Cooper River Park – Camden County Parks & Playgrounds

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Cooper River Park – Camden County Parks & Playgrounds (Pennsauken Side)


Cooper River Park is beautiful & fun

Cooper River Park is beautiful & fun


3 Reasons my Family Loves Cooper River Park (Pennsauken side)


  • The Cooper River Park playground is right next to Cooper River. This is great for some beautiful picture taking or to skip stones in the river. Be careful to keep an eye on smaller children however because there is only a small fence separating the playground from the river which you can simply go under and it would be very easy for a smaller child to go under.


  • There is a covered picnic area perfect for a picnic lunch or a impromptu celebration: birthday parties, going away parties, Moms’ Club get together, or whatever you may be celebrating.


  • There are different sized slides for different sized children. My children like the slides that are next to each other so they can race each other down the slides. The slides are plastic instead of metal but I would still bring towels during the summer so they can slide on if it gets too hot or if it rained the night before. It’s great to enjoy a day at the park no matter what the weather was the day before.


The view is beautiful and you can take amazing pictures at the River.

The view is beautiful and you can take amazing pictures at the River.


What Cooper River Park (Pennsauken side) offers

  • There is a long track to walk around for a Mom’s Day out with strollers or for Dad & Mom to work out on.
  • The playground at the park has six different slides to slide on: some are side beside, some are regular and some are corkscrew slides.
  • There are multiple ways to climb up and down the playground equipment.
  • There are a least 10 port-o-potties, several that are handicap accessible. They also have hand sanitizer in each one.
  • There are covered picnic tables.
  • There are also picnic tables underneath the trees if you prefer to be under the sun at all times.
  • While you eat your lunch or sit down on a bench you can take in the views of Cooper River, perhaps you will see some wild life like birds, frogs, or turtles, look closely!
  • There are plenty of trash cans for easy clean up for your picnic or small get-together.
  • There are indoor restrooms further down as Cooper River does stretch over many miles and many towns: Cherry Hill, Pennsauken, Collingswood and Haddon Township. We visited only one side of Cooper River Park in Pennsauken.


Cooper River Park



The Cooper River Park (Pennsauken side) is located at 5300 North Park Drive in Pennsauken in Camden County. Cooper River Park Pennsauken side is open from sun up to sun down.


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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