10 Sleepaway Camps in and Near New Jersey

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Need help finding sleepaway camps in New Jersey or near New Jersey?


Let our guide to New Jersey sleepaway camps help.

What could be more fun for a child then spending some time at sleep away camp this summer? Children can spend some time away and develop independence. They can also find new experiences that they don’t typically experience at home. Sleep away camp is a chance for your child to grow, learn, and make new friends while having a ton of fun. I know as a kid I always dreamed of attending sleep away camp. If you are looking for a great camp for your child check out this list. 


Makayla on her first visit to Camp Mason.


10 Sleepaway Camps In and Near New Jersey

North Jersey Sleepaway Camps

Camp Mason

Camp Mason is an overnight camp in Hardwick, NJ. Camp Mason offers a mixture of traditional summer camp and adventure camp rolled into one. Rates start at $1050 for a session. For more information call 908-362-8217 or visit their website at https://campmason.org.


Fairview Lake YMCA Camp

Fairview Lake YMCA Camp is an overnight camp in Newton, NJ. Fairview Lake Camp offers a wide variety of camp options from coed to single sex as well a several specialty camps. Rates start at $899 a week. For more information call 1-800-686-1166 or visit their website at https://www.fairviewlakeymca.org.


Camp Vacamas

Camp Vacamas is an overnight camp located in West Milford, NJ. Camp Vacamas is run by the organization Hands in 4 Youth, whose mission is to make sleepaway camp available to children who would not normally be able to afford it. Rates vary on a sliding fee scale but range between $900-$2000 per session. For more information call 973-838-0942 or visit their website at http://www.hi4y.org/sleepaway-camps.


Camp Louemna

Camp Louemna is an overnight camp located in Sussex, NJ. Camp Louemna is a Jewish sleepaway camp that offers a variety of traditional camp activities along with an emphasis on Jewish culture. Rates start at $4725 per session, but discounts are available for first time campers. For more information call 973-287-7264 or visit their website at https://www.camplouemma.com.


Lindley G Cook 4-H Camp

Lindley G Cook 4-H Camp is an overnight camp located in Branchville, NJ. Lindley G Cook 4-H Camp prides itself on providing and affordable classis summer camp experience. Rates start are $650 per week with various discounts available. For more information call 973-948-3550 or visit their website at  http://nj4hcamp.rutgers.edu.


Climbing a wall at camp mason, one of NJ's sleepaway camps

Trying new things at camp.


South Jersey Sleepaway Camps

Appel Farm Arts Camp

Appel Farm Arts Camp is an overnight camp located in Elmer, NJ. Appel Farm Arts Camp provides a fun summer camp experience while also allowing children to develop their skills in various artistic disciplines. Rates start at $3500 per session. For more information call  856-358-2472 or visit their website at  https://appelfarmartscamp.org.


Camp Haluwasa

Camp Haluwasa is an overnight camp located in Hammonton, NJ. Camp Haluwasa is a Christian summer camp that incorporates traditional summer camp fun and bible lessons. Rates start at $495 per week. For more information call 609-561-3081 or visit their website at http://www.haluwasa.org/index.html.


YMCA of the Pines

YMCA of the Pines is an overnight camp located in Medford, NJ. YMCA of the Pines has two separate overnight camps, one for boys and one for girls. Rates start at $735 per week. For more information call 609-654-8225 or visit their website at https://ycamp.org.


Sleepaway camps in New Jersey provide outdoor canoeing experiences.

Sleepaway Camps Near New Jersey

Camp Michikamau

Camp Michikamau is an overnight camp located in Bear Mountain, NY. Camp Michikamau is a YMCA camp in New York that prides itself on its diverse staff from around the world. Rates start at $450 a week. For more information call 201-487-6600 or visit their website at https://www.metroymcas.org/bergen-county-ymca/sleepaway-camp-ymca-camp-michikamau.


Camp Cayuga

Camp Cayuga is an overnight camp located in Honesdale, PA. Camp Cayuga is a co-ed camp that offers full season, half season, and 2 week mini camp options.  Rates start at $1900. For more information call 570-253-3133 or visit their website at http://campcayuga.com.


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