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We received the Yogi Finder game at no charge, to review from Upside Down Yoga Games.
We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families
information about family games we think your family may enjoy.


Great game that combines physical exercise with memory skills

Great game that combines physical exercise with memory skills

Yogi Finders Game

Do you love to play games with your children? Do you ever exercise together? If so this fast-paced yoga matching game is definitely for you! We love playing games as a family and never miss our weekly scheduled family game night. We also exercise together every Saturday morning so I was excited to try out a game that combined two of our favorite activities into one. Yogi Finders was the perfect bodily-kinestic and fun game for my children.


This fun, interactive game encouraged my son to not only find the matching yoga pose but to try to hold each pose for 10 seconds. This was a great way to introduce him to yoga. He had a blast trying to beat me to finding the poses and enjoyed watching me try to hold them as well. I liked the game’s goals of improving flexibility and developing memory skills. With two different sides to the game boards the game remained challenging and new each time we played. This is definitely a game that we will play again and again. What a great way to combine our workout and game time!


Having a blast learning the different yoga poses

Having a blast learning the different yoga poses

Key Features to Yogi Finders Game

  • 2 to 4 players
  • Ages 6 and up
  • Includes 4 double-sided game boards, 86 yoga pose cards, 12 game tokens and 1 instructional sheet
  • Develops memory skills while improving flexibility


What we love about the Upside Down Yoga Games Yogi Finders Game

  • It’s a yoga game! It’s so difficult to find games that combine physical exercise so we were happy to be able to try this one.
  • Fun-filled matching game that is a great way to introduce yoga to young children
  • 4 double-sided game boards keep the game fresh and exciting each time it is played
  • The yoga active game play portion enhances balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Instructional sheet provides tips on how to use the game and teach children about yoga
  • Easy set-up


Matching yoga pose cards with game board

Matching yoga pose cards with game board

I absolutely love toys that encourage learning and physical exercise and this game does not disappoint! We are constantly looking for games that are fun, durable, educational and have the ability to keep my children engaged. I was excited to have an opportunity to review this game and I am eager to recommend it to other parents.

Colorful, circular yoga pose cards

Colorful, circular yoga pose cards

For more information on toys and products that inspire playtime, visit upsidedowngames.us


You can buy the Yogi Finders Board Game for $24.99 on Amazon or on the Upside Down Yoga Games website.

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