We could not wait!

Come opening day in 2014, we could hardly contain our excitement. Since that day we have been to Diggerland nearly every season and often multiple times a season. It may be the one NJ attraction we’ve been to more than anywhere else. It’s always a thrill to see what’s new and to be able to have such a unique place to visit with my kids in New Jersey. It’s with that in mind that we wanted to update our ‘ultimate’ guide to Diggerland for the 2023 season.

How cool that so many of us live just an hour, more or less, from being able to ride and drive construction trucks with our kids?! Let us share with you everything we’ve come to know about Diggerland from the beginning to its present upcoming season.

Diggerland Dig A Round Ride
Riding the Dig A Round for the very first time, back in 2015, when my littlest was 6 years old and one of his big brothers was 9 years old.

Everything you want to know about DIGGERLAND in New Jersey

Let’s start with the basics about Diggerland NJ. Before we tell you about the different things to do at Diggerland, we start with answering the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Diggerland location in New Jersey

Diggerland USA is located off Cooper Road via Route 73 at 100 Pinedge Drive in West Berlin, NJ. It is about 20 minutes from Philadelphia and an hour or so from New York.


You can get directions to Diggerland using Google Maps or Mapquest. Just make sure you use Diggerland USA, because there is a Diggerland in England. Better yet, use this address, 100 Pinedge Dr, West Berlin, New Jersey.

Ventrac 3400 ride at Diggerland

When is Diggerland open?

Diggerland is open almost year-round from mid-March to late November, weather permitting. While school is in session, they are open weekends and school holidays usually 11 am to 5 pm or 6 pm.

During the summer months, you can expect that Diggerland will be open daily 10 am to 6 pm. On select Saturdays and Sundays, those hours will extend till 7 pm. You can always double-check open hours on this page of their website.

When is the opening day for the Diggerland 2023 season?

Diggerland USA opens the rides on Saturday, March 11, 2023. They will open the water park on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

Will Diggerland be open for spring break 2023?

Diggerland will be open daily for spring break from Saturday, April 1, 2023 through Sunday, April 16, 2023.

When does Diggerland open daily?

Diggerland USA will be open daily for rides and water park fun starting Friday, June 9, 2023 until Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

When does Diggerland close for the season?

The last day for the water park for the 2023 season will be Tuesday, September 5, 2023. At that time, the park will no longer be open daily, but the rides will be open weekends only through Sunday, November 26, 2023.

A happy boy drives at tractor at Diggerland in West Berlin New Jersey

How much does it cost to go to Diggerland?

Daily Admission for Diggerland

Diggerland tickets start at $45.95 for the 2023 season. Season passes are available as are group discounts. Non-participating guests over 65 years of age and guests under 36″ are free. The walk up price for tickets can be slightly higher.

What’s included with Diggerland admission

Spring and fall admission includes most rides and attractions.
Summer admission includes theme park rides and The Water Main Water Park.

  • Almost all rides unless noted below.
  • Ropes Course
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Parking
What’s not included in admission
  • Food
  • Souvenirs
  • Arcade Games
  • The Soaring Eagle zip line ride
  • The Gold Digger mining activity

Does Diggerland charge for parking?

Diggerland offers FREE parking in their own parking lot.

great view of spin dizzy ride at Diggerland 2

How much time does it take to visit Diggerland?

Diggerland packs a lot of park into its theme park. We spent about 3 hours at the park and still didn’t ride all the rides. Plan on spending about 3-5 hours.

The ride attendants don’t rush you off the diggers and kids could spend a lot of time playing with them. When the waterpark opens this summer guests could spend hours in the water and hours riding the rides for a full day adventure.

ropes course behind arcade at Diggerland

What ages is Diggerland best for?

There is such a variety of attractions that every member of the family will find something they love. Diggerland USA has done a great job of creating attractions to appeal to everyone.

There are rides where you can sit back and just be a passenger. There are rides where you get to operate the equipment. There are rides that spin and rides that go up high. There is a huge playground, rock wall, and ropes course. And if you need a break from the rides there are options for that as well. We’ll break down the details below.

Row of Big Diggers at Diggerland

Diggerland Activities for Preschoolers 36 Inches and Shorter

Preschoolers will enjoy the playground, barrel train, gem mining, micro diggers, and duck racing Diggerland has to offer. Parents will love that admission is free for guests 36 inches or shorter.

Many of the rides can accommodate a parent and child. When my youngest was 3 year old he was thrilled to be at Diggerland but was too small to operate many of the vehicles on his own. Luckily almost all of the attractions can accommodate a driver and passenger. He was able to experience all that Diggerland has to offer by exploring on my lap.

Together we drove a skid steerer, and operated the big and little diggers. He did not feel left out because he was too small.

young boy tries out the tire pulley

Diggerland Activities for School Age Kids

Schoolage kids love Diggerland’s Greased Beast that debuted in 2017. Take a look at the Greased Beast. They also love that there are about 20 rides they can ride including tractors and diggers. More details on the rides below.

boys with workmax truck at Diggerland

Diggerland Activities for Tweens

Tweens return over and over for the skid-steers, rock climbing wall, Spin Dizzy, Sky Shuttle, Elevation Station and more adventurous rides.

Diggerland Activities for Teens

Teens don’t complain they are too old for Diggerland when they see activities like an arcade, ropes course, and extreme rides for them like Soaring Eagle Zip Line.

views from Ground Shuttle in Diggerland
Views from the Ground Shuttle

Diggerland Rides

There are over 20 rides at Diggerland and they are not your typical amusement park rides. The thrill is NOT in the scare or the speed. Parents and kids who are typically afraid of amusement park rides, won’t be scared at Diggerland. Instead, they’ll find rides they can enjoy together.

Children (and adults!) are given the opportunity to operate real construction equipment. Instead of spending the day riding roller coasters or the bumper cars, you can dig holes with an excavator or drive a backhoe. 

Get behind the controls of the machines at Diggerland USA! A child only needs to stand 42 inches tall to operate a digger. There is a row of Mini Diggers that kids can operate to pick up ducks, bowl, and of course dig. Big Diggers are available too and they certainly aren’t just for kids!

Are Diggerland rides safe?

Even though you are operating REAL construction equipment, everything is perfectly safe. Yes, most of the rides and attractions are JCB Heavy Construction equipment. However, safety hasn’t been compromised.

All equipment has been modified for use on a course or it has been made stationary by design for use in excavation areas. On many rides, children will be accompanied by trained Diggerland staff. The staff does a great job of explaining how each machine operates and monitoring it while it’s being used to ensure safety.

Big Diggers

One of our favorites is the Big Diggers. Every little kid wants to learn to operate a real digger! Weighing in at a whopping 7,092 pounds, and with a powerful 26.8hp engine, kids can dig until their hearts are content on the JCB 8030’s. This supervised attraction offers family-friendly machinery and the chance to really get down and dirty!

Diggerland Big Diggers

Mini Dig: Ducks and Bowlers

The Mini Diggers ride comes in three varieties: bowling, ducks, and shapes. 

No special shoes required for this game of EXTREME bowling! Your “Bowling Ball” is attached to the arm of a JCB 8018 mini-excavator! Manipulate the arm and see if you can knock down all of the pins! Sounds easy—but it’s not when you’re controlling over 2 tons of steel!

Mini Diggers bowling one of the Diggerland attractions

Then move onto the ducks. Can you collect the ducks while operating the JCB 8018?

Mini Diggers ducks one of the Diggerland attractions

Once everyone has dug to their heart’s content, it’s time to drive. Skid steers, ARGOs, backhoes, dumpers and more are ready for you to get in the driver’s seat!

New Diggerland Rides

Mini Dig: Shapes

Similar to the JCB 8018 mini-excavator with hook with this mini digger guests will pick up shapes and drop them into their respective holes.

Crazy Cranes

Crazy Cranes is like being in the seat of the crane without having the whole truck bed around you and without being 250 feet in the air. Like many of Diggerland’s rides, the Crazy Cranes were built customized to to allow children and families to safely operate a real crane arm to pick up and move shapes with joystick controls.

a boy sits in the seat ready to operate a Crazy Crane at Diggerland.
Photo Credit Diggerland

Shake and Roll V2

The Shake-N-Roll, pretend like your laying asphalt, experience got an upgrade. Dynapac CC950 double drum vibratory rollers, powered by vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle IDI diesel engines produce 20.3 hp and a unique memorable experience for kids. Next time you’re driving by road construction on the highway your child is going to remember when they pretended to do that at Diggerland.

Other Diggerland Rides

These classic construction-themed rides will be back for the 2023 season.

Spin Dizzy

Spin Dizzy is my youngest’s favorite Diggerland ride. The Spin Dizzy lifts and spins you at not-for-the-faint-of-heart speeds. It is the fastest ride at Diggerland. The specially designed three ton high, torque JCB JS220 will give adrenaline junkies just the fix they need. Hold on tight for this one.

Roxor Off Road

Like Jeeps? The Roxor Off Road reminds me of a jeep, only this is another one kids can drive. In fact, let your child drive the family this time because this heavy duty steel off-road beast has room for five and one ride operator. Together you’ll enjoy navigating a specialty course.

Greased Beast

The bright blue dump truck ride features seating for 13 in the rear section of a demolition trailer, which is about twice the size of a regular dump truck. Riders, who must be at least 42 inches tall, are strapped and harnessed into custom built seats and raised over 30 feet in the air before the tail gate of the machine suddenly swings open, simulating the cargo (or in this case, riders) being dumped.

The idea and design for the Greased Beast was entirely developed by Diggerland USA owners and staff, who wanted to bring something new and unique to the park for 2017. Knowing the fascination people, and especially children, have with big trucks, they decided to model this attraction after one of the largest construction vehicles that can operate on the interstate system.

Rugged Riders

Rugged Riders are rough terrain and versatile off-road Kubota RTV-900 vehicles made by Kubota Tractor Corporation. You may see these at beaches or in forests and are often used in public works projects and in hard to reach areas, but you can also see and DRIVE them at Diggerland.

At almost 2000 lbs and with 21.6 HP, you might expect it to be hard to maneuver around the track. It’s not. The Rugged Riders are available for guests 48” and over to drive and those 42” and taller to enjoy as a passenger.  When you ride Diggerland’s Rugged Riders you’ll get to drive it around a track for 2-3 laps.

boy in Rugged Riders ride at Diggerland

Ground Shuttle

The Ground Shuttle is one of two reimagined JCB 540-170 Telescopic Handlers at Diggerland. This crazy heavy machinery weighs 26,587 pounds and features 109hp at 2,200 rpm as it travels around its course carrying riders over 6 feet in the air!

Ground shuttle ride at Diggerland

Sky Shuttle

Whereas the Ground Shuttle moves about a dirt course the JCB 540-170 Telehandler Sky Shuttle stays puts and lifts you 50 feet high in the air. It’s where you can get the best view of the park, day or night. The 26,587 pound machine boasts a turbocharged engine pumping 81kW (109hp) at 2200rpm!

Battle Trucks

Hold on tight! Things get a bit bumpy when you ride the Battle Trucks. These five-ton military transport vehicles will have you shaking and rattling along the Diggerland terrain during an Operation Battle Truck adventure!

battle trucks at Diggerland

Ventracs 3400’s

Drive and operate a hydrostatic compact tractor! The Ventracs 3400 were the first class of tractors the property had seen! See our video of the Ventracs 3400 in action on our YouTube Channel.

boy driving Ventrac 3400Y on Diggerland Course

Elevation Station

How cool is it that Elevation Station was named by a Diggerland USA fan! You’ve for sure seen these aerial scissor lifts at construction sites and you can go up up and up to 60 feet in Diggerland’s rides.

Elevation Station features a diamond plate deck, which holds five passengers and a ride operator. The unit itself weighs over eight tons and is elevated vertically nearly 60 feet with two main hydraulic cylinders powered by a 48-horse power diesel engine. On a clear day you can see the Philadelphia skyline when the Elevation Station is fully elevated.

The ride is available for guests who are at least 36” in height to ride with an adult, or at least 42” tall to ride alone.

Farm Tractors

Imagine you’re on the farm while you’re at the amusement park! A Kubota B2601 Tractor is typically a farm tractor. But at Diggerland kids (and adults) can get behind the wheel and take one for a ride.

Park patrons at least 48” can drive the Farm Tractors while children between 36” and 48” may lap ride on the machines with an adult. Like the Rugged Riders, drivers will take the Farm Tractors for 2-3 laps around a course.

My 9 year old son, after coming off a tractor, exclaimed that this ride was awesome.

Boy drives Farm Tractors at Diggerland

Dumper Trucks

Another fun ride for kids. My boys loved the little obstacle course that they had to drive through. Each dumper truck weighs in at 1,310 pounds and operates with 22 hp.

Skid Steers

The Skid Steers attraction is another opportunity for your child to get behind the wheel to drive a piece of construction equipment. They’ll drive the JCB Skid Steer Loader 135 straight and around curves on this course!

boy drives a skid steer at Diggerland USA

Turnpike Tractors

With cartoon eyes and a grill that looks like a mouth these Turnpike Tractors might be the silliest things your kids drive at Diggerland in New Jersey. Bonus! There’s no toll when your kids drive the Turnpike Tractors on the Diggerland Turnpike.

Boy drives Turnpike Tractor at Diggerland

Excavator Express

At Diggerland, there are 2 different different kinds of trains! The Excavator Express isn’t pulled by a traditional engine, but by a Kubota L3901HST Tractor! Travel around the park taking in all the things to do at Diggerland before getting back to the action.

2 boys ride inside the Excavator Express

Barrel Train

The Barrel Train is the other Diggerland train for kids. Five barrels (transformed into train cars) are pulled by the Ventrac 4500 and take little kids and their grown ups on a short cruise around a paved track.

barrel train at Diggerland


The Dig-A-Round might be my favorite Diggerland Ride because of the creativity that went into designing it. Half merry-go-round, half excavator! The Dig-A-Round is Diggerland’s version of a carousel! Forget traditional merry go round seats and animals. Here guests climb into the bucket of a JCB 8065 and are elevated and circled around, forward and backward, in a 14,515 pound 8065 excavator!

Dig-A-Round merry go round at Diggerland

Learn more about Diggerland rides and their height restrictions on their rides page. You can watch our YouTube playlist of Diggerland videos below or here on YouTube.

The Water Main, the Diggerland Water Park

Overall, the Water Main, Diggerland’s water park is the newest area to the construction theme park. Opening in 2020, its 2-acres features a splash pad, wave pool, water slides; all the attractions you love in a water park. Only this water park is all constuction-themed. We know of no other water park like this one.

There are two multi-zone pools. Surrounding the pools are open decks with deck chairs and lawn areas for relaxation and sunbathing, walk‑up food and beverage service, and private cabana rentals.

New Water Park areas at The Water Main

Claw Hammer Cove

Last year, the Water Main added a massive new wave pool. The wave pool generates waves up to nearly 4-feet-high in different patterns, while the zero-depth entrance allows you to walk as slowly or as bravely as you want through the gentle waves to continue to the wave surge.

Carpool Lane

Forget lilly pads, at Diggerland’s water park, guests walk across the water on the rooftops of cars. There are two parallel courses for crossing the 24-foot-long pool using the floating car pads and the overhead horizontal handholds grid. But watch out for falling water from the overhanging water cranes.

More Water Park Attractions

These Diggerland water park attractions were the first to make their debut at the West Berlin water park.

The Pipeline

What’s coming down the Pipeline? Why, it’s your kid!

The Pipeline waterslide is an open and closed flume body slides and stands at three stories tall.

Rip Rap Run

It’s an obstacle course on water than is one and a half tractor trailer trucks long. There’s five different obstacles anchored above the pool and floating on the water. Will you and the kids make it across or will you splash into the water below? Pool area is 5′ to 6′ deep.

Rip rap run water park obstacle course at Diggerland
Photo credit Diggerland

Digger River and Vortex

Walk or let the current pull you along the Digger River. Enjoy interactive spray features. Soak in the Vortex for a whirlpool effect. This feature is 3’6″ deep and wonderful spot for some one-on-one water play with the kids.

Jackhammer Bay

We mentioned a spray pad and Diggerland’s got it. At Jackhammer Bay it’s like the jackhammers went crazy and water is being sprayed everywhere. The area ranges in depth from 6″-24″ and offers mini slides, spray jackhammers, geysers and much more.

Aqua Shot

Aqua Shots is the water park’s basketball court. There are three nets situated in a 4′ deep pool area.

Bulldozer Bay

Looking for a pool area at Diggerland? Bulldozer Bay is it. It’s a 3’6″ deep wading pool enclosed by a built-in bench.

Downpour Derby

Downpour Derby is something the tweens and possibly even your teens will enjoy. Downpour Derby is a four-player game where participants turn a crank to try to fill their opponent’s bucket with water so it will tip and splash! First bucket to get filled gets dumped!

mother and son selfie from inside ride at Diggerland

Diggerland NJ Attractions

Your fun in this construction theme park isn’t just limited to rides or the water park. As you walk between those activities make sure to take some time for the attractions.

New attractions

Hook and Ladder

Forget waiting for the next Touch a Truck event to touch a fire truck or EMS vehicle. At the Hook and Ladder kids can visit Station 100 – Hook & Ladder to see, touch & climb aboard several awesome EMS vehicles on display.

fire truck

Lumber Jack Loader

The Lumber Jack Loader will be Diggerland’s newest attraction coming this spring. Your kids have probably seen log loaders in cartoons. They are the last machine to handle timber before it heads off to the mill.

Now kids can see them up close and use them. Standing with their feet on the ground, guests will use a joystick to maneuvere a rig with a massive claw in an attempt to move traffic cones from spot to spot.

little boy operates a digger at Diggerland

More things to do at Diggerland

While not new, these Diggerland activities are still popular with all the kids.

Soaring Eagle Zipline

Soaring Eagle is available for an additional fee for general admission ticket holders or a reduced fee for Season Pass holders. Soar across the park in side-by-side seats. Enjoy a panoramic view from the 130-foot tower. Then SOAR down the 700-foot zipline. No stair tower to climb.

No harness or other gear required. Just walk on, take a seat and enjoy the flight. I’ve only been brave enough to try this once. How about you? How many times will you ride it?

Riders who are at least 42″ tall will experience heights up to 130 feet off the ground, flying over the property in pairs of two.

soaring eagle zipline at Diggerland

Rock Climbing Wall

All three of my boys have liked to get in on the action of the rock wall. It’s 32 feet tall, over 2 stories high. They have had a blast trying to climb as high as they could go. If I recall correctly only my youngest has made it to the top.

Ropes Course

Diggerland has one of the world’s tallest ropes courses! At four stories tall, this attraction is not for guests with a fear of heights, which is why not all of my children have tried it, but my youngest has. I’ve tried it at least once as well.

Guests are suited up with a safety harness before being allowed to try to make it to the top. Access is limited so as not to have too many kids in the same spot at the same time. Just like the rock climbing wall, only my youngest has made it to the top.

Wide image of Diggerland Ropes Course

The Kid Zone Playground

The little ones could climb forever at The Kids Zone. Sometimes it can be hard to pull them away from here to explore the other fun Diggerland offers. For grown ups it’s a great little place to stop and let the kids climb and slide. While the kids are busy, adults can take a moment or two to relax and take a breather.

playground at Diggerland provides fun for little ones

Tire Pulley

Have the kids and teens or even you try to lift one tire with a 3 pulley system. Or work as a family to lift a tire on one pulley.

boy tries tire pulley at Diggerland USA

Tractor Pull

Can your kids pull the baby tractor? Can you pull the regular tractor?

Teen boy tries tractor pull at Diggerland Large

Duck Racing

Pick a rubber ducky and get pumping. Whoever can pump the water pump the best to get their ducky moving wins the race.

Duck racing at Diggerland in West Berlin NJ

Gold Digger

Mine for gems and stones during your Diggerland visit. For an additional charge, kids can purchase a bag of dirt. With some gentle sifting over a screen and through some water your child will uncover some precious stones to take home.

gem mining activity

Micro Diggers

Got a child not quite 36″ tall, but they still want to operate the machinery? Head over to the micro diggers. These coin-operated machines give little ones the chance to experience digging just like their older friends and siblings.

Micro diggers at Diggerland

Video Arcade

Want to faceoff with the kids in a game of air hockey or skeeball? Diggerland is ready with a state of the art arcade. No need to bring the quarters. Just load up a swipe card and swipe away at each game terminal.

Air hockey in the arcade at Diggerland

A few more things to do at Diggerland

  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Hopscotch
  • Four in a Row – a Connect 4 like game but oversized
  • Meet & Greet with Digger and Daisy, the official mascots of Diggerland
Tractor Pull at Diggerland USA in West Berlin New Jersey

Special Events at Diggerland USA

There’s always something being planned at Diggerland from themed weekends to holiday events from camp outs to nights they are open late.

  • During Easter, Diggerland hosts an Easter Egg Hunt with over 4,000 hidden Easter eggs and 20 golden eggs. They are also open for kids off from school for spring break.
Diggerland Easter Egg Hunt
  • As the weather warms up, Diggerland has discount days for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other holidays.
  • When September rolls around look there are fall festivals.
  • Santa visits in November.
  • There is a drive through holiday light show that begins in November.

Does Diggerland host overnight events?

Diggerland USA offers overnight camping events for families and scouting troops throughout their season. My youngest and I had such a memorable time during a Diggerland Camp Out and Dig In. Read more in our review, Your Kids Will DIG Camp Out & Dig In ~ A Diggerland Camp Out for Families.

Your Kids Will DIG Camp Out & Dig In - A Diggerland Camp Out for Families

Best Spot for Diggerland Photos or Selfies

Sky Shuttle

My all time favorite spot for an Instagram Diggerland photo is from the Sky Shuttle when it reaches its maximum altitude. That high up you can see almost the whole park in front of you. It’s even better at night, like you can see below.

Ariel view of Diggerland USA from Sky Shuttle
Ariel view of Diggerland USA from Sky Shuttle

Elevation Station

The runner up and potentially best spot for a selfie at Diggerland is while riding the Elevation Station. When it’s elevated nearly 60 feet in the air you can see the Philadelphia Skyline. If you position yourself just right you maybe able to get an Instagram selfie with Philly in the background.

Front entrance tire

When you first approach the Diggerland ticket booth, don’t forget to stop by the Diggerland USA welcome tire. Get those pictures BEFORE the kids go into the park while they’re all smiling. Once they tire out from all the Diggerland fun, they may not be so agreeable to pictures.

Diggerland Entrance with tire and boys

Dining options at Diggerland

  • Diggerland offers onproperty dining in three areas.
    • In a trailer-like building, across from the entrance is a full service café, “The Lunch Pail”.
    • Towards the Diggers and the goats to the far right is one of two quick-service locations, “The Munch Box”.
    • “The Forklift” is the other quick-service option to the far left (the newer area) near the Shake N’ Rolls and Ventracs.
    • There is seating for eating at a covered and enclosed pavillion near the Lunch Pail as well as an additional open pavilion near the Munch Box.
    • You can learn more and see the menus here.
    • Outside food and beverages are not allowed into the park except for one clear, unopened bottle of water per guest and for certain exceptions for medical purposes and food allergies.
    • Picnic tables and shaded areas outside of the park gates are available for guests who want to return to their cars and eat food outside of the amusement park.
  • There are several fast food and sit down restaurants near Diggerland along Route 73.
  • Visit our New Jersey Kids Eat Free listing for nearby restaurants that offer free kids meals.
Dine at the Munch Box at Diggerland

Stay & Play at Diggerland

Should you want to work your visit into an overnight stay in New Jersey these hotels are nearby.

Diggerland Mini Diggers Bowling

What else can we tell you about Diggerland?

  • All of Diggerland is outside, there are no inside shows, so prepare accordingly. Wear and pack sunscreen. There is limited shade throughout the park. There are umbrellas and awnings set up to provide some shade and the pavilions offer lots of seating and shade. There is also an arcade that is a great place to seek shade.
  • Diggerland packs a lot of park into a medium-sized amusement park. Plan on spending about 3-5 hours to maximize your theme park activities.
  • The pathways between rides are wide and very stroller-friendly as well as wheelchair accessible.
umbrella provides shade over a bench at Diggerland

If you have any questions about Diggerland please visit their website or call them at 856-768-1110.

Diggerland XL
Diggerland XL is an adult-only activity at Diggerland USA

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