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The Ultimate Guide to Apple Picking Season in NJ! Best Pick Your Own Apple Orchards in New Jersey!

Are you searching for where to go apple picking in New Jersey?

Let us help.

September marks the start of my favorite season of the year, fall! Fall is the season for jumping into piles of colorful leaves, grabbing a cozy sweater for a brisk autumn walk, and picking apples from the trees.

apple picking in New Jersey is a great family activity.

My family loves apple picking in New Jersey! Apple picking is by far our favorite fall activity. There is nothing quite like going to a New Jersey apple orchard and gathering your own crop of apples. My kids love running through the rows of trees, filling our baskets with apples. They love eating apples right from the tree and all the yummy things you can make with apples.

Apple picking also provides plenty of exercise. It’s a time to enjoy the great outdoors and also it can be a great learning experience. When my preschooler and I picked apples we like to count our apples as we drop them into the basket- instant math lesson!

Older kids can guess the weights or compare and contrast the different apples they collect. The great thing about living in New Jersey is that we have so many different apple orchards to choose from.

We’ve created this list of great farms for apple picking in New Jersey where you can pick your own apples and tips for picking apples. Take a look and find the perfect farm for pick your own apples. Hopefully one of these farms will be the perfect place for you to enjoy some “Jersey Family Fun” this fall.

If you do visit one of the farms from the list make sure to tell them that you heard about them from Jersey Family Fun. We would love if you post a picture of your family’s apples on our Facebook page and tell us where you got it!

New Jersey apple picking orchards can receive a complimentary listing or an upgraded featured listing by contacting Jennifer Auer, publisher at [email protected].

NJ farms with apple orchards

Things You Need to Know BEFORE Picking Apples in NJ

Before going out to pick apples there are many facts people like to know. These include when the best time for picking is, how to store them, and more. Read on to find out all of this information as well as where to pick apples in NJ, where NJ apple festivals are this year and some fun facts about apples.

In addition to our tips for picking apples and where to go for pick your own apples in New Jersey, I’m also sharing Amazon affiliate links. These links will help you find the items you need and that I recommend quickly. We do participate in Amazon’s affiliate program. When you make a purchase using one of our links we earn a small commission.

What month is best for apple picking in NJ?

Apple Picking Season for New Jersey starts in late August and goes all the way until October 31st. Peak times for apple picking are from the beginning of September until October 15th. September is usually the best time of the year to pick apples because while they do ripen at different times depending on the variety of apples you’re choosing, early fall is the most reliable time to pick apples.

When does the apple picking season generally start in NJ?

Apple picking season generally starts in New Jersey at around July 15th, with the season really picking up in September and October.

The weather patterns can cause a delay or increase in the production of apples yearly, which is why there tends to be a window of a few months to pick. However, most people prefer to pick their apples in September as that, generally speaking, has produced some of the best and most ripened apples throughout the previous apple-growing seasons.

How long does apple picking season last in NJ?

Apple picking season lasts until early October during the prime picking season, but many orchards still have apple picking until the end of October.

One of the most significant factors to consider when picking apples is that the season can end shorter than the actual “climate” season due to orchards running out of apples. Most apple orchards will update their status online to keep customers informed if they still have apples left to pick. However, it’s a good idea to check the situation before heading out the door.

Some people may decide to pick each month during the apple picking season to get the best and more ripened apples. However, since apples need a lot of sunlight during the growing season, one little tip to keep in mind is that the apples on the outside of the tree usually tend to ripen quicker than those growing on the inside. This means that you may be able to bump up your apple-picking time of the year by picking those apples first.

When are the best days to pick apples during the season?

The best days to pick apples during the season are when it’s warm and sunny but not too hot, as apple picking can be a bit labor-intensive!

The climate zone of where you live also is an indicator of the best time to pick, as is the type of apples that you’re choosing. Certain apples tend to grow at different times, so contacting the orchard and finding out the variety of apples that they produce can help you know the best time or days to pick apples.

When is the best time of day to pick apples during the season?

The best time of day to pick your apples will be during the early morning before too many people fill up the orchards.

You can also pick apples at dusk as well to combat the hotter temperatures of the year. But, of course, weekdays offer the flexibility to beat the crowds during any time of the day most times, too.

apple picking at New Jersey apple orchards

What do you wear while apple picking?

The most important thing to wear is proper footwear. Make sure you and the apple pickers in your family wear comfortable footwear like sneakers or work shoes. Closed-toe shoes are better because it can be muddy or sandy between rows of trees. Additionally, you may be climbing and reaching higher to reach apples in the trees.

If it’s sunny then a hat would be very helpful. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. You’ll also want to wear clothing that’s comfortable enough to allow you to stretch towards those high up apples.

Check out these cute apple-picking t-shirts.

While not needed, gardening gloves can help keep your hands from getting sticky or dirty. Here are a few we’ve discovered on Amazon.

How much does it cost to pick your own apples?

The price per pound for apples will vary depending on the type of apple and the time of year. New in the season, you can expect to pay close to $2.00 per pound or more for picking fresh and ripe apples.

At the end of the season, you’ll find better deals that will usually cost less and be more in line with the pricing of $1.50 per pound or less.

Do you need to bring your own container for apples?

It’s always a good idea to check with the orchard to see what their rules are. Most will have bags that you can use but are always open to people bringing in their own containers for all their picked apples.

Some apple orchards have 5-gallon buckets that you can use to gather up your apples, but the buckets must be emptied and returned before leaving the orchard.

If bringing your own bag or basket for picking apples, make sure the bag/basket is strong and sturdy. Unlike berries or other pick your own fruits, apples can be quite heavy, especially when picking several.

Here are a few fun and cute and sturdy bags and baskets for bringing home all those apples you and your family picked.

Check out this apple picking apron bag. It lets you pick apples without having to hold a basket in your hands.

Order this apple picking apron bag!

How long does it take to pick apples?

When the apple orchards are in full production, it can take less than 10 minutes to fill a gallon basket. As the season progresses, it takes more time to fill a basket.

Tips for Picking Apples at NJ farms

Before picking apples in New Jersey follow these helpful tips.

Call ahead of time for picking availability.

We have many of the picking times at NJ apple orchards available in this article. Picking for any fruit or vegetable is dependent on how the crop is doing that season, time of the season, etc… Often farms may stop picking for some time to let fruits ripen as well. Call before going or check their social media pages to see what the picking status is for the farm.

How do you know when an apple is good to pick?

When deciding if an apple is ready to be picked, the easiest thing to do is to view it visually and feel the apples.

When you want to pick an apple off a tree, a ripe apple should easily come off the branch. Although you should never pull an apple directly from a tree, twisting the stem until the apple comes off the branch shouldn’t be difficult to do. If the apple is ripe, it should twist off easily and come apart from the branch of the tree.

You can also check if an apple is ripe and ready by giving it a gentle squeeze. If an apple is really soft, it’s overripe. An apple that is ready to be picked should be firm and not squishable in your hands.

Look at the coloring of the apple to decide if it’s ripe and ready to pick. Keep in mind that different types of apples will produce different types of color. For most apples, if the coloring is yellow or red, it is a visual indicator that they’re ripe and ready.

The other big tip to remember is that just because apples are lying on the ground doesn’t mean that all the apples on the tree are ripe and ready. Some apples will indeed break off and fall to the ground when they are ripe, but they also could have fallen for other reasons such as wind, storms, etc. Never base apples being ripe off the fact that some apples are lying around the tree’s base.

New Jersey apple picking

What’s the best way to pick apples from trees?

Picking apples from the tree by hand does require a soft touch so that you don’t damage the tree or the branch.

Please resist the urge to pull the apple from the branch and instead twist the apple in circles by holding it in the palm of your hand. The twisting will cause the apple to break free of the branch without causing any damage to future growth.

Holding the apple in the palm of your hand while twisting is crucial because it keeps the apples from getting damaged in the process. If you use your fingers, there is a good chance that you’ll be applying too much pressure without even realizing it and cause bruising all over the apple.

Show care to the farm

Be careful not to trample other plants as you move from apple tree to apple tree. But also don’t rush from one tree to the next. Pick all ripe apples from a tree before moving on to the next one. You may have to walk around the tree to find more apples ready for picking.

It’s usually a good thing to pick off any overripe apples. Ask the farmers what they prefer. Some may say toss them in the aisle or even feed them to animals on the farm. This way the overripe apples can’t spoil the next set.

Come prepared

Since you or the kids might be at the same apple tree for a 5-10 minutes picking apples consider getting a stool that’s easy to carry. This gives you or the kids a steady surface to stand on while reaching up to pick apples. Just be careful not to position the stool on top of any plants or uneven ground.

Here are a few stools on Amazon that are easy to travel with.

What should I do after picking apples?

Once you pick your apples, you have a lot of great options! Take them home and store them in a space at room temperature or make room and store them in the fridge.

You can also wash the apples and eat them fresh from the tree as well. If you’ve checked them for ripeness before picking, fresh apples from the orchard have an unbeatable flavor.

If you have any plans for using the apples in a pie, you can immediately peel your apples and prep for pies or even prep them for the canning process to be able to store and use later.

For apples that may not fully be ripened, understand that apples continue to ripen after being picked from the tree. The most significant difference is that while apples will ripen after they are picked, they typically won’t ripen to their full sweetness. They’ll still be delicious to eat but may not reach the full flavor of sweetness had they ripened entirely on the tree.

The Best New Jersey Apple Picking Orchards for Pick Your Own Apples

Please call these pick your own apples NJ farms first, before visiting, to ensure they have apples available for picking. Crop yields tend to vary from day to day, and some farms do need to close for apple picking to give the trees time to rest and yield more apples.

Best Pick Your Own Apple Orchards In North Jersey

The following apple orchards and New Jersey farms with apple picking are located in North Jersey.

Bergen County NJ Apple Orchards

Demarest Farms is located at 244 Wierimus Road in Hillsdale. (201) 666-0472.

  • Season: Apple picking is September 2, 2023 – October 9th 2023. Please check their website for specific dates.
  • Schedule: Apple picking is 8 am to 5 pm on weekends/holidays and Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 4:00 pm. Reservations are required.
  • Cost: $8 per person general admission which includes free parking, entrance to apple orchard, petting zoo and playground. Visitors must purchase a bag to hold their apples that they pick for $15 each.

Morris County NJ Apple Orchards

Parks Farms is located at 525 Route 24 in Chester. (908) 879-5509.

  • Season: The dates for their 2023 season for apple picking are not yet available.
  • Schedule: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm daily
  • Cost: Prices for the 2023 season are not yet posted.

Hillview Farms is located at 223 Meyersville Road in Gillette. (908) 647-0957.

  • Season: Apples are available from late August through October 2023.
  • Schedule: Open daily 9 am – 6 pm May – October — the fields close to the public at 5 pm.
  • Cost: Prices for the 2023 season are not yet posted.

Alstede Farms is at 1 Alstede Farms Lane in Chester. (908) 879-7189.

  • Season: Apple picking starts in late summer and continues through the end of October 2023.
  • Schedule: The pick-your-own fields are open 7 days a week from 9 am – 6:00 pm during harvest season. However hours are subject to change as daylight hours decrease in October. For 2023 you must purchase a reservation time in advance.
  • Cost: Price varies as the pick your own admission price includes the cost of a specific container.

Riamede Farms is at 122 Oakdale Road in Chester. (908) 879-7762.

  • Season: Apple picking begins late August and ends in early November.
  • Schedule: During their harvest season they are open daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Cost: Farm passes are required for $2.00 during the week and $5-$15 on weekends and holidays. Advanced purchase is strongly recommended. Pay for what you pick.

Stony Hill Garden and Farmer’s Market is located at 8 Rt. 24 in Chester. (908) 879-2908.

  • Season: Stony Hill opens for apple picking in early September and the season runs through mid-October.
  • Schedule: The pick your own fields are open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Cost: The entry fee is $7.99 per person if bought in advance and $10.99 for those who wish to pay their entry fee at the gate. You can purchase a half peck ($10) or full peck bag ($18).

Sun High Orchard is located at 19 Canfield Avenue in Randolph. (973) 584-4734. 

  • Season: The dates for their 2023 season for apple picking are not yet available.
  • Schedule: Open daily 9 am – 6 pm.
  • Cost: Fees have not yet been posted for 2023.

Wightman’s Farm is located at 1111 Mount Kemble Ave in Morristown. (973) 425-9819.

  • Season: Apple picking starts in August and goes through October 2023. Early apples are available now! Call for more information.
  • Schedule: Saturday and Sunday 9 am- 5 pm
  • Cost: Please call for the entry fee for “pick your own”. The weight of the fruit will be added to the entry fee after picking.

Passaic County NJ Apple Orchards

  • None that we are aware of

Sussex County NJ Apple Orchards

Beemerville Orchard is located at 73 Lusscroft Road in Sussex, New Jersey. (973) 875-1029

  • Season: Check their Facebook page for updates to see when their apples will be ready.
  • Schedule: Their hours on their open days are typically 9 am – 5 pm however their open days vary. Check their Facebook page for the most up to date information.
  • Cost: Please call them for pricing information.

Hillcrest Farm and Dairy Orchard are located at 2 Davies Road in Branchville. (973) 512-8279.

  • Season: Apple picking will be available starting September 9th, 2023.
  • Schedule: Apple picking is available Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 5 pm.
  • Cost: This information has not yet been posted for 2023.

Pochuck Valley Farm is located at 962 Rt. 517 in Glenwood. (973) 764-4732

  • Season: Pochuck starts picking apples in September and continues through October 31st, 2023.
  • Schedule: The pick your own fields are open daily from 7 am to 4 pm daily.
  • Cost: The price for just apples is $35.00 for 1/2 bushel per 4 people or less but prices are subject to change.

Warren County NJ Apple Orchards

Longmeadow Farm is located at 561 Blairstown Road in Hope. (908) 459-5351

  • Season: For 2023, Longmeadow plans to be open for apple picking from the first weekend in September until the last weekend in October. This is subject to change and is dependent upon the yield and the weather.
  • Schedule: They are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Cost: Their website does not mention an entry fee for the orchard. Pay for what you pick.

Mackey’s Orchard is at 284B County Route 519 in Belvidere. (908) 475-1507

  • Season: Mackey’s offers “pick your own” apples in September and October.
  • Schedule: Mackey’s is open on weekends for “pick your own”.
  • Cost: A $3 hayride is required to reach the orchard. The charge for the apples is by the bag. A half-peck bag (approx. 5 lbs.) is $10. A peck bag (approx. 10 lbs.) is $20 and a half-bushel bag (approx. 20 lbs.) is $40.

Race Farm is located at 87 Belcher Road in Blairstown. (908) 362-8151

  • Season: Race Farm will start picking apples in September 2023.
  • Schedule: The pick your own fields are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Cost: Entrance to the pick your own fields is free. You only pay for what you pick.

Stoneyfield Orchard is located at 5 Orchard Street in Belvidere. (908) 475-5209

  • Season: The apple orchard at Stoneyfield is open from September to October 2023.
  • Schedule: Stoneyfield’s hours are Saturday and Sunday 12 pm to 4 pm. However their website dictates that their hours can change based on available fruit in the fields. Most updated hours can be found on their Facebook page. You can call to make an appointment.
  • Cost: Their website encourages visitors to call for more information.

Tree-Licious Orchards is located at 135 Karrville Road in Port Murray. (908) 852-7191

  • Season: The apple orchard is open September and October 2023.
  • Schedule: Treelicious is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Cost: Pick your own admission is free. You only pay for what you pick.

Von Thun Farms is located at 438 Route 57 West in Washington, (732) 986-6816

  • Season: Apples are available mid-September through October 2023.
  • Schedule: They are open for “you pick” 10 am – 5 pm daily.
  • Cost: Admission to the fields is $3 per person. Prices for the apples are as follows: 1/4 Peck Bag (1-2 people, 3 – 4 lbs): $9, 1/2 Peck Bag (2-4 people, 5 – 6 lbs): $15, 1 Peck Bag (up to 6 people, 10 – 12 lbs): $25.
35 New Jersey farms with apple picking pinterest image

Best Pick Your Own Apple Orchards in Central New Jersey

The following apple orchards and farms with apple picking in New Jersey are located in the central region of New Jersey.

Hunterdon County NJ Apple Orchards

Bonacorsi Family Farm is at 1137 Croton Road in Flemington.

  • Season: Apple picking is available starting Fridays in min-September and continues until end of October or early November depending on supply.
  • Schedule: Guests can pick apples from 11 am – 4 pm weather permitting on Fridays in September and October. There is potential for picking apples the first weekend in November depending upon supply.
  • Cost: Their website does not yet have their apple prices for the 2023 season.

Melick’s Cider Mill & Orchard is located at 19 King Street in Oldwick. (908) 439-2318

  • Season: Melick will be open for apple picking from September 9th, 2023 until the 2nd week of November.
  • Schedule: The pick your own fields are open 7 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Cost: The website does not currently mention an admission cost. Pay for what you pick.

Phillips Farm is located at 290 Church Road in Milford. (908) 995-0022

  • Season: Apple picking starts in September and continues through the end of October 2022.
  • Schedule: “U pick” is available Wednesday – Monday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Cost: There is no cost for admission however you must purchase one of their containers to pick your own apples.

Mercer County NJ Apple Orchards

Lee Turkey Farm is at 201 Hickory Corner Road in East Windsor. 609-448-0629

  • Season: Apple picking is August-October 2023.
  • Schedule: Monday through Saturday 9 am – 6 pm, Sunday 2 pm – 6 pm
  • Cost: Admission is $3 per person Monday – Saturday. Admission on Sunday is $5 per person. Pay for what you pick.

Terhune Orchards is at 330 Cold Soil Road in Princeton. 609-924-2310

  • Season: Apple picking is September- October 2023.
  • Schedule: Monday – Sunday 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Cost: Visitors much purchase a bag with which to pick their apples when they check in. No other admission cost is currently listed.

Middlesex County NJ Apple Orchards

Giamarese Farm is located at 155 Fresh Ponds Road in East Brunswick. (732) 821-9494

  • Season: Apples are available to pick late August to Columbus Day 2023.
  • Schedule: Hours are 10 am – 6 pm daily but are subject to change. Please call the farm for most current hours.
  • Cost: Admission costs and fees are not currently listed on their website for the 2023 season.

Von Thun Farms is located at 519 Ridge Road in Monmouth Junction. (732) 329-8656

  • Season: Their apples are in season from mid September to October.
  • Schedule: “You pick” hours are 10 am -5 pm on weekdays and 9 am – 5 pm on weekends.
  • Cost: Admission to the field is $3 per person. The price for the apples is as follows: 1/4 Peck Bag (1-2 people, 3 – 4 lbs): $9, 1/2 Peck Bag (2-4 people, 5 – 6 lbs): $15, 1 Peck Bag (up to 6 people, 10 – 12 lbs): $25.

Monmouth County NJ Apple Orchards

Eastmont Orchards is located at 169 Country Rd 537 in Colts Neck. (732) 542-5404

  • Season: Early September to late October 2023
  • Schedule: Open Monday – Friday 9 am – 4:30 pm, Saturday & Sunday 9 am – 5:30 pm
  • Cost: There is no general entrance fee. Pay for what you pick.

Battleview Orchards is located at 91 Wemlock Road in Freehold. (732) 462-0756

  • Season: Late August – October 2023
  • Schedule: “You pick” hours can vary daily. Please check their Facebook page to call to confirm picking hours before heading out.
  • Cost: There is no entrance fee for apple picking. Pay for what you pick.

Somerset County NJ Apple Orchards

Ripple Hill Farm is located at 181 Mountain Road in Basking Ridge. 908-647-1300

  • Season: Open September 18, 2023 through October 16, 2023
  • Schedule: Sundays 12 pm – 4 pm
  • Cost: There is an entry fee of $5.00 per person (children under 10 are free). Pay for what you pick.
New Jersey apple orchards pinterest image

Best Pick Your Own Apple Orchards in South Jersey

The following apple orchards and New Jersey farms with apple picking are located in South Jersey.

Atlantic County NJ Apple Orchards

  • None that we are aware of

Burlington County NJ Apple Orchards

Strawberry Hill Farm is located at 3 Waln Road in Chesterfield. (609) 298-0823

  • Season: Apple picking begins in early September and will continue until November. Their website stipulates that their season varies from year to year depending upon yield.
  • Schedule: They are open 9 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday.
  • Cost: Apples will be prices at $1.50 per pounds.

Johnson’s Corner Farm is located at 133 Church Road in Medford. (609) 654-8643.

  • Season: Hayrides to apple picking (additional cost) operate from September 9 – October 31, 2023 (check website daily to ensure what days apples are available to be picked).
  • Schedule: Hours for hayrides are Monday – Friday 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am to 5 pm.
  • Cost: Hayrides are $6 per person on weekdays and $8 on weekends when reserved online in advance. Hayride tickets bought in person are $7 per person on weekdays and $10 on weekends. Pay for what you pick.

Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm is located at 2691 Monmouth Road in Jobstown. (609) 353-9000

  • Season: September 8, to October 29, 2023.
  • Schedule: 9 am – 3:45 pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Cost: Park and pick is $14.95 per person on Saturdays and Sundays and $9.95 on Fridays. This is for tickets bought in advance online. Tickets bought at the gate will have an increase in charge. Pay for what you pick.

Russo’s Fruit & Vegetable Farm annex is located at 299 Flyatt Road in Tabernacle. (609) 268-0239

  • Season: Apple picking is available from September 15th through October 29th.
  • Schedule: The fields are open Friday – Sundays from 9 am – 5pm.
  • Cost: There is no current information available for their 2023 apple prices.

Cape May County NJ Apple Orchards

Stiles Farm is located at 172 South Delsea Drive in Cape May Court House. (609) 600-7939.

  • Season:  Apples are available starting late August/early September.
  • Schedule: Please check their Facebook for their most up to date information regarding days and hours.
  • Cost: There is no current information available for the cost of their apples in 2023.
pick apples with your kids at these new Jersey farms

Camden County NJ Apple Orchards

  • None that we are aware of

Cumberland County NJ Apple Orchards

  • None that we are aware of

Gloucester County NJ Apple Orchards

Duffield’s Farm is located at 280 Chapel Heights Rd in Sewell. (856) 589-7090

  • Season: Their apple picking season starts September 5th.
  • Schedule: September 5th – September 15th they are open daily 12 pm – 5 pm. Starting September 16th they are open 10 am – 5:30 pm every Saturday.
  • Cost: The price of hayrides are $7.99 per person. The cost of a small bag of apples plus a hayride is $20.99 and a large bag of apples plus a hayride is $35.99.

Hill Creek Farms is located at 1631 NJ-45 in Mullica Hill. (856) 223-0028

  • Season: Hill Creek Farms will be opening for the Season on September 15, 2023.
  • Schedule: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 8 am – 5:30 pm.
  • Cost: Admission for Saturday and Sunday is $12.50 per vehicle when paid online and $17.50 per vehicle when paid in person. There is no admission costs on Fridays.

Heritage Vineyards is located at 480 Mullica Hill Rd in Mullica Hill. (856) 589-4474

  • Season: Heritage Vineyards opens for apple picking August 14.
  • Schedule: Every day 10 AM – 4 PM
  • Cost: Apples are $1.99/pound

Mood’s Farm Market is located at 901 Bridgeton Pike in Mullica Hill. (856) 478-2500

  • Season: Apples will be available during mid August 2023 until November 2023.
  • Schedule: 8 am – 5 pm Monday-Saturday. They are closed on Sundays.
  • Cost: There is no information available for pricing for the 2023 season.

Ocean County NJ Apple Orchards

  • None that we are aware of

Salem County NJ Apple Orchards

  • None that we are aware of

Do you love apple picking in New Jersey? Did we include your favorite NJ apple orchard? Let us know in the comments below.

With so many NJ farms nearby to choose from, your family is bound to pick apples that will last months!

Guide to NJ farms with apple picking orchards

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Friday 21st of September 2018

We also picked apples at Russo's in Tabernacle. We had a great experience there

Melanie C.

Monday 24th of September 2018

Great find Jenny, we've added Russo's to our apple picking and corn maze listings!

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