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Kalahari Resorts Brings the Mandela Poster Project to the US


Kalahari Resorts – The Waterpark with Global Influence




Recently Jersey Family Fun was invited to the Brooklyn Museum for a unique event sponsored by Kalahari Resorts. I want to share with our readers what I experienced, and why my already positive impression of Kalahari Resorts has strengthened. You might be as surprised as I was about the company’s history and mission!


So why would a waterpark resort in Pennsylvania invite media to the Brooklyn Museum? A few things to know first. If you’ve been to any of the three Kalahari Resort locations (Wisconsin and Ohio), you have seen that there is an African influence in the decor, the activities, and even the coffee. When you pull up to the lobby, African music greets you. Kids get excited over the resort mascot, “Kenya,” an elephant who joins families at a character breakfast and other Kalahari Adventurer’s Club activities. Waterpark rides echo African spots like Zimbabwe and Tanzania.


Mandela Project Posters, and a video of the Kalahari team's visit to Africa

Mandela Project Posters, and a video of the Kalahari team’s visit to Africa


I assumed, when we visited last Fall, that this was just a way to present the resorts, a cohesive theme, making it easier for the creative staff to develop activities and rides and the like. I was wrong! Todd Nelson, the owner of Kalahari Resorts, first visited Africa 20 years ago and a passion was born. The Nelson family and the Kalahari Resorts team returned in November of 2014 with a trip that covered 24,752 miles, in 6 countries over 23 days. That trip, and their commitment to the idea of “One World,” brought the company to one of the most influential African leaders of the 20th century, and a project created to honor him.


Mandela Poster Project Collective




In 2013, a group of designers in South Africa solicited artwork from designers around the world to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela and his contributions to humanity. The messages of peace, determination, collective action and the essence of Africa jump from the canvases in bold colors and imagery. These powerful works of art were curated into a group of 95 posters that have traveled the world, but the Brooklyn Museum event marked the first time the posters have appeared in the United States. I was honored to be among the first to view them, and we also had the pleasure of hearing from Ithateng Mokgoro, member of the Mandela Poster Project Collective.


Mokgoro’s project was also displayed, and he gave us the meaning behind his images. As you can imagine, the posters are meaningful and thought provoking, but they also provided a life changing purpose – they were sold, and raised enough money to build a children’s hospital now under construction in South Africa.


Ithateng Mokgoro and Todd Nelson, owner of Kalahari Resorts

Ithateng Mokgoro and Todd Nelson, owner of Kalahari Resorts


The posters will be making their way through the three Kalahari Resort locations in the coming months, giving resort guests a chance to enhance their vacation with a lesson about the inspiring Nelson Mandela. If you haven’t booked a stay at Kalahari this summer you’re missing out on an amazing indoor waterpark, high quality lodging and dining, and memorable family experiences. Read our review from last fall here, and watch our site for an upcoming stay at Pocono Manor.


Every time we visit Kalahari we have fun! Read about all our visits to Kalahari Resorts with Kids. To make your reservation for Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos, click over to their site at


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