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It’s 5:30 pm, you’ve just gotten home from work and your teenager hasn’t finished his homework. He was stuck on a problem and had no one to help him. While you love the afterschool program, that you trust your children with every day,  sometimes the teachers just don’t know the classwork your child is doing in class. Now you’ve got 30 minutes to feed the kids dinner and finish homework before it’s time for sports practice.


Has this happened to you?


Maybe you’ve experienced this before. Or maybe, like me, you have several children who all need homework help at the same time. Most days I pick up my three boys from school. It’s straight home for the homework routine. Homework needs to be done before dinner. Dinner needs to be finished before sports. After sports, it’s showers before getting them off to bed. It doesn’t always leave me the time I’d like to be able to give individual homework help to each of my three sons.


Are you and your kids struggling with homework time?


Whether it’s lack of time or understanding of chemistry, physics, or math, I think we all struggle with helping our kids with their homework from time to time. But I’ve found a solution. Thanks to being hired by Yup, a tutoring app, and getting familiar with it, I’ve learned that homework help is just a text away.


Homework Help is Just a Text Away with yup app


YES! Homework help is just a text away!


What is the Yup app?

The Yup app is a tutoring app that provides children with instant homework help. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, your child can use the Yup app to message with expert math, physics, and chemistry tutors to work with your children to solve homework problems.


Yup tutoring app for homework help


Yup’s team is passionate about taking the anxiety out of homework and getting students excited to learn. Their tutoring approach emphasizes collaborative learning so the students quickly reach the correct answers while also learning and retaining higher-level concepts.


How does the Yup app work?

You can download the Yup app at any time and set up your account. I recommend installing the Yup app before your child needs it. This way your child can access the app anywhere he/she does his homework so long as they have their smartphone. I would encourage you to use the name of your child that will be using the app rather than your own name. It’s important to install the app to the smartphone where it will be used. Each account can only be associated with one mobile number or Facebook account.


Yup tutoring app for homework help


When you start your account you can preselect the subject your child may need help with: Math (All common core math standards and AP Calculus AB), Physics (up to AP Physics I and II level), Chemistry (up to AP Chemistry). Then select the grade level. The Yup app can work with students of all grade levels including college. Then, select whether to pay by the hour or for an unlimited package. Keep reading for a code to get 30 minutes of free tutoring. Before using the app for homework help, you’ll need to grant the app access to work with the camera on the smartphone.


Yup tutoring app for homework help


Using the Yup app for homework help

My son has used Yup a few times now to help with some of his more difficult algebra problems. Here are the steps he goes through.

  1. My son starts by opening the Yup app on his smartphone.
  2. Within the app, he takes a picture of the homework problem he needs help with. Most recently it was an algebraic equation with a variable as part of a fraction that he needed help with.
  3. Then he requests the type of tutor he needs. In his case it’s just math. At 7th grade, he hasn’t started chemistry or physics. That’s next year.
  4. Within moments a tutor responds. The conversation starts with the tutor, a real person, messaging him through the app. The tutor asks him questions to gauge his understanding of the subject and to find out what is making that problem difficult for him.
  5. Then the tutor presented him with an example of a problem that was simpler to solve than the one my son was struggling with. The tutor sent an image of the problem through the app. My son explained through in app text messages how he would solve that problem.

    Yup tutoring app for homework help

    Working through the example the Yup app tutor sent my son.

  6. The tutor and my son then used that to work through the problem my son was having. Step by step the math tutor and my son messaged back and forth to get through the problem to the final solution. The tutor offers suggestions for how to solve the problem without actually solving the problem.
  7. When the problem was solved the tutor messaged my son a gold star. They closed out the session and my son was able to rank how the session went and leave notes for the tutor.


Yup tutoring app for homework help


I love that my son can get tutoring help like this. It’s very convenient that it’s tutoring help he can get when he needs it and it doesn’t require going anywhere to meet with a tutor. Nor do we have to have a stranger come into our home. Afterschool care, along the sidelines of his brother’s soccer practice, at the kitchen table he can get quick homework help from a tutor just by using the Yup app.


Yup tutoring app for homework help


Would you like 30 minutes of FREE tutoring with Yup?

Download the Yup app to your smartphone. When you first open the app, it will ask you to enter any codes. Enter LEARNINGS. Then, proceed in setting up your account. You will not need to enter any credit card or payment information until your free 30 minutes expires.


Next time your child needs homework help, turn to the Yup app.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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