Zoe’s First Visit to Sesame Place

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From the moment we pulled into the entrance to Sesame Place Zoe’s excitement was visible. She repeated Em, Em, Em–that’s what she calls Elmo. Where to go first? Unfortunately, lunch with Elmo was booked, but no worries. We arrived at 10:30, perfect time, not too crowded. We walked around for a bit, checking out Sesame Place. There is a replica of Sesame Street, including Hooper’s Store! Across from Hooper’s was Abby Cadabby and Cookie Monster taking pictures with guests. They left for a break before Zoe got to the front, but would be back shortly so we headed over to a showing of Elmo’s World.



Elmo’s World at Sesame Place provides bleacher seating and it’s a first come, first serve basis for good seating.  The stage was set up just like Elmo’s room, complete with Dorothy, the goldfish!  Prior to the show beginning, the host asked for volunteers, children, ages 4-8, to dance.  They were brought to the front row and given special vests.  Once the music started Zoe recognized it immediately–she was so excited!  Elmo came down the stairs at the top of the bleachers.  The show lasted about 30 minutes and had a subject just like on Sesame Street.  This one was about dancing.  Of course, Elmo’s world is not complete without Mr. Noodle, or in this case, Mr. Noodle’s nephew, Mr. Noodle.  The kids that had volunteered earlier were invited to dance with Elmo and Mr. Noodle and they really had a blast.  The kids that weren’t chosen were up and dancing in their seats.  It was so much fun just watching the kids!  I actually was teary eyed from watching my daughter have so much fun.


See our Elmo’s World video below:

After the show we went to lunch at one of the cafeteria style eateries.  Zoe’s lunch was presented on an Elmo plate, which we got to take home and an Elmo cup.  We headed to a swing ride and by this time the park was becoming more crowded. As luck would have it we passed the area where Murray and Elmo were taking pictures–two of Zoe’s favorite characters!  The staff members working with the characters were very gracious and friendly with the kids.  They even took pictures of us with our camera!  Now, Zoe won’t even go near strangers (not a bad thing), but she gladly posed with Murray and Elmo, though wasn’t ready to move in for a hug!



By this time it was early afternoon, and hot so we headed back to Elmo’s World.  A nice theater to cool off in and Zoe loved the show the second time as much as the first!  Zoe was exhausted by this time, so unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to explore the Sesame Place Water Park, which was packed but has an area of lounge chairs for guests to rest, nor were we able to see the parade.  But Zoe thoroughly enjoyed her time there, seeing her favorite friends live and exploring some of the rides.  There are various activities for toddlers to play.  There is also an area for face painting and some games.  It was a great family day, and it was a pretty convenient drive too!  We will definitely take her back–gotta try those water rides!


In full disclosure this post was sponsored by Sesame Place, who provided Jersey Family Fun with tickets to Sesame Place to attend one of their Blogger Playdates. However, our opinions are our own and based on our experiences at Sesame Place.

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