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The Wonder Movie Teaches Us That Kindness Counts


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About the Family-Friendly Movie Wonder

Just as the holidays approach and we are filled with gratitude for our loved ones comes a memorable movie, Wonder, for the entire family, that will transform the way we think about everyone who crosses our path.


The inspiring movie, Wonder, based on the 2012 bestselling book of the same name by R.J. Palacio, is about a 10-year-old boy named August “Auggie” Pullman who was born with severe facial birth defects. As a result, he has needed subsequent multiple surgeries, which have kept him from attending school with his peers. He is happy at home, and comfortable with his close inner circle who accept him, embrace him, and refuse to judge his differences.


Getting him out of his comfort zone and homeschooling environment, his mother, Isabel, decides it is time for Auggie to attend school for the 5th grade, leading him into unchartered territory on an unexpected journey.


Wonder Movie

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The highly emotional film, from Lionsgate, is about a brave boy, who has always wanted to be just an ordinary kid, but his teenage sister, Via, keeps reminding him that “you can’t be ordinary, when you were born to stand out.” This is a science-loving boy who once found solace inside a space helmet, who truly loves Halloween because he doesn’t stand out. But suddenly he faces a whole universe of gawking kids, who don’t yet know how to treat him.


Played by 11-year-old Jacob Tremblay, best known for his stunning performance in the 2016 movie, Room, we instantly fall in love with Auggie, and embrace the important life lessons that his story teaches us.


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My Wonder movie review

The poignant message of this underdog movie Wonder resonates with everyone because at some point we have all felt like outsiders, so we can empathize with Auggie. But the key is that when we do reach out to others, then we have the power to truly change someone’s life, which ultimately changes us and society. The film is directed by Stephen Chbosky, (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), who said the key to the movie’s success was assembling the perfect cast.


Wonder stars Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, as Auggie’s devoted parents, and Mandy Patinkin as his school principal. Each of them brings their acting gifts, that make the movie extremely relatable to both children and adults.


As the mother of three children, Roberts clearly embraced her nurturing maternal side for this movie. Roberts, Wilson, and Tremblay have perfect chemistry as a family, which lends itself to portraying the raw, candid, and difficult aspects of the story, as well as the tender family moments that all of us so desperately yearn for.


wonder movie

From L to R: Owen Wilson as “Nate,” Julia Roberts as “Isabel,” Jacob Tremblay as “Auggie,” Izabela Vidovic as “Via” and Danielle Rose Russell as “Miranda” in WONDER. Photo by Dale Robinette.


Auggie’s year at school is alternately humorous, touching, tough and beautiful, and everyone around him is transformed by the things that count the most: friendship, courage, and the choice to be kind to everyone. This is a rare movie that can change our perspective by its many life lessons. It will evoke “happy tears” as the director calls them, and give us much food for thought.


When Auggie receives his monumental acceptance toward the end of the movie, it is difficult not to stand up with his classmates and family to cheer him on.


Wonder, with its honesty, empathy, and bravery, is a movie not to be missed!


wonder movie

From L to R: Jacob Tremblay as “Auggie,” Elle McKinnon as “Charlotte” and Noah Jupe as “Jack Will” in WONDER.

Wonder opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

Coming soon Debra Wallace’s follow up article about Wonder with interviews with Wonder Director Stephen Chbosky and Wonder Author R.J. Palacio.

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