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Go Up Anthony’s Nose Hike with Kids

Have you ever hiked up Anthony’s Nose with kids?

With a name like that, you know the hike is going to be good. The Anthony’s Nose hike checked all the boxes: 1) clever name, 2) within a one hour drive, 3) beautiful views. As we started driving, we came up with all sorts of stories about Anthony and his nose. I’ll refer you to Wikipedia for the actual story, but the kids decided that poor Anthony lost his nose on the mountain and as he chased it, the wind carried it across the Hudson River to Bear Mountain where a bear ate it. Poor Anthony. I digress.


About the Anthony’s Nose trails for hiking

Anthony’s Nose is a peak along the Hudson River that is located in Cortlandt Manor, New York. There are a few trails to reach the Summit. One trailhead can be reached by parking along either side of 9D right after the Bear Mountain Bridge (if crossing the bridge from New Jersey). It can get quite crowded on the weekends, so exercise caution while unloading the family and walking along 9D to the trailhead. This Anthony’s Nose trail is about 2.6 miles in total (up-and-back) and ascends nearly 800 feet. The trail begins as a rocky and steep uphill and follows the white blazes of the Appalachian Trail. Most of the elevation gain takes place in this initial stretch.


After the rocky stairs, the white trail intersects the blue trail, on which you’ll make a right. Follow this much less strenuous trail until you reach Anthony’s Nose, which you can’t miss thanks to the flagpole designating the location. We actually decided to try an alternative route which promised (and delivered) even more views.


Hike Up Anthony's Nose in NY -



Where can I park to hike Anthony’s Nose trail in New York?

If driving from New Jersey, cross the Bear Mountain Bridge and veer right to stay on Route 6 (also known as Route 202). After about 1 mile, you will see a small parking lot on your left. If luck is on your side, you will get a parking spot. We did not manage to snag a spot so we parked on the street and walked cautiously to the trailhead. Now the adventure can begin on the approximately 2.6 mile journey (up-and-back) and nearly 900-foot ascent.


Is it possible to hike Anthony’s Nose with kids?

My 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son love hiking. The rockier and steeper, the better! I’m mostly in it for the views! Where are the moving escalators on the sides of mountains? It sounds like a brilliant business model. Regardless, we begin to follow the blue markers, jumping over rocks, and hiking uphill. If hiking Anthony’s Nose, it is very important that you follow the warning signs to stay on the trail as the area near this trail is used as a military firing range. Staying firmly on the trail, we emerged to our first view relatively early on and the view did not disappoint. We stopped here for our first of many snacks of the day. As this trail is quite rocky and steep, don’t forget to stop for the occasional water break and always hike with extra water.


Anthony’s Nose is a peak along the Hudson River that is located in Cortlandt Manor, New York


Don’t get confused on Anthony’s Nose hike

The hike eventually emerges onto a large rock face with limited views.  This is not Anthony’s Nose. It’s not even his chin. Do not turn around and assume that you’ve succeeded. Heed my warning, because we nearly made the mistake of thinking this must be it and feeling slightly disappointed.


Fortunately, I have no problem asking people for directions, so I asked some passing hikers, who giggled like I said something extremely hilarious and pointed us onward, saying, “Don’t stop until you reach the flagpole.”  


The trail continues down a rather short but steep, rocky section and then leads to more confusion.


Do not follow the blue trail any further, for if you do, you will end up bypassing Anthony’s Nose and heading down the mountain, onto the Appalachian Trail, and to the wrong parking lot (you have been warned). Instead, follow the dirt path over the small hill and finally….to the flagpole! That can only mean one thing: time for more snacks, and, oh yeah, we finally reached Anthony’s Nose.


The summit of the Anthony’s Nose trail offers spectacular views of Bear Mountain and the Hudson River, as well as a great place to sit, relax, and enjoy a picnic.


Anthony's Nose Hiking Trail in New York


When you are done taking in the view, retrace your steps up the rocky section, to the flat rock (which we now know is not the nose) and continue to follow the blue markers back down to your car. We remembered to thank Anthony for sharing his nose with us so that we could experience some of the greatest views of the Hudson River.


The peak of Anthony's Nose Hiking Trail in New York


Where to eat near Anthony’s Nose in New York

After our hiking adventures, we like to explore fun and unique local eating places. This time we picked Round Up Texas BBQ in Cold Spring, New York. It’s only 15 minutes from Anthony’s Nose, on Route 9, but if you blink as you drive by, you might miss it (we did). It was a perfect location for us after our hike. The barbeque was amazing – and we should know, as we tasted nearly all the meats on the menu. We sat at picnic tables outside and enjoyed the tender and juicy meat, while a bluegrass band serenaded us with tunes. This is my idea of perfection!


Where to eat near Anthony's Nose Hiking Trail in New York


After a messy and delicious meal, we piled back into the car and drove into town. Cold Spring has a charming downtown and I recommend browsing the stores on Main Street before ending up at the waterfront park, which has amazing panoramic views of the Hudson River. Along the waterfront is an absolutely delicious ice cream parlor called Moo Moo’s Creamery. Given that this trip report makes it look like we spent the entire day in search of or eating food, I’ll leave it to the reader to decide if we ate there.


As soon as weather permits, I recommend a trip to the Hudson Valley area. Although it is steep and rocky, the views from the Anthony’s Nose trail are worth it. If you remember one thing from this article, let it be that you reach Anthony’s Nose at the sight of the flagpole! After a successful hike, go enjoy the many delicious restaurants and collection of unique stores in the quaint towns that dot the Hudson River! You’ll probably find me eating barbecue and following it up with a double scoop of ice cream.


View from Anthony's Nose Hiking Trail in New York


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