Maplecrest Park – Essex County Parks & Playgrounds

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Maplecrest Park – Essex County Parks & Playgrounds


Maplecrest Park entrance

Maplecrest Park entrance


3 Reasons my Family Loves Maplecrest Park, Maplewood


  • Maplecrest Park is near to stores and eateries, so you can park and walk around the town of Maplewood.  Yet even with bordering the police station and being in a downtown area, it’s peaceful and quiet with lots of fields to run or rest in.


  • There’s a great skate park! It’s well maintained and good for kids of all abilities. While we were there, there were younger children with scooters, and more advanced skateboarders. It isn’t enclosed so kids can skate easily out of the area on the paved paths and back to the ramps.


  • The two playgrounds are next to each other and in the shade, so no reason to stay away on hot days! Benches are near the play areas so parents can relax while the little ones play. There’s even a picnic grove next to the play structures. One is for ages 2-5 and the other for older children, with lots of climbing and sliding.


One of the two playground structures.

One of the two playground structures.


What Maplecrest Park offers

  • Baseball/softball field
  • Park building
  • Porta Potties
  • Picnic tables
  • Skate Park
  • Tennis Courts
  • 2 Playground Areas
  • Paved Walkways
  • On-street Parking


The skate park at Maplecrest Park

The skate park at Maplecrest Park


Maplecrest Park is located at 237 Oakland Road, Maplewood, Essex County. Open from 5 AM – sunset, fields can be used from 8 AM – sunset.


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