Magnolia Train Station Museum

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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.


Magnolia Train Station Tour


Magnolia Train Station Museum

There is a small train station in Magnolia, New Jersey.  The train station was erected hundreds of years ago but was unfortunately knocked down and now a replica stands in its place.


Inside the train station you will find many different pictures of what Magnolia and the train station looked like over a hundred years ago. The historical society is still looking for more pictures if anyone has them in their home to provide to the train station. The oldest picture of the train station dates back to 1882 and is hanging up at the train station.


There are many antique trains and miniature replicas of the train station in glass all around the now train station museum, a registered historical site maintained by the Historical Society of Magnolia. They are only funded by the general donations of individuals that come and see the train station. Though it’s called a train museum it’s more a replica of the original train station.


During the spring months the Magnolia train station hosts flea markets which includes food and an area designated for sitting and eating. From early April to early June, cherry blossoms line the walking area and train tracks, children can take a walk up and down over two blocks of the train station walkway. In¬†December, the Magnolia Train Station hosts an event where Santa comes, everything is free including pictures with Santa. They will take the pictures for you and upload them on their site! Remember to take a look back at Jersey Family Fun’s calendar to locate any upcoming children’s events like the Santa pictures coming in December.


Replica Train Station

Replica Train Station


My children’s favorite thing about the Magnolia Train Station Museum was the time capsule in the middle of the train station court yard. The time capsule was made in 2001, it was made after they opened the previous time capsule. This time capsule is set to open in 2026, 25-years later. My children all speculated what was inside the time capsule. Seeing the time capsule made the girls and my Girl Scouts decided that they would like to make their own time capsule. Have you ever made a time capsule? What are some things that you would include in your time capsule that are important to represent kids of today?


We also had the pleasure of a special Skype call to England to speak to another train station and find out how they operate. We got to see pictures of what train stations and trains look like in England and how they compare to our very own Magnolia Train Station. Looking at the pictures on the poster board we were able to also see what life is like in England. There are many similarities of life in England, for example they have a McDonald’s just like us!


One of the Girl Scouts Troop went to check out the Train Station Museum

One of the Girl Scouts Troop went to check out the Train Station Museum


What the Magnolia Train Station has to offer?

  • Replica miniature train sets
  • Antique artifacts from the 1700’s & 1800’s
  • Antique pictures
  • Walking path
  • Cherry blossoms during early spring
  • Memorial park benches
  • Time capsule
  • Christmas celebrations with Santa in December


Magnolia Train Station Museum Address

Magnolia Train Station Museum is by appointment ONLY, please call to make a reservation for them to open up the museum:

215 West Atlantic Avenue

Magnolia, NJ 08049


In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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