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Hershey Lodge Dining Options

This post was sponsored by Hershey Entertainment Resorts who provided me with $100 Chocolate Bucks,
which can be used like cash at Hershey Entertainment Resorts restaurants and properties, during my
family’s recent visit.  We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share
with families information about Hershey Parks hotels & destinations we think your family may
enjoy for family vacations.

Both Lebbie Lebkicher's and Hershey Grill provided coloring sheets and crayons for the kids while we were waiting.

Both Lebbie Lebkicher’s and Hershey Grill provided coloring sheets and crayons for the kids while we were waiting.


There are a plethora of Hershey Lodge Dining Options, as well as places to eat inside Hershey Park and Chocolate World. There are so many Hershey Park area dining options this post will be just a brief look at some. In addition to restaurants at Hershey Park, there are also many familiar restaurants and fast food places nearby. Here are the food options we experienced during our stay at The Hershey Lodge.


Breakfast at Lebbie Lebkicher’s in the Hershey Lodge

On Sunday morning, we decided to check out the breakfast buffet at Lebbie’s. Lebbie Lebkicher’s is named after Milton S. Hershey’s life-long friend. It offers classic and specialty breakfast items in a family-friendly setting.

The cost of the buffet was $17 per person and $6.95 for children over age 3, which included our beverages.


In signature Hershey attention to detail, they even had chocolate butter at the restaurants.

In signature Hershey attention to detail, they even had chocolate butter at the restaurants.

Hershey Lodge Lebbie Lebkicher’s Buffet Items included:

  • Scrambled eggs, plain and with cheese
  • Shredded hashbrown potatoes
  • Pancakes
  • Bacon and Sausage
  • Assorted Cereals
  • Pastries, Homestyle Biscuits, and Toast
  • Yogurt with Granola
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Marshmallows and melted chocolate for dipping
  • Omelets could be made to order in the kitchen
  • Drinks (including souvenir kid’s cups with lids)

What we loved about Lebbie Lebkicher’s Breakfast Buffet:

  • The food was delicious and freshly prepared.
  • Once again, we loved the attention to chocolatey details like chocolate chips at each buffet station, melted chocolate for dipping marshmallows, and chocolate butter.
  • Coloring pages and crayons are always great to keep the kids occupied while waiting.
  • Souvenir kid’s cups with their chocolate milk of course.
  • It’s a convenient Hershey Lodge dining option located inside this Hershey Park hotel.
  • It also opened at 7:00am, so we saw lots of families with kids still in pajamas getting their tummy’s full while parents woke up with their coffee.
A chocolate dipping station for marshmallows and fruit.

A chocolate dipping station for marshmallows and fruit.

The Hershey Lodge Dining Options includes 5 restaurants:

We saw many families eating in The Bear’s Den, decorated with Hershey Bears sports memorabilia. However, reservations are not accepted and at 7:00pm on Saturday night there was an hour wait for a table.  Our kids were fading fast after a long day at Christmas Candylane and Hershey Sweet Lights, so we chose Hershey Grill as our back up plan. We weren’t disappointed.


My kids loved the large Hershey Bear outside the Bear’s Den in the Hershey Lodge.

Dinner at Hershey Grill

Every once in a while, it’s a nice treat to eat at a restaurant with a Signature Chocolate Martini in a souvenir logo glass on the menu (even though I didn’t get one) and fresh, familiar dishes with unique flavors. Especially nice when your kids happen to be on their best behavior despite a long day and lots of chocolate.

We chose:

  • GRILLED SALMON with thai cucumber and cilantro salad, orange sesame jasmine rice  $25
  • TEXAS MEATLOAF  black angus and ground pork, cheddar-jalapeño biscuit, boursin mashed potatoes, andouille sausage gravy $19
  • GRILLED HOT DOG served with fresh fruit (you can also choose fries, mashed potatoes or vegetables as your side) $6
  • GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST with red skin mashed potatoes, chef’s vegetable $13
  • a side of sweet potato fries $5


The food was delicious! I felt a little out of touch when our server asked how I would like my salmon cooked (like a steak), which I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know was possible. I chose medium-well. The fresh taste of the thai cucumber salad along with the sesame jasmine rice was simply amazing. It was fresh, well prepared, full of flavor and overall excellent. My husband is not a very adventurous eater, but he liked his meatloaf, even though it was on the spicy side. He did agree, however, that my son’s grilled chicken was phenomenal.


What we loved about the Hershey Grill

  • Excellent service. Our server brought out our kid’s meals first, without us requesting it, which helped dinner go smoothly because we didn’t have to sit there too long.
  • Again, attention to details that make Hershey unique including bread served with both chocolate and regular butter.
  • Kids received coloring pages and crayons and drinks in souvenir kid cups.
  • The kid’s menu had a wide variety of typical kid friendly options as well as healthy side items and more “adult-like” entrees like grilled chicken with mashed potatoes, salmon, or petit filet. Pizza and pasta were also among the choices. My son never eats kid items when we order them, so I liked that I could get him a meal that was more like a typical dinner at home, even though the portion was a little large for him.
  • Flavorful, unique dishes that weren’t too off the wall or unexpected.


Visit the Hershey Lodge website to view hours and menus for all 5 restaurants.


For our readers with food allergies, you can also find allergen information on the website for each location. Please tell your server about any food allergies and they will assign a Chef on duty to prepare your meal.


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In full disclosure we were provided with $100 chocolate bucks from Hershey Entertainment Resorts to use toward food during our recent stay at the Hershey Lodge. We paid out of pocket for some of the meals in this post. As always our opinions are 100% our own and based on our experience dining at The Hershey Lodge.

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