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Atlantic City Aquarium ~ A Favorite Spot to Spend the Day in Atlantic City

This is not a sponsored post.


Atlantic City Aquarium

AC AquariumOne of my favorite spots to spend the day in Atlantic City is not in a casino, in fact you can only see casinos from across the bay when you spend the day in beautiful Gardner’s Basin. My favorite part of Gardner’s Basin is the Atlantic City Aquarium which serves as the entry way. Gardner’s Basin has many small shops and restaurants along the bay and is a great place to walk around shop and dine. There is also plenty of room for kids to run around and explore outside the Atlantic City Aquarium.


What to Know Before You Go to the Atlantic City Aquarium:

  • 3 Floors to Explore
  • Handicap accessible
  • Elevators and Stairs
  • Restrooms on Each Floors
  • Room on Second Floor For Birthday Parties
  • Kids Under 3 Free
  • No dining areas

The Atlantic City Aquarium is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon in Atlantic City. The aquarium offer 3 floors to explore and is just the right size for little kids to explore. The aquarium offers lots of touch tanks so that kids can get an up-close experience with a variety of sea creatures.


Atlantic City Aquarium’s First Floor

The first floor features a large tank where you can view a wide variety of marine life. There is also a salt marsh area with turtles and a horseshoe crab touch tank. There are several other smaller tanks, two which feature clown fishes, on every visit we check out these tanks and my son tries to “find Nemo”.


Lizards at Atlantic City AquariumAtlantic City Aquarium’s Second Floor

The second floor has a sting ray touch tank and an area with lizards, snakes and frogs.


Atlantic City Aquarium’s Third Floor

The third floor has a widow’s walk which offers spectacular views of the harbor, Gardner’s Basin, and of course the casinos. My son loves seeing the harbor from high up and pointing out the boats. Viewing the casino’s from afar gives such a nice perspective of the city and reminds me that there is so much more to Atlantic City than just gambling.


Horseshoe CrabWhat to Expect at The Atlantic City Aquarium:

  • Sting Ray Touch Tanks
  • Shark Touch Tanks
  • Large Main Tanks
  • Daily Shows
  • Horseshoe Crab Touch Tanks
  • Sting Ray Feeding Show
  • Exotic Animal Show
  • Live Diver Feeding Show
  • Live Coral Tanks
  • Eel Exhibits
  • Clownfish and Anemone Tank
  • Piranha Tank
  • Diamond Back Terrapin Turtle Tank


The Atlantic City Aquarium offers daily shows where kids have another opportunity to get up close with animals. When we visited we got to see a tortoise walk around the room. The tortoise was about the size of a small dog and was about 80 years old which was young for a tortoise. I love that the aquarium provides a fun, interactive learning experience for kids. My son loves that he can see some of his favorite animals and even get to touch a few of them. We visited the aquarium with friends a few weeks ago and all the kids (and even the parents) enjoyed the touch tanks.


After our visit to the Atlantic City Aquarium we visited the Back Bay Ale House for lunch which offers a great kids menu. There are also food trucks and tables nearby.


Atlantic City Aquarium Hours

The Atlantic City Aquarium is open daily from 10 am – 5 pm.


Atlantic City Aquarium Admission Rates

  • Kids 3 and under are free
  • Adult admission is $8
  • Kids 4-12 are $5
  • Seniors age 62 and up are $6.


In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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