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10 Grand Things to Do for Grandparents Day

It’s time to put the grand back in Grandparents Day.


Many families in the United States observe National Grandparents Day, the first Sunday in September after Labor Day. Does yours? Whether you remember every year or have never celebrated before be sure to do so this year on Sunday, September 8.


If you were lucky enough to have a grandparent growing up, you know the special bond that develops. Grandparents are valuable and irreplaceable.

Looking for ways to celebrate the love and influence of grandparents with your child?


10 Grand Things to Do for Grandparents' Day FB


10 Grand Things to Do for Grandparents Day

  • Story time! For the youngest (and honestly even the oldest) child, cuddling up with grandma or grandpa while they tell you a story is so comforting. Check out our list of Great Children’s Books about Grandparents, found here.    The Best Children's Books About GrandparentsThen, create your very own what grandma/grandpa does best book with your child.


  • Create a floral hand and footprint dish towel. Dip your child’s tiny toes into green washable paint and create the leaves of the flower, then dip their hands into a bright color of paint and use their handprint for the flower petals. Be sure to date the towel as grandma will treasure it for years to come.



  • Make an “I Love You to Pieces” picture frame. You can purchase blank puzzle pieces at your local craft store or recycle old pieces you find around the house. Paint the pieces in a variety of colors and write the words “I Love You to Pieces” on each. Glue the pieces around the frame and be sure to put a photo of your child with their grandparents inside. You can purchase a frame at the dollar store or create one out of popsicle sticks or foam.


  • Rewrite a recipe. Who doesn’t love grandma’s cooking? Grab some recipe cards and have your child write down the steps to one of grandma’s (or grandpa’s!) infamous recipes. Allow them to write in their own words step-by-step how grandma creates her delicious meal. It’s sure to give grandma a good laugh as she sees how her grandchild views her cooking techniques.



  • Order a DIY grandparent-themed crafts from Oriental Trading Company. What grandparent wouldn’t love a handmade Grandparents Day gift? My favorite was the You are My Sunshine Sign Craft Kit. It’s so easy to make. Just peel and stick. No glue required. What a great way to show the grandparents how happy they make your child.


You are My Sunshine Sign Craft Kit


  • Invite them for an interview! Have younger children come up with 5 questions they want to know about their grandparents’ childhood, and older children would be able to ask about their later years as well. Make sure to audio or video record it and for fun have your child dress profesionally and use a microphone! Bonus that this can be done in person or via phone or Skype/Facetime.


  • Have a photo shoot! Ask grandma or grandpa to share one of their favorite old photos and recreate it with the grandchildren now in the frame with them. Do a dress-alike photo shoot, or simply take photos of the grandparent/grandchild bond. We take pictures all the time but taking mindful photos will be so appreciated in the future.


  • Take a day trip! Maybe you spent all summer doing fun day trips to farms, playgrounds, the beach or amusement parks? Well just because school has started doesn’t mean the activities have to stop and what a fun way to see these places through the eyes of a different generation. Take grandma to splash in the waves, or have grandpa help you pick apples or pumpkins. Maybe they’ll even have a contest to see who can swing higher at your local playground? Having them along for a special day or even just the every day will make memories you’ll never want to forget.


  • Adopt a grandparent. The lack of a living grandparent or a grandparent nearby shouldn’t mean your children have no experiences with the older generations. Visit a local assisted living facility with small treats or happy cards for the residents. Ask at a senior center if there’s a way older children can get involved in their weekly activities. There’s so much to learn from the grandparent generation on Grandparents Day and every day!


For more ideas visit Generations United here  and be sure to share your ideas as well.

Happy Grandparents Day!


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