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Sing! Watch! Celebrate! Xfinity Rewards has you Covered!

This post is sponsored by Xfinity, but the opinions are my own.

I first learned about Xfinity Rewards when I partnered with Xfinity to write about Black Friday Deals with Xfinity Mobile. It was pretty exciting to hear how my family and I are eligible to earn rewards just for being Xfinity customers and that we could combine those rewards with the Black Friday deals.

Now, I’m partnering with Xfinity once again to share more details about the Xfinity Rewards program. I think you’ll find this new program just as exciting as we do. Xfinity Rewards might just be the easiest rewards program I’ve ever joined. I’m already planning our family time and experiences around certain Xfinity Rewards we can take advantage of like the new Sing 2 movie rewards they are offering in celebration of Sing 2 in theaters on December 22.

When you visit the Xfinity store make sure you post with the SING! Augmented Reality backdrop.

What is Xfinity Rewards?

Xfinity Rewards is a new program just for Xfinity customers. It’s free and easy to join and customers who sign up will enjoy a mix of special perks, unique virtual and live experiences, product benefits and so much more. Perks that will enhance your family’s experiences whether you like to SING!, watch movies and programs, travel, or do ALL these things together.

Who qualifies for Xfinity Rewards?

All Xfinity customers are eligible for Xfinity Rewards.

Is there a fee to sign up for Xfinity Rewards?

No, Xfinity Rewards is a free rewards program available to Xfinity customers across the country.

Some of the goodies inside the Sing 2 movie kits available at Xfinity stores
Some of the goodies included in a Sing 2 movie kit available at Xfinity stores.

How do I sign up for Xfinity Rewards

  1. Simply download the Xfinity app to get started or go online to
  2. Click to join and start exploring your rewards.

After you’ve joined, look around. See which Xfinity Rewards you want to take advantage of now and which you’d like to come back and redeem later.

How do I earn rewards?

Here’s the best part, you don’t need to do anything extra to earn Xfinity Rewards. Once you’ve registered different rewards will be available to you from time to time.

Some rewards will be available for a limited time, others will be available for a longer time period. Always check if there’s an expiration date on the Xfinity Rewards you are interested in.

Is there a waiting period for the rewards program?

No, Xfinity Rewards members can start claiming rewards on the first day they sign up.

Is there a limit on how many rewards I can claim?

No, so far our family has claimed about 6 rewards, and we’ve got plans to claim more in the future!

How do I find out about the rewards?

There are 2 ways to see what Xfinity Rewards rewards are available to you.

The 5 Best Xfinity Rewards Available Right Now

Xfinity Rewards may differ depending on how long you’ve been a customer. Here are the ones we’re most excited about and that are available to all Xfinity Rewards members through December 31.

There are lots of Sing rewards available through Xfinity.
Photo credit Xfinity

Plan a “Sing” family fun night

This might just be my favorite Xfinity Rewards reward because it sets us up for a great family movie night.

Schedule a Sing family night and Xfinity will take care of the details! Visit your local Xfinity Store to pick up a free family fun kit filled with popcorn, activities, and all the goodies you need to enjoy the original Sing movie and Sing 2, in theaters December 22. Supplies are limited.

Pair your kit with other fun Sing movie-related experiences for Xfinity Rewards members available through December 31. You’ll need to claim these rewards separately in your Rewards dashboard but it’s as easy as point and click.

  • Cozy up and rent the original animated hit Sing (2016) for $1
  • Belt out your favorite Sing tunes on Stingray Karaoke with free 30-day access
  • See Sing 2 in theaters for less. Get a complementary Fandango movie ticket (up to $20 value) when you buy 1 or more tickets to Sing 2 on the Fandango website or mobile app.
Sing 2 Movie Kits available at Xfinity Stores

Sing your heart out with Stingray Karaoke

With Stingray Karaoke, I no longer need a karaoke machine. We can now have family karaoke nights around the TV or anywhere with the Xfinity Stream app.

Stingray Karaoke delivers the ultimate karaoke experience. Choose from over 20,000 songs, including a special playlist from the original Sing and Sing 2, in theaters December 22.

Everyone can belt out their favorite songs with easy-to-read scrolling lyrics and fun video backgrounds. Xfinity Rewards members can try it out for 30 days at no charge.

Teens singing karaoke with inflatable ornaments 1
My teens are cracking up while belting out lyrics and playing inflatable instruments during karaoke. The instruments were included in the Xfinity Sing 2 movie kits.

More cheap Family Movie Nights

Explore hundreds of awesome movies On Demand, with additional select movie titles for $1 for Xfinity Rewards members.

Which Xfinity Rewards will you be the most excited to claim? What about your kids? Start enjoying your Xfinity Rewards TODAY by signing up at or in the Xfinity App.

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Monday 27th of December 2021

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