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Wyckoff Community Playground- Bergen County Parks & Playgrounds


Wyckoff Community Playground

Wyckoff Community Playground


3 Reasons my Family Loves Wyckoff Community Playground


  • A huge sandbox full of shovels, trucks, buckets and just about every sand toy you can imagine makes my kids excited.  The sandbox also has a huge climbing rock which was a big hit for my son. It may be hard to pull your kids away from it if they love trucks and cars.


  • Slides! This playground has eight different types of slides. Three super fast ones, two toddler slides and three tunnels. My three children loved being able to race one another down the three super fast slides.


  • The playground offers a few different types of climbing structures. My son really enjoyed the monkey bars and rock wall. One climbing structure is for older children and the other is made for toddlers.


Wyckoff Community Playground

Wyckoff Community Playground


What Wyckoff Community Playground offers

  • Fenced in playground
  • Several different types of climbing structures
  • Sandbox with lots of sand toys
  • Toddler and full size swings
  • Baseball, soccer and football fields
  • A few different types of slides
  • Rock wall
  • Wobbly bridges and lots of tunnels
  • Games such as tic-tac-toe, puzzles and steering wheels.
  • Parking lot is located right next to the fenced in playground.
  • Bathrooms are located near the sports fields.


Wyckoff Community Playground

Wyckoff Community Playground


The Wyckoff Community Playground is located at Scott Plaza (340 Franklin Avenue)  behind the Wyckoff Municipal complex in Wyckoff in Bergen County. 


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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