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Wizard World Comic Con 2012 – A Mom’s Guide

Comics, Comics, Comics everywhere.


Wizard World claims to be brings together thousands of fans of all ages and dozens of celebrities and industry professionals to celebrate the best in pop culture, movies, comics, toys, video gaming, television, gaming, original art, collectibles, contests and more.  I can see why. The site of the exhibit hall can be quite overwhelming. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many comic books or fans of comic books in one place (other than previous Comic Cons.) With that in mind I wanted to not only recap our visit to the 2011 Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con but also begin to offer you a guide for the 2012 Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con.


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The best advice I can give you is to plan ahead.

  • What are your interests?
  • Why do you want to go?
  • Do you like crowds?
  • What about your children, how would they answer those questions?


Crowds & Strollers – If you will be visiting with a stroller or young children, you probably want to avoid the crowds. Go earlier in the morning or later in the evening. ComicCon begins Friday, June 1, 2012, when most kids will still be in school. If you can swing it this will probably be the least crowded day to go.  Because this isn’t like the traditional expo, many visitors are stopping for a while at vendor tables and exhibitor booths. They are shopping for books or waiting for autographs. Navigating a stroller or a young child  can be tricky because the crowds do tend to stay in one spot. Be prepared to weave yourself and your children in and out through people as you walk around the exhibit hall.


Interests, Purpose for Attending – If you are going with a specific interest or purpose in mind, check the map and schedule. Where is the General Lee? Where is Adam West? You don’t want to miss out on your photo opportunity because you couldn’t find the right booth or missed the time. If you are looking for specific comic books, have your list ready and ask the vendors for help.


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Kids & Budget – Here is where the planning becomes the most important. You don’t want to have a battle with your child because of an expense you weren’t prepared for. There is a charge for most photo opportunities and autographs. Although most of the fees for pictures with the General Lee, Batmobile, etc went to charities. There are also tons and tons of vendor booths. Decide in advance what your priorities are and how much you can spend and avoid the battles later.

  • FREE Activities at Wizard World– That’s not to say there isn’t anything FREE once you are in Wizard World. There is, but you have to know where to look. (Which Jersey Family Fun is happy to help you with.) Also, remember admission for kids is FREE with a paying adult.
    • Photos with characters – Many, many fans come to Wizard World Comic Con dressed as their favorite character or superhero. They just roam through the exhibit halls. They will gladly pose with you or your kids for a pictureat no charge.
    • Comic Con Sponsors– Ford had a photo booth for kids. My son posed for 4 photos with a storm trooper. Not only did Ford give me several copies of those photos, but I was also able to email them to myself. Yep, no charge. So be on the lookout for other event sponsors that are hosting FREE activities to get you to their table.
    • Workshops – Lightsaber trainings and more – One of the things we, unfortunately, missed out on was Lightsaber Training and workshops for the kids and adults. They were on the schedule on the backside of the floor map, but we didn’t see them. :( My kids would have loved going lightsaber to lightsaber with a Jedi from New York or to hear how the movie Green Lantern was created. It’s one thing we will be on the lookout for this year. We don’t want you to miss out on it either. Check out the Wizard World ComicCon Activities scheduled for Kid’s Day.

Food – If your kids are like mine, they are always hungry. Bring snacks. There are vendors in the exhibit hall. Although, if you don’t want to spend time waiting in line for a $3.50 bottle of water, take advantage of Philly’s street-side vendors and restaurants. There are plenty of places to grab a meal or snack before you go into Comic Con or after you leave.


The Wizard World Comic Con returns to Philadelphia June 1 -3, 2012. Keep reading Jersey Family Fun for all the latest news and ticket giveaways. Not local to Philly? Wizard World travels throughout the United States. For a complete schedule of it’s stops, click here.


Check out our Comic Con Wizard World Facebook Photo Gallery here.



In full disclosure, this is a sponsored post by Wizard World. However, Jersey Family Fun did not receive any cash compensation for this post. Wizard World did not determine the content of our posts. All opinions are honest and our own based on our experiences from Wizard World 2011.

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