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5 Things to Love About Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach

This post was sponsored by Casino Pier and JerseyMomsBlog who provided passes and a food voucher to make our visit possible. This giveaway is also sponsored by JerseyMomsBlog.


Nearly 5 years ago, my boys and I made our first visit the Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach in Seaside Heights. Then, they were 5, 7, and 9 years old. They weren’t ready for all the rides and thrills this Seaside Heights family attraction had to offer and this mom might have been a bit overly nervous as well. We kept to Breakwater Beach where we had an amazing time at the Perfect Storm, Lazy River and Lighthouse Cove. This year, we had the opportunity to go back and I was delighted. I knew now at ages 10, 12, and 13 my boys were ready for everything Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach had to offer. We spent the full day there and had it not been for some evening sports committments we would have stayed even longer. Take a look at why we think your family will enjoy this Central Jersey amusement park and waterpark as much as we did.


About Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach

Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach is a Central New Jersey theme park that houses exciting attractions, roller coasters, and plenty of fun for everyone. The property is packed with games, rides, arcades, food stands, water park attractions, and a nearby beach making it one of the best places to visit for family fun this summer.


Take an aerial tour of this Seaside Heights family attraction with this video.


5 Things to Love About Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach with Giveaway


5 Things to Love About Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach

Breakwater Beach and Casino Pier offer thrills for every age level.

As you recall when I took my kids to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach 5 years ago we stayed in the areas for the youngest of kids. You can read more about that here. On this visit, my boys were happy to explore other areas and to walk up the Boardwalk from Breakwater Beach to Casino Pier.


Our 6 favorite Breakwater Beach waterpark slides and activities

  • The Perfect Storm is Breakwater Beach’s splash pad area. Filled with water slides, sprinklers, a bucket drop and more, it’s a great area for everyone in the family to play and splash in the water. There were water slides that were open, straight, one-level slides and enclosed 2-3 story high waterslides that twisted and turned as they descended down to the bottom.


Breakwater Beach waterpark in Seaside Heights NJ


  • The NEW The Wave Pool at Breakwater Beach! It wasn’t there when we visited in 2013. I believe it replaced their more extreme waterslides. We welcomed the addition of a wave pool to Breakwater Beach Waterpark, especially on a hot day like our visit. The wave pool was just the spot we needed to soak and cool down. It’s approximately 5860 square feet providing lots of room to swim, splash, or ride out the wave. With a zero-depth entry sloping down to a maximum depth of 5’8” feet it’s suitable for all ages and swimmers from the preschooler who wants to sit in the water at the shoreline to the tweens and teens who want to dive under the waves at the deeper end. The waves work on a 10 minutes on 10-minute off period.


wave pool at Breakwater Beach waterpark in Seaside Heights NJ


  • Two if by Sea offers two tunnel, twisting, tube waterslides off of one tower! Each one offers its own type of twisting turning fun. One offers a funnel-type area that spins guests around before proceeding to the bottom. The other spins guests around in a bowl a few times before moving through the rest of the tunnel.



  • Patriot’s Plunge is a 6 lane racing waterslide where my boys rode their mats and competed against each other while they plummeted to the finish line.


Breakwater Beach Patriot's Plunge is a 6 lane racing waterslide where my boys rode their mats and competed against each other while they plummeted to the finish line.


  • Revolutionary Wild River Breakwater Beach’s lazy river still remains one of my boys’ favorites. I’m sure they did at least 5 trips along the river during our visit to the Seaside Heights waterpark. Along the trip down the river, cannons and chargers may burst water up and there are some colorful fish along the way that create other water effects when they move.


Breakwater Beach lazy River


  • The Minuteman Express is 2, 2-person tube slides. Guests ride a tube through twists and turns, ultimately splashing down at the bottom of the tower into a splash pool.



  • Learn more about these and other waterpark rides and slides and their height requirements at their site.


The best Casino Pier amusement park rides and activities.

I am not big on roller coasters. I leave that to my guys. I’d rather watch, photograph, and record their joy as they twist and turn than to be up there turning with them. Casino Pier offered just they excitement my kids were seeking. My daredevil 10 year old tried just about every amusement park ride Casino Pier offered except for the Sky Ride and Skycoaster (not included with admission.) Not to be outdone by their little brother my 12 year old and teenager did almost every ride too. Here’s what the boys ranked as their favorites.


Casino Pier HYDRUS roller coaster Seaside Heights NJ


  • The Hydrus roller coaster is so tall it can be seen from down the block at Breakwater Beach. As soon as I saw this roller coaster I KNEW it was one my boys would have to ride. The Hydrus roller coaster is a Gerstlauer manufactured Euro-Fighter roller coaster with a 72-foot vertical lift and beyond-vertical drop. My boys were right up front for the sensational first drop of 97°. From there they sped along at 45 miles per hour gliding the 1,050-foot coaster track with a vertical loop, an Immelman turn and a heartline roll during its course. It would have been too much for this mom, but it was exhilerating for them.



  • Air Race ~ Next my boys took to the air on a ride called Air Race. Take a look at what their experience was like from my point of view (on the ground.) The ride is an acrobatic airplane journey filled with banks, loops, dives, and weightlessness that will test even the most experienced thrill seekers. “Pilots” will experience accelerations of almost 3G while flying right-side up and upside down at a height up to 25 feet.



My boys went completely upside down on the Air Race ride at Casino Pier in Seaside Heighs.

My boys went completely upside down on the Air Race ride at Casino Pier.



  • Disk’o – It’s one thrill after another at Casino Pier amusement park. As my kids rode one coaster I’d set my sights on another one that I knew they’d want to try. The Disk’o is like and yet unlike anything they have ever tried. Riders are seated on a giant circular disc facing outwards and experience dizzying thrills as the disc spins around while swinging back and forth on a giant half-pipe track. The greatest thrills come at the top of the track, where riders experience a whipping sensation as spectacular views of the beach, pier, and ocean whizz by.



  • The Moby Dick ride has been one of my kids’ favorite kind of boardwalk amusement park rides. Everyone sits in a row. There’s some rocking back and forth and then eventually the ride starts spinning. The speed gives the sensation of being in a boat that is floating on the water, just at a faster speed than your typical boat ride.


Moby Dick Ride at Casino Pier amusement park in Seaside Heights


  • Super Storm is another extreme ride that spins riders in multiple directions. When two of my boys tried it, they were the only ones on the ride. They sat in a circle extended from a pendulum arm that hangs down from the center of the ride. Then they spun in a circle while swinging back and forth. The ride continues to spin and goes upside down making a 360 degree revolution!


Casino Pier Super Storm

Yes, my boys went upside down on the Super Storm ride too.


  • Learn more about these and other Casino Pier amusement park rides and slides and their height requirements at their site.


Ride together or alone on the Breakwater Beach waterpark rides.

One of the things I appreciated about Breakwater Beach was the ability to enjoy some of the waterpark rides as 1 or 2 person rides. As a family of 5 it can be difficult when rides require 2 rides. Other times you want to ride together and that’s not an option. At the Two if by Sea waterslides and the Lazy River, my boys could ride with me or each other in a 2 person tube or they could ride alone in 1 tube. We did a bit of both on our visit to Breakwater Beach.


Breakwater Beach waterpark Seaside Heights offers 1 and 2 person rafts.

Take your pick, 1 and 2 person rafts are available for Breakwater Beach waterslides.



Plenty of seating for those who want to rest or watch from the sidelines.

When you’re out visiting a waterpark or amusement park, not everyone wants to do everything. Of course as moms, we’re following our kids around (even when they are bigger) to make sure they are staying safe and behaving. Breakwater Beach waterpark had seating adjacent to the splashground, wave pool, and multiple spots along the lazy river. An added bonus, there are benches situated around the Casino Pier amusement park. So if you decide to sit out on some of the more thrilling rides, you really can sit.


Casino Pier Waterpark in Seaside Heights NJ


Safety is important to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach

It’s been clear on all of our visit to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach that safety is important to them. We saw evidence of that at multiple points.

  • Multiple lifeguards are situated throughout every water area. Any time we prepared to ride a waterslide, a lifeguard would confirm we were aware of the safety procedures for that waterpark activity. Announcements over the speakers, multiple times an hour, remind parents that they should engage with their kids in the water and not just from a distance.
  • There were many shady areas and chairs for taking a break. Breakwater Beach had many shady sitting areas available and even on a beautiful day when the waterpark was busy, there was always plenty of places for people to find a seat. There is seating in the shade at several spots along the rides as well as up on a deck with tables for enjoying food.
  • At the Breakwater Beach Lazy River there were tubes for the kids with flat closed in bottoms. For those little kids, who think they are a big kid let them ride in one of those tubes and hold hands or walk with them as he/she rides the river. The lazy river never gets more than 3 feet deep. Though do be careful because the change from 2 feet to 3 feet and back again can be sudden.
  • While we always recommend wearing footwear at theme parks, we know it’s not always practical, especially at a waterpark. At Breakwater Beach waterpark, it’s clear that extra precautions have been put in place to protect guests’ feet.
    • Most stairs up to the waterslides are kept shaded by the waterslides tunnels themselves.
    • Lockers are underneath a deck in a shaded area.
    • Some pathways have a protective mat on the ground that seemed to be somewhat heat resistant. It was still warm, but not as hot as walking on a hot sidewalk barefoot.


Floor mats at Breakwater Beach waterpark in Seaside Heights NJ

Floor mats help reflect some of the heat from the sun.


Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach love to save guests money.

During our visit to Casino Pier and Breakwater beach we didn’t feel that anything was especially expensive. Hamburgers, pizza, and other options were priced at a few dollars each. We found spots at both locations were we could buy bottled water for 2 for $5. Considering the places we’ve been to where water is $4 a bottle this was a price that didn’t bust our budget.


Check out some of the specials we noticed during our visit. You can also find out about discount tickets to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach on this page of their website.



In this video, we share more tips for saving money at Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach. Plus, by watching in you can earn additional entries in our giveaway for a 4-Pack Ride & Slide passes to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach.


Breakwater Beach Waterpark is located at 800 Ocean Terrace in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Casino Pier is straight up from Breakwater Beach and located on the boardwalk. Admission prices and hours vary, please see their website for more information. For more on our trip to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach check out our photos on Facebook.


For more information on other local waterparks visit our Splash it up at these Local Water Parks in New Jersey guide. For more about local amusement parks click over to 20 Amazing Amusement Parks in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania That THRILL Kids.


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Danielle D.

Tuesday 24th of July 2018

1 tip- to go mid week to avoid the big crowd! This is definitely something I like to do going to all parks!

Danielle D.

Tuesday 24th of July 2018

I would definitely want to do Breakwater Beach because I would love to try the new wave pool! I love any place near water!


Sunday 22nd of July 2018

My family would do the water Park first. We like to get water rides out the way first.


Sunday 22nd of July 2018

One good tip is to arrive early.

Kelly Reed

Sunday 22nd of July 2018

Breakwater Beach first and then Casino Pier rides after lunch!

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