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100 Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas to Inspire You

Remember a few years back when there was a Chalk the Walk movement that had us all outside creating sidewalk chalk art designs? I was one of those motivated to get outside and color my sidewalk with chalk.

For days at a time, I would take advantage of the sunnier days to get out there and create a few chalk images. I created hearts, rainbows, Happy Easter scenes and then a few quotes to inspire our joggers in the neighborhood. But as much as I loved it I was starting to run out of things to draw with chalk.

Then I remembered that there had been so many sidewalk chalk art images filling my Facebook feed. We even held Chalk the Walk parades on the Jersey Family Fun Facebook page. It got me wondering could I challenge myself to come up with 100 sidewalk chalk art ideas. The answer was no.


Yes, no, I couldn’t come up with 100 things to draw with chalk by myself. BUT I could do it with the support of our community on Facebook and pulling inspiration from the great chalk artists out there.

Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas for 2023

It was 3 years ago we wrote the post. But here’s the thing, spring is coming back. Families will be outside. And while we may all be busier than ever why not take some time to slow down and get outside with your kids to create some sidewalk chalk designs? Yes, even big kids like teens enjoy this easy screen-free activity.

May the sidewalk chalk art ideas and pictures you see below inspire you to keep drawing, keep creating, and keep creating joy in your community. Having fun with the kids can be as simple as grabbing some chalk.

100 Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas

Let the wheels start turning. Get your imagination spinning and be inspired by these 100 ideas to help you Chalk the Walk! Never run out of things to draw with chalk again.

10 Easy Pictures to Draw with Chalk

  • Hearts
  • Sun
chalk the walk ideas - suns
  • Flowers
  • Smiley Face Emoji
  • Rainbow
  • Clouds
  • Squares
  • Circles
  • Crosses
  • Diamonds
chalk the walk ideas - hearts

10 Slightly Harder Images to Chalk

  • Stick Figures
  • People
  • Dinosaurs
  • Animals
Chalk Art ideas - octopus
Photo Credit to Kerri Jablonski of, Chalk Artist is Rikki Hinz
  • Virus symbol
  • Butterflies
A chalkboard with outlines of butterflies
  • Earth
  • Stars
  • Balloons
  • Dragon

10 Short Inspirational Quotes

  • Be Kind
  • Smile
  • Wash Your Hands
  • Hope
Chalk Art idea - Hope
Photo Credit to Jersey Family Fun Fan Kathryn Swogger
  • You are loved.
  • Each day provides its own gifts.
  • Think Happy Thoughts
  • We rise by lifting others.
  • Focus on the good.
  • You are somebody’s reason to smile.

15 Things to Draw with Chalk for Scenes and Larger Spaces

  • Garden
  • Cities
Photo Credit to Jersey Family Fun Fan Layna Dias
  • Rainbow-brick Road/ Yellow Brick Road
Chalk the Walk idea - rainbow brick road
Photo Credit to Jersey Family Fun Fan Jason Bird
  • Robots playing
  • Minions
Photo Credit to Shelby Barone
  • Religious & Inspirational
  • Social distancing – Virus theme
Chalk the walk idea - virus scene
Photo Credit to Jersey Family Fun Fan Lisa Najarian-Collazo
  • Village of people or children – Trace the members of your family and then have each person clothe or dress themselves in colorful chalk designs.
  • Beach
  • Amusement Park
  • Classroom
  • Zoo
  • Carnival
  • USA Flag or fireworks
  • Popular storybooks or movie scenes

5 Stained Glass Chalk Designs to draw with Chalk

Chalk your walk New Jersey Jersey Family Fun
Stained glass chalk art
Photo Credit to Jersey Family Fun Fan Ariej Ifram Dawood

We’ve also seen some really artistic chalkers create the following designs.

  • Stained glass hearts
  • Stained glass crosses
  • Stained glass shapes with words inside

13 Really Artistic Interactive Chalk Designs

Drawn just right, these are sidewalk chalk art ideas your kids can position themselves with for some really Instagram-worthy pictures.

  • Toy car to ride in
  • Airplane
  • Steps to climb
chalk the walk ideas - airplane
  • Group of balloons with strings attached
  • Butterfly Wings
  • Train
chalk the walk ideas - train
  • Muscle Arms
  • Bicycles to ride
  • Poetry
  • Bubble blowing wand with bubbles
  • Rocketship
chalk the walk ideas - rocketship
  • Painter’s Palette with a paintbrush
  • Pool Scene with beach chairs and bubbles

10 People You Can Thank with Sidewalk Chalk Art Designs

  • Nurses
  • EMTs
  • Teachers
  • Grocery Story employees
  • Police
  • Mail Carriers
  • Delivery People
  • Doctors
  • Parents
  • Caregivers

10 Sidewalk Games to Draw with Chalk

  • Hopscotch
  • Twister
  • Chutes and Ladders
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Obstacle Course or Maze
  • 4 Square
  • Bullseye – Draw a bullseye and leave rocks, marbles, or something else that pedestrians can use to try and land on the bullseye.
  • Alphabet Hop
  • Checkers
  • Long Jump

7 EPIC Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas

Winnie the Pooh

Girl with the Universe

Butterfly with Flower

Kermit the Frog

Chalk Art Idea - Kermit the Frog from the muppets
Photo Credit to Jersey Family Fun Fan Lauren Ibbotson

Flowers that inspire

Face with bird

Photo by Gotta Be Worth It


10 How did they chalk that? Designs

All this chalk talk got me reflecting on memories I’ve made with my boys. Back in September 2013, we heard news about an Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival. I knew I had to explore it and I am so glad we did. It was pretty EPIC! These might not look like they were created by chalk but they were. They were created with chalk paint. Though there were tons of sidewalk chalk art designs we’re including our 10 favorite chalk art images from the festival below.

Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival
Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival
Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival
Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival
Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival
Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival
Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival
Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival
Atlantic City Chalk Art Festival

Ready to create sidewalk chalk art with the kids?

Here are a few products you can pick up with our Amazon affiliate links. We earn a small commission if you do. Thanks.

Photo Credit to Jersey Family Fun Fan Kathy Elezovic

Interactive Things to Draw with Chalk

For less than $5 chalk artists can create sidewalk chalk designs that seem to come alive with Chalk Alive!

First, shop for one of these designs from Amazon or Walmart:

Then, head outside with the 6 colorful sidewalk chalks and 3 character stencils included in each kit. We were sent a sample of the lion set to review. The stencils are the perfect size for little kids. Each chalk art stencil is rectangular in shape, about 8.5 inches by 10 inches. Kids can create their colorful chalk designs with one or more of the available 6 colors of chalk.

Use the chalks to color in the stencils. Then, download the free, interactive Chalk Alive mobile app — Android and iPhone compatible! Scan your art, snap a photo using the app, and watch your drawings come alive — in 4D!

Don’t forget to pin these Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas so you’ll always know where to find them.

100 chalk the walk ideas image for pinterest page

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