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Sunrise Park – Cape May County County Parks & Playgrounds


Sunrise Park – Cape May County Parks & Playgrounds


Lots to explore!

Lots to explore!


3 Reasons my Family Loves Sunrise Park


  • Sometimes when you’re on vacation you want some kind of activity that is familiar, and taking the kids to a playground can be that! Sunrise Park is near many of the Wildwood Crest hotels, and steps from Rambler Road Beach. If you’re driving there be aware all the nearby spots are meters so it’s a good reason to use the adjacent bike path (a bike rental building is also inside the park).


  • Sunrise Park has been recently updated and offers unique playground equipment. My daughter enjoyed trying out the spinning disks and seats. My son appreciated the standard climbing equipment. I appreciated the soft and clean surface! It appears as a small playground but we spent about an hour there.


  • Sunrise Park has a huge grassy field next to it, where we watched kite flying, wiffleball games, and playful dogs. It’s a nice place to spend some non beach/non boardwalk time and even meet some people from far away places.


Spinning around!

Spinning around!


What Sunrise Park offers

  • Small rock wall
  • Rope ladder
  • Swings (including larger toddler swings)
  • Spinning disks to sit on
  • Spinning disks to stand on
  • Soft clean surface (some mulch on sides)
  • Fenced in area
  • See saw for 4
  • Large grassy area adjacent
  • Gazebo
  • Bike rentals
  • Beach access
  • Slides
  • Seated merry go round






Sunrise Park is located at E. Rambler Road and Ocean Avenue in Wildwood Crest, Cape May County. 


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See more Sunrise Park photos in our Facebook Gallery.

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