Say Yes To The Messy Toys – With Wubble Fulla!

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In full disclosure this is a sponsored post on behalf of Wubble Fulla.


New Wubble Fulla Keeps That Messy Fun Contained!


Wubble Fulla marbles a new fun toy for kids


Wubble always comes up with unique ideas for play and their newest Wubble Ball is no exception! We are all about making slime in our house but I am no fan of the mess during and after it’s made. Recently my son came home from a birthday party with a cup of water gel marbles, and those were also a challenge to my sense of clean. Yet in these days of too much screen time, anything that gets their eyes off the iPad or television means I have to give in.


A few days ago we got a box from Wubble with their newest products to review. We had some unexpected snow days so it was a timely surprise for my kids. From the second they came out of the box they were thrilled! Wubble has come to my rescue with the new Wubble Fulla line of products! Unlike the other Wubbles we have had that need water or inflation, these are ready to play right out of the package. The Wubble Fullas are full of exactly what they say, we have one with green slime and one with those fun squishy colorful marbles. Luckily for me each kid has their favorite – and they aren’t the same!


Kids enjoy playing with the Wubble Fulla marbles


Wubble Fulla comes in three sizes – tiny, big and huge. We love the tiny for taking in the car and while parents do boring things like appliance shopping! The Wubbles feel a little sticky at first. So with our shedding dog it means they have to stay off the floor. But any dog hair or dust rinses right off and they’re as good as new. There’s also a slight smell right out of the package that goes away after some play.


Wubble Fulla would make a great Easter basket stuffer, surprise toy for any job well done, or a “it’s finally warm out” toy. Which one will your family love?


Wubble Fulla marbles toy

Which product would you rather have your kids play with?


We love our Wubbles! Read about the other Wubble Balls we’ve reviewed in the past in our Wubbleball Reviews.


You can get yours at Wubble Fulla will soon be available at Target, Toys R Us and Walgreens!

Watch the YouTube commercial below:

We’re also joining other bloggers in a Wubble Fulla giveaway.  To enter follow the directions below. The organizers of the Wubble Fulla will be choosing the winner.

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After you’ve entered here be sure to check out our other current giveaways.

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    Probably the marbles. My grandsons would love this.

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