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The Yummiest Gluten Free Foods for Kids

NO KID should ever have to feel like there’s nothing yummy for them to eat at a family holiday meal. NO KID should ever have to feel that the yummy foods are off limits to them because they aren’t gluten-free. As you plan for your upcoming Thanksgiving day dinner and other holiday meals, or for visitors with gluten-free diets, do so with this guide to the yummiest gluten-free foods for kids in mind.

It’s my hope that as families plan for holiday meals that they will remember their guests with gluten allergies and will use this gift guide to make sure those guests have safe options they can eat. No one should have to feel like there’s nothing yummy for them to eat when they come together for a family meal. Let’s make sure kids remember the joy of being with family and not the disappointment of not having safe options for them.

mom feeds son a yummy gluten free meal.

The Yummiest Gluten Free Foods for Kids

How did we determine the yummiest gluten-free foods for kids?

During the middle to end of September, Jersey Family Fun was sent over 50 gluten-free foods to taste test. Some were sent specifically for the purpose of this competition for the yummiest gluten-free foods. Others were sent as a result of my involvement as a blogger/influencer for the Nourished Festival.

Brands that wanted to participate in the competition were required to send at least 5 samples of each product they wanted tested. The response was overwhelming (in a good way) and we were all thankful to have so many new gluten-free foods to try.

The products with the highest scores, but at least a 4 or higher, were determined to be the yummiest gluten-free foods.

girl cooking in the kitchen to test gluten-free foods for kids.


One sample of each product was given to each judge to taste test. Each of our judges were given a card to rate each gluten-free product. Each of them tried out the product in their own homes so that they could submit an objective review of that food item that was not swayed by others

  • 5 – So yummy. I love it. I want more.
  • 4 – I like it.
  • 3 – It’s okay.
  • 2 – I didn’t like it.
  • 1 – Yuck.

Each judging card also had room to leave a comment. For those items that scored well we are including some of our judges’ specific comments.

We calculated an average score for each product based on the individual scores. For those products that had a 4.5 or higher OR had at least 3 out of the 5 judges giving them a 5 we considered them as being yummy. Then the highest scores were considered the best.

For all the brands participating we are sharing our judges’ feedback with them. In the hopes that if they scored well, they’ll keep up the great work. And if they didn’t score well they’ll have specific feedback on how to make their gluten-free foods yummier for kids.

Jersey Family Fun Gluten Free Taste Test Judging Card
Our judging card

About our judges

We had 5 judges. I was the one adult judge. The rest was a nice mix of boys and girls, kids and teens, from 10 years old to 17 years old. All of the judges are on a gluten-free diet.

Yummiest Versus Honorable Mentions

As mentioned, there were some gluten-free products I received to review as a result of my work with the Nourished Festival. If I found those foods to be yummy, I awarded them with an honorable mention. I wanted you to know how awesome they were but also didn’t want to give the impression all of our judges had reviewed them.

I expect that my honorable mentions list will grow as I become aware of more yummy gluten-free foods.

We also had some categories of gluten-free foods for which we didn’t receive any samples or the samples we received scored very poorly. In those cases I reached out to our judges and my friends with kids who follow a gluten-free diet for their recommendations so that we could provide you with gluten-free options for your kids in every area. We want this guide to be a phenomenal resource for families looking for yummy gluten-free foods for kids.

boy in kitchen making gluten free cake

Shopping for Gluten Free Foods

Shopping for gluten-free foods can be difficult. We will try to include links to each brand mentioned below so that you can not only learn more about them but you can see where to purchase those gluten-free foods. Additionally, when possible we have included affiliate links so that you can easily buy these gluten-free foods online. We participate in affiliate programs to earn a commission that then goes back into maintaining this site and creating great content like this.

Now let’s get onto the results for the yummiest gluten-free foods for kids.

pinterest image. Girl taste tests gluten free foods in front of camera

The Results for the Yummiest Gluten Free Foods for Kids

Best Tasting Gluten Free Breakfast Meals for Kids

Here are some of the gluten-free breakfast options for kids that we considered for this category.

Of the gluten-free breakfast foods we tasted only one came out with a score of 4 or higher.

Soulfull Project Hot Cereal – Brown Sugar Pecan

The Soulfull Project is more than just yummy gluten-free instant oatmeal. For every serving purchased they donate a serving of their 4 Grain Blend to a food bank in the same region.

With the Brown Sugar Pecan flavor, the Soulfull Project oatmeal is carefully blended ingredients bringing you the goodness of oats, quinoa, nuts, dried fruits, and seeds with a touch of brown sugar taking your everyday oatmeal experience to a whole new level. With instant oatmeal cups this is one yummy gluten-free breakfast kids can eat on the go. Head on over to Amazon or click on the image below to learn more or place an order.

Honorable Mentions for gluten-free breakfast options

Here are some more gluten-free breakfast foods for kids that I felt were worthy of including. As I shared earlier, samples of these foods were sent to me as part of the Nourished Festival, but I did not receive enough samples for each of our testers to taste test. I taste-tested each of these gluten-free breakfast items and felt they were yummy enough to award an honorable mention award to.

Josie's Best Gluten Free pancakes being eaten by a child
Photo Credit Josie’s Best Gluten Free Mixes

Josie’s Best gluten-free waffle mix

Perfectly golden, perfectly smooth, yet with just the right crunchiness you want with a waffle. I feel pretty confident saying this is my new go-to, favorite mix for gluten-free waffles. They were so easy to make and took just minutes in my waffle maker. They are available on Amazon in single packs or a 3 pack. Get the 3 pack. =) You can also purchase through the Nourished Festival website and save for the next few months!! Twenty percent, 20% off mixes with code: NourishedFestival20 AND the variety pack is $5 off + free shipping with code: NourishedVariety.

Gluten free waffles made with Josie's Best Gluten Free Mixes drizzled with maple syrup
Photo credit Josie’s Best Gluten Free Mixes

Josie’s Best also makes a gluten-free pancake mix you have to try. It’s another delicious option for a gluten-free breakfast for kids. Get them on Amazon. They are considered an Amazon Prime item.

These are other yummy gluten-free breakfast foods recommended by our panel of judges.

girl cooks gluten-free meal for family

Best Tasting Gluten Free Meals for Kids – Lunch & Dinner

Here are some of the gluten-free lunch and dinner options for kids that we considered for this category.

  • Rastelli’s Chicken Drumsticks
  • Rastelli’s Pork Fajita Strips
  • Rastelli’s Steak Craft Burgers
  • Rastelli’s Wagyu Hot Dogs
  • Rastelli’s Wagyu Burgers
  • Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps

Rastelli’s Wagyu Hot Dogs

All of the proteins in Rastelli meat products are antibiotic, steroid and hormone free. More information about their sourcing can be found at their website, As far as the Rastelli’s gluten-free hot dogs they are made with domestic Wagyu beef sourced from a small family farm in Ohio, they’re the perfect way to grill or anyway you cook hot dogs.

Great flavor! Yummy hot dog!

AN, age 11

Shop for them at the Rastelli’s website.

Rastelli's Kids Gluten Free hot dogs
Photo Credit Rastelli’s

Rastelli’s Chicken Drumsticks

Rastelli’s USDA Certified Organic Chicken Drumsticks come from chickens sustainably and humanely raised without hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Marinate, season and simply grill or bake in the oven.

Juicy, yummy chicken! Tastes good!

AN, age 11

Shop for them at the Rastelli website on this page.

Rastelli's Kids Gluten Free chicken drumsticks
Photo credit Rastelli’s

Rastelli’s Steak Craft Burgers

Rastelli’s gluten-free burgers are made with nothing but 100-percent pure Antibiotic-Free Black Angus beef. The Steak Craft Burger is a thick, juicy steak cleverly housed in a burger’s body! Simply defrost, or leave frozen, then toss on the grill for the ultimate burger experience. It’s all the taste and quality of a fine steakhouse burger, in the comfort of your own home. As you can see our judges agree. Shop for them on the Rastelli website.

They were flavorful and juicy, just like a great burger should be.

PA, age 10
Rastelli's Kids Gluten Free hamburgers
Photo credit Rastelli’s

For gluten-free hamburger rolls, I personally recommend Udi’s gluten-free hamburger buns or Schar’s Ciabatta rolls.

Honorable Mentions for gluten-free meals for lunch or dinner

Here are some other gluten-free meal options for kids that I felt were worthy of including. I have either taste-tested each of these gluten-free meals and felt they were yummy enough to award an honorable mention award to or they came highly recommended by others.

Niman Ranch Pulled Pork with Barbecue Sauce

Niman Ranch’s pulled pork with smoky chipotle barbecue sauce starts with whole muscle. Chipotle pepper adds a little smokiness to a traditional Memphis-style barbecue sauce without taking away from the flavor. Each pack comes with a reusable microwavable container, making this easy to heat and serve atop a bun or nachos. It was delicious in quesadillas and tacos too. Order yours through Perdue Farms. Use our affiliate link and save 10% when you add our code FLAVOR10.

Niman Ranch Pulled Pork gluten free sandwich

Best gluten-free breads for sandwiches

While we didn’t receive any gluten-free breads to judge my personal favorite has been Schar’s Artisan White Bread. We are also seeking out other recommendations for this guide.

boy taste tests his father's gluten free cooking.

Best Tasting Gluten Free Side Dishes for Kids

We did not receive any gluten-free side dishes to taste test with our kids and teens. Instead, we are asking our judges to tell us their favorite gluten-free side dishes.

Delicious gluten-free macaroni & cheese brands

Annie’s gluten-free macaroni & cheese – Available on Amazon and in most grocery stores.

LiveGfree Gluten-Free Deluxe Rice Pasta & Cheese – It’s available on Amazon, but you can usually find it cheaper in Aldi’s stores.

Yummy gluten-free stuffing

Aleia’s Gluten Free Plain Stuffing

Remember too, rice and mashed potatoes can also be a great gluten-free side dish as most of the time they are gluten-free.

Best Gluten Free Snacks for Kids

Here are some of the gluten-free snacks for kids that we considered for this category.

Homefree Mini Cookies Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Homefree line of gluten-free mini cookies were pretty much a hit with all of us. Each of the varieties scored an average score of 4 or higher, but only the Chocolate Chip variety could beat the rest. You can learn more about Homefree cookies on their website. Their cookies are also available for purchase on Amazon.

These are a ‘smash’. Banging.

EN, age 17

Partake Gluten-Free Birthday Party Cookies

These cookies, these gluten-free cookies from Partake were addictive. I could not leave them alone. I started with TWO boxes of Partake gluten-free birthday party cookies and sadly I have no more. They were that yummy.

Created in 2016 by Founder and CEO Denise Woodard, when her young daughter was diagnosed with food allergies, Partake offers a selection of delicious, allergy-friendly snacks in healthy yet indulgent flavors. Gluten-free, Partake products are free of the top 8 allergens (wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, fish, and shellfish) and gluten.

The products are available at Whole Foods Market locations, Target/, Amazon, and from the Partake website.

They were crunchy and sweet with sprinkles/jimmies inside. They are very tasty.

AN, age 11

Homefree Mini Cookies Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our third yummiest gluten-free cookie was the Homefree Mini Cookie Double Chocolate Chip. You can learn more about Homefree cookies on their website. Their cookies are also available for purchase on Amazon.

Homefree Mini Cookies Gluten-Free Vanilla Cookies

Rounding out the top yummiest gluten-free cookies was the vanilla variety of the Homefree Mini Cookies. You can learn more about Homefree cookies on their website. Their cookies are also available for purchase on Amazon.

It was crunchy and good. The more you chew it, the more flavor is released. It’s mildly sweet similar to a vanilla wafer but with more crunch.

AN, age 11
Yummy gluten-free cookies from homefree mini cookies with 7 different varieties.
These gluten-free mini cookies from homefree are so yummy it’s hard to stop snacking on them.

Other yummy gluten-free snacks

We had some other gluten-free snacks that our kids found to be yummy. They didn’t rank as high as these cookies but we wanted to include them to provide you with some alternative gluten-free snack ideas for kids.

Popcorners – Kettle Corn flavor

I could not stop munching on these. If you can imagine sweet kettle corn in a chip format this is it. Read our judges reviews and then head over to their Amazon shop to learn more about the kettle corn and other varieties.

Crunchy, reminds me of sweetly flavored popcorn, but it’s a chip. It satisfies my sweet and salty cravings.

AN, age 11

Delicious, sweet snack.

EN, age 17

Chum Fruit Bites berry flavor

CHUMS Fruit Bites are made with fresh fruits that are picked in-season and used in their rawest form. They then are baked slowly at a low temperature, making sure to retain all the goodness nature has to offer. High in fiber, each CHUM Fruit Bites package contains the equivalent fruit of two small apples and all the natural goodness, fibers, plant proteins, and vitamins from fruit.

CHUM contains only natural sugars, providing a more prolonged energy supply – avoiding the sugar spikes found with refined sugar, which can lead to diabetes and obesity. CHUM Fruit Bites are low in calories (around 50 calories or less per package), are vegan, gluten-free, NON-GMO, and Kosher. Available in a variety of flavors, including Mango, Strawberry, Peach, Apple, and Berry. Packets are biodegradable. For more information, please visit or their Amazon store.

Berry flavor, but has a hint of apple flavor. Fruity flavor, sweet and chewy.

AN, age 11

Love Corn, Premium Crunchy Corn Haberno Chili

Love Corn, gluten-free snacks are tasty crunchy corn kernels packed with flavor and made with LOVE. They are convenient on-the-go snacks, packable in lunch boxes, book bags, or in tote bags. Learn more on their website or in their Amazon store.

I like the spice.

MM, age 15

Honorable Mentions for gluten-free snacks

Here are some other gluten-free snacks for kids that I wanted to include. I taste-tested each of these gluten-free snacks and felt they were yummy enough to award an honorable mention award to.

Eban’s Cookies

Eban’s Bakehouse gluten-free cookies are individually wrapped. It’s a good thing because this is another yummy gluten-free cookie I could totally get carried away with eating. I sampled each of their varieties. Whether they have chocolate chips, oatmeal, or other flavor: they all seemed to melt in my mouth. Learn more and pick out your favorite variety in their Amazon store.

The Good Crisp Company chips

My husband is a BIG Pringles fan and I have to admit I am guilty of stealing some chips now and again even though they are NOT gluten-free. Well, NO MORE! The Good Crisp Company makes potato crisps chips, in a similar shape, but they are gluten-free. The Good Crisp sent me samples of 4 of their varieties: Sour Cream and Onion, The Classic Original, Aged White Cheddar, and Outback BBQ. I am definitely hooked. This is one of my new go to favorites for gluten-free potato chips. Get yours on Amazon with this link.

Yummiest Gluten Free Desserts, for Kids

Here are some of the gluten-free desserts for kids that we considered for this category.

While we appreciated the generosity of Flax 4 Life and Swerve Sweet to send us so many gluten-free samples to taste test none of them scored an average score higher than a 3.6. So while some judges found them to be yummy, most found them to be just okay. As a result, we are asking our judges to tell us their favorite gluten-free desserts for kids.

Yum Actually

Yum Actually makes a healthier ice cream option for kids! Our ice cream cups contain a full serving of a fruit or a vegetable and are 40% lower in sugar than other leading ice cream brands. All flavors are gluten-free. They launched earlier this year and are currently sold in 60 retailers in NYC and New Jersey. They were a little harder for us to judge as a team because while Yum actually has 4 varieties, they did not come in variety packs. Each of our judges had one flavor to sample.

What we found is that the vegetable flavors (caramel sweet potato and butternut squash butternut) were not a hit, but the fruity flavors were enjoyed more. The yummy mango and creamy honey banana each had a smooth texture like sherbet but a smooth taste like ice cream or pudding. They are not currently available online or at Amazon but they are available at select store in New York. Learn more at their website.

Honorable Mentions for gluten-free desserts

Here are some other yummy gluten-free desserts for kids that I felt had to be included. I taste-tested each of these gluten-free desserts and felt they were delicious enough to award an honorable mention award to.

Gluten Free Vanilla Pound Cake from Janie’s Cakes

Janie’s Cakes sent me an incredibly delicious decadent gluten-free vanilla pound cake with chocolate sauce. Each serving was a yummy enjoyable experience. I’d cut a slice and then drizzle it with the Janie’s Cakes chocolate sauce. Some days using just a little chocolate, other days using a bit more. ;-) Every forkful just melted in my mouth. I’ve never tasted such a yummy gluten-free pound cake.

Janie’s Cakes is a mother-daughter owned bakery. Focused on making old-fashioned pound cakes, they use a family recipe developed by the real Janie and her grandmother Papu. Each bundt-shaped pound cake is made using precise amounts of pure, quality ingredients, no exceptions. Each cake is packed to perfection in a signature yellow and white striped box with a blue ribbon. They ship nationwide. Gluten-free pound cakes are available in serving sizes from 1-2 people to 12 people.

Order a decadent, delicious, gluten-free pound cake from Janie’s Cakes.

Gluten-free Crumb Cake from Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes sent me a sample of their gluten-free crumb cake. This too was delicious! I’d even go so far to say this is MORE delicious than the crumb cakes I would try before I went gluten free. It was moist and soft from the first day till a few days later when it was all gone. Every bite was flavorful.

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are baked using an old-fashioned family recipe from 1950s Brooklyn, NY. They’ve put a modern twist on the family recipe and now offer a gluten free version! The cakes are baked fresh and shipped directly to your door. Each cake comes in 8×8 size and they are piled high with crumb topping! All of the cakes are made with natural ingredients and are preservative free.

Gluten-free Crumb Cake from Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company

Order a delicious, yummy gluten-free crumb cake from Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company.

Gluten-free Brownies from Bake Me a Wish

A few months back, before I even had the idea of a competition for the yummiest gluten-free foods, Bake Me a Wish sent me their Gluten-Free Gourmet Brownie Sampler. Packaged in a gift box were one dozen gluten-free brownies, individually wrapped. There were 6 gluten-free chocolate chocolate chip brownies and 6 gluten-free blondie brownies. They all were delicious. They also sell gluten-free cakes and cupcakes. Check them out on their website or their Amazon store.

Hungry Harry’s Chocolate Cake Mix

Mom’s Place Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

This gluten-free carrot cake mix will help you create a delicious, moist and decadent cake that will melt in your mouth! You’ll never know it’s not a traditional cake, and neither will those you share it with. If you share it. A perfect mixture of spices, flours all combined into a delectable dessert! Note: This is a made-from-scratch mix. All you need to add are the wet ingredients: eggs, oil, carrots, crushed pineapple, and vanilla! There’s also an optional recipe for cream cheese frosting on the bag.

The Mom’s Place mix recommends using a 9×13 pan but I used 2 8 inch circular pans to create a layer cake and shortened the cooking time a bit. It worked out great. Get yours on Amazon or at their site and save 20% with our discount code JA_MAR_GFEXPO21.

Gluten-free brownies from The Great Value line of gluten-free products at Walmart.

girl tastes a gluten free drink

Best Gluten Free Drinks for Kids

Here are some of the gluten-free drinks for kids that we considered for this category.

  • Royal Apple, natural apple juice varieties: Apple, Apple Pear, and Apple Mint
  • Iconic Kids Protein Drink: Vanilla Vacay, Chocolate Carnival, Fruity Fiesta
  • Coconut Cloud Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa

Royal Apple, Original Apple Juice

Hands down this was an all around favorite of our judges. Of the nearly 50 foods and drinks we taste tested, the Royal Apple cold unpressed unfiltered apple juice scored a perfect score from all 5 of the judges.

While I’ve usually heard that apple juice can be hard to digest because of it’s acidic nature, and I’ve had that experience with other apple juices, I had no problems with this one. The Royal Apple apple juice had a smooth flavor. I was so thankful for the 101 fluid ounce box they sent me to sample. Over the last few weeks that has been my go to drink and a healthier alternative to the ice tea I usually drink during the day. Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what our other judges had to say about Royal Apple.

Sweet, juicy. Tastes like fresh apple cider.

AN, age 11

This was good.

MM, age 15
Royal Apple, Original Apple Juice
Photo Credit Royal Apple


EN, age 17

The juice was sweet and fruity and tasted like the best apple juice I ever had!

PA, age 10

Royal Apple’s unique and fun flavored juices are made from apples plucked from their very own orchard in Poland. They have three signature flavors: 100% apple, apple-pear, and apple-mint. Over 16 flavors are in the pipeline. The juices are proudly all natural, never from concentrate, cold-pressed and flash pasteurized. Contain no additives, no preservatives, are non-GMO and have no added sugar. They are Gluten free and Kosher. Available in stores all over NJ and NY, on their website, on Amazon, and soon on Walmart marketplace.

Treat yourself and the kids. Get yourself the 3 pack of the boxes on Amazon. Once you realize how good this apple juice is, you don’t want to risk it being out of stock when you need more.

I’ll also add that while we all weren’t fans of the apple mint flavor many of our judges did enjoy the apple pear flavor as well.

About the Iconic Kids Protein Drink

We had mixed results from our judges on the yumminess of the three varieties of Iconic Kids Protein Drink: Vanilla Vacay, Chocolate Carnival, and Fruity Fiesta. What I noticed that it came down to was the maturity and the age of the tester. I am including it here because our big kids and tweens tended to rate the flavors between a 3 and a 5, so basically okay to yummy. For the teens though most of them thought it was too sweet. So depending on the age of your child this may or may not be a healthy drink option for them. Available in single varieties and a variety pack on Amazon.

It was super chocolatey and really rich and I’d even say that it is way better than normal chocolate milk.

PA, age 10

Ready to drink, ICONIC Kids. The flavors are all based on things kids want all the time but up until now, could only have as a “treat.”

  • Fruity Fiesta – based on the milk leftover from a bowl of Fruit Loops
  • Chocolate Carnival – based on a sliver of rich dark chocolate cake
  • Vanilla Vacay – tastes JUST like a vanilla milkshake

Despite the delicious (and somewhat forbidden) taste, this is the only kid-focused line of ready-to-drink products with zero grams of sugar and one full serving of organic greens. Each serving also contains 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. And they’re completely gluten free!

ICONIC Kids is available at Wegmans, Central Market, Rouses, Amazon, and

collage of girl excited to taste yummy gluten free foods and girl cooking something gluten free on the stove.

A few more gluten-free foods

There were a few more gluten-free food items we were sent to review that didn’t fit into any of the categories above. While they didn’t rank as winners with our taste testers we still wanted to thank the brands for sending us samples and to introduce them to you.

Other Resources for Making the Best Gluten Free Dishes for Kids

Gluten-Free Cookbooks

Lick The Bowl: RylieCakes Essential Guide to Gluten Free Baking

RylieCakesLick The Bowl is designed to help unleash the gluten free guru in you! RylieCakes LLC sent us this book to review and after taste testing all these yummy gluten-free foods for kids I’m ready to make more of my own.

Filled with 70 outrageously delicious, lip-smacking, must-have recipes and over 100 photos, it is bound to captivate you from beginning to end. Whether you’re fed up playing around with gluten free flours that just don’t do the trick or simply tired of dry, crumbly baked goods, look no further.

Lick The Bowl provides its readers with an arsenal of tried and true gluten free recipes that will impress friends and family alike. RylieCakes is on a mission to make gluten-free baking fun, fuss-free, and frickin’ delicious and it all starts here with this book. Buy it on Amazon.

More great information about gluten free foods

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