Plan a Day of Fun in Somers Point with Kids

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Have you ever wondered if there’s something fun to do in Somers Point with kids?


Well wonder no longer. You have probably passed through Somers Point on your way to your beach vacation in South Jersey. But I hope after reading our Somers Point itinerary packed with ideas kids and grown up will love that you’ll consider extending your visit to include time in Somers Point.


If you would have told me Somers Point is a town rich in its history, in America’s history, I’m not sure if I would have believed you. But after spending some time with Somers Point EDAC Chair, Greg Sykora, and learning about Captain Richard Somers, how the Navy got its start in Somers Point, and how women were very much a part of that…. my mind was blown. It was fascinating. Here are some of those takeaways that you and your kids can appreciate.

  • Captain Richard Somers became a captain in the Navy when he was still a kid himself. (Starting at age 10, Somers learned how to sail and navigate small boats carrying produce and fish to and from farms around Mays Landing and the docks of Somers Point. By 17, he was commanding ships from Somers Point to Philly.) He died in battle at age 26 years old.


  • When John Adams started the Navy, there had never been a fleet of battleships or men trained to captain them before. Children like, Richard Somers grew up working mercantile ships in Somers Point. Those ships later became the first Naval fleet.


Statue bust or master Commandant richard somers in Somers Point


  • Somers Point, New Jersey, is named after Richard’s great-grandfather. Every year there is a Richard Somers Day celebration in Somers Point. This year’s event is Sunday, September 8 at 2 pm. Learn more about the event here.
  • Richard Somers and best friend and captain Stephen Decatur had friendship rings to symbolize the strength of their friendship.
  • In an effort to keep the British away, the women of Somers Point created a sand fort on the beach. Scarecrows dressed in mens’ clothing and cannons with cannon balls were located at the fort to scare off approaching British forces.


View of water at Somers Point Kennedy Park



Great things to do in Somers Point with kids during the morning

  • Make it a beach morning with Somers Point Municipal Beach. This has always been one of our favorite beaches in South Jersey. Despite our blogging about it in the past, it’s like a little secret that not that many people have discovered. No beach tags required!
    • Somers Point Muncipal Beach is located between Higbee and New Jersey Avenue on Bay Avenue in Somers Point. 


Somers Point Muncipal Beach is a kid friendly beach with swimming in the bay.




  • Go crabbing! While we haven’t experienced this boat tour, Fun Time Crabbing certainly sounds like the way to go if you want to give your kids their first experience crabbing. Fun Time Crabbing trips are geared towards the age, experience and abilities of its guests. Crabbing takes place in the calm inshore bay areas and creeks. Everything seems to be included in their crabbing boat tour fee. Boat trips usually set sail at 8:00 am, 11:15 am, and 2:30 pm. Call (609) 736-3109 for more information. 


young girl with crab


Afternoon activities to do in Somers Point with Kids

Pack a lunch to have a picnic at either the Somers Point beach or any of the locations below. Somers Point is bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly. You don’t need to go to far to find a bench or a spot in the shade to have lunch and then get back to having fun in Somers Point with kids.

  • Play in the beautiful John F. Kennedy Park in Somers Point
    • Located at 24 Broadway in Somers Point. It’s tucked away behind trees and within a neighborhood. If you’re just driving through town you can easily miss it. Broadway is the street off of the circle-like area in Somers Point. The Crab Trap will be on your left and other shops will be on your right.


view of the water from the JFK Park in Somers Point


    • Kennedy Park has multiple playground structures, open fields for play, a picnic table and more.
    • Learn more in our John F. Kennedy Park Guide.


Visit the playground at John F. Kennedy Park in somers point with kids


  • Walk, jog, or bike the Somers Point Bike Path
    • The Somers Point Bike Path is part of a longer trail of 6.5 miles that extends from Somers Point through Linwood into Northfield and ends in Pleasantville. In Somers Point it starts at the Somers Point City Hall at 1 West New Jersey Avenue. Along the way the trail might be called different things, but one thing is for sure. This trail is definitely kid-friendly. The paths are wide enough for parents with a stroller to share it with bikers and joggers.


Boy biking the Somers Point Linwood Bike Path


    • There are benches, gazebos, and pavilions along the way for those who need a break. 


One of the many shaded areas to sit along the Somers Point Bike Path


    • The path also provides ample shade with large trees that arch over the path at points. Moms and dads can also go off the path at points to find nearby eateries or ice cream shops.


trees on somers point linwood bike path


    • There are points along the Somers Point Bike Path with parking. So drive up, leave the car, and enjoy a bike ride or nice walk. 


Bikers in front of Somers Mansion in Somers Point


More things to do in Somers Point

Your fun in Somers Point with kids doesn’t have to stop with just the family activities we listed above. There’s more to explore in Somers Point.

  • If your kids love history, Somers Point has many historical sites to see.
    • Somers Mansion
      • The Somers Mansion was built between 1720 and 1726 by Richard Somers, and is the oldest existing house in Atlantic County, New Jersey. The Mansion contains many objects of local historical interest, including a collection of textiles with local quilts and woven coverlets as well as many early samplers. The Mansion is furnished as it might have been during the Somers’ era, with some pieces even used by the Somers family in the Eighteenth Century. The Mansion remained in the Somers Family until 1937 when it was deeded to The Atlantic County Historical Society. In 1941, it was transferred to the State of New Jersey and is a State Historic Site.


Somers Mansion in Somers Point


    • Somers Point Historical Society
      • Somers Point Historical Society Museum was created to actively collect and preserve pictures, artifacts, memorabilia and records of Somers Point, past and present.
      • Learn more at their website,


    • Atlantic County Historical Society 
      • From the Atlantic County Historical Society Museum’s website

        There are over 20,000 items in the museum’s collections. These range in size from a Continental dollar to an 1870 bed. The majority of items are classified as “historical artifacts” rather than antiques. These artifacts can be attributed by name, place, and date to the persons who made them, used them, or enjoyed owning them.

        Museum exhibits will appeal to every member of the family! Featured are major collections in the household, useful, decorative, and fine arts. Maritime enthusiasts will enjoy an extensive display of shipbuilding tools, models, and marine artifacts representing one of the major 19th century industries in Atlantic County and the region. Fans of the Victorian era will appreciate our clothing and textile collections. And children will light up when they see our display of toys and dolls.

      • Allow at least one hour to tour the Atlantic County Historical Society Museum at a leisurely pace.
      • Learn more at their website,


    • Somers Point is home to many historical monuments
      • At the Richard Somers Memorial Building is a monument that features anchors.
      • The Somers Point Municipal Beach has a monument that pays tribute to the sand fort constructed there and those involved with it.
      • At Richard Somers Memorial Park, located at the old city hall, there is a monument that honors Master Commandant Richard Somers.
      • The old city hall’s walls have been painted with beautiful murals that tell the story of one of Captain Somers’ battles.


Somers Point old city hall with murals


  • Walk the Somers Point/Ocean City Bridge. – I can’t even tell you how many times I have driven across the Ocean City Bridge thinking I really need to get out and walk across it. While I didn’t walk the full length yet, I did get out and explore a few spots. AND I am now convinced, I need to grab the boys one day after school and head over to walk across with them. It really is more than just a bridge.
    • The pedestrian and bike path start at Shore Road in Somers Point and end at 9th Street and Haven Avenue in Ocean City.
    • It’s 2.5 miles each way.
    • The path is wide enough for bikes, pedestrians with/without strollers, joggers, and wheelchairs to travel it together safely. Railings and concrete act as a barrier between the roadway and path.
    • There are access points off of the roadway for parking, fishing, and other trails.
    • Bonus across from the Ocean City Welcome Center is a protected area where visitors can see egrets and other wildlife. Look closely because some do camouflage well within the trees.


Egret in the trees across from the Ocean City Visitors Center on the Ocean City Bridge



Richard Somers Memorial Building anchor monument in Somers Point


Reader recommended places to eat in Somers Point with Kids

  • Coming soon


Other things to do near Somers Point


Lucy the Elephant WIDE shot



boys with daddy at Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City

Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City


Coming soon to Somers Point

There are a lot of exciting things coming to Somers Point. While I can’t share all the details I am happy to share what I can.

  • Water taxis – Similiar to how Uber works to help families get around by land, Somers Point is looking at a plan to use water taxis to help visitors get from Somers Point to Ocean City by boat. Stay tuned for details.


riding bikes in Somers Point on bike path


  • More development of the Somers Point Bike Path
    • The City of Somers Point has been awarded a $130,000 grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) to expand the Somers Point bike path. New bike lanes will provide a connection between Route 9 and the new Garden State Parkway Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge that will provide access to Cape May County and the Somers Point-Pleasantville Bike Path, as well as the NJ Route 52 Causeway to the east that provides bike access to Ocean City. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2020, with completion in summer 2020.


teen on bike wearing helmet


What else would you add to our list of things to do in Somers Point with kids?

Comment below and let us know your thoughts.


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