Wireless Headphones ~ The Newest Addition to the Middle School Supply List

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We’re working with Motorola to promote the Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones since so wireless headphones are the newest item on middle school supply lists.


Funny how times have changed since we went to middle school. I can remember pencils, binders and loose-leaf paper were pretty much all we needed. And once you got what you needed in September you were usually set for the whole school year. Now it’s different. I have one son in grade school and two in middle school. Their school supply lists are pretty long. The middle school supply list is not only very long; it’s very specific down to the colors of folders and binders. But we do what we have to, to help our kids be successful.


At the beginning of the year, on my sons’ middle school supply lists were headphones with the word (optional) next to them. Okay, optional means they don’t really need them, right? Wrong, kinda. See, the school has a limited supply available of headphones if students want to use them. If they don’t want to use the headphones the school has, then they are encouraged to bring their own. After a few months of school, it became clear my boys really do need their own headphones, and not just any headphones, quality wireless headphones. When given the opportunity to be a part of a campaign with Motorola to learn about their Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones, I of course said yes. The timing could not have been better.


Motorola Pulse Escape+ Wireless Headphones _ The Newest Addition to the Middle School Supply List Motorola Pulse Escape+ Facebook


3 Benefits to adding headphones to your tween’s Middle School Supply List

In a classroom of 20-30 students it can be quite a hassle if your child needs to share headphones with other students. Buying them their own headphones either during the holidays, for their birthday, or at back-to-school time comes with a number of benefits.

  • Convenience – Providing my son with his own headphones means he will always have a pair of working headphones, regardless of how many are available for his classmates to choose from. With so many students sharing headphones during the school day, it’s fair to say that not all headphones will be in ideal working condition. Cords may be frayed. Earpieces may be damaged. A pair of headphones worn multiple times over the course of a school day by different students will show wear and tear quicker than a pair that stays with the same student throughout the day.
  • Time Saver – My son is ready to get to work faster since he doesn’t have to battle with other students to get to the teacher’s supply of headphones.
  • Hygiene – It’s highly likely that headphones are not getting sanitized between students, maybe not even at the end of a school day. Providing your child their OWN headphones means no germs and no lice are being passed from one tween to another through headphone use.


Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones are a good addition to your Middle School Supply List

Focusing hard on his homework afterschool.


Now that we’ve established the need for tweens like my sons and your children to add a set of headphones to their middle school supply list, let’s talk about why the Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones are the best choice for students. My 13-year-old son has been using the Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones over the last few weeks and we’ve come up with some reasons we believe these Motorola headphones are better than others.


9 Reasons to add Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones to your child's Middle School Supply List


9 Reasons to add Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones to your child’s Middle School Supply List

  1. The touch controls are on the ear cups. A gentle tap on the ear cup will allow him to control the volume and other settings on the Motorola headphones.
  2. The Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones are wireless. My son, who is not the most eager to get started in class, can no longer waste time untangling cords. And I don’t need to worry about replacing his headphones due to frayed cords. Instead, he can take advantage of Bluetooth technology to connect to the school’s network and computer to listen to what he needs to listen to in order to get his classwork done.
  3. Noise isolation headphones mean if the other students in class are chatting, their chatter and other unwanted background noise won’t distract him from his school work. Here’s hoping that my son doesn’t hear it when his best friend sits next to him and tries to be a chatterbox.
  4. With 20 hours of wireless playtime from one full charge, my son will only need to recharge his Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones once or twice a week.
  5. The Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones are water-resistant and sweat resistant. Boys will be boys, need I say more?
  6. We’re loving that the compact-size and foldability of the Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones make them easy to pack into school backpacks. My teenager can bring them back and forth to school easily.

    Foldable & compact, the Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones are easy to pack into a school backpack for use in and out of school.

  7. At a price of $69.99, the Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones are an affordable option for your child’s wireless headphones.
  8. Great sound, powerful drivers, when my son is rocking out outside of the classroom, the Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones will deliver all the sounds he wants to hear.
  9. The Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones have an impressive 60-foot range for listening while connected to a Bluetooth device. If I tell my son it’s time to unload the dishwasher after school, he will still be able to listen to those rock songs while doing his chores.


Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphonesHere are some other features of the Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones that my son will probably appreciate in the coming years.

  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
  • Can connect to two devices at once

Learn more about the Motorola Pulse Escape+ wireless headphones here.


Now that we’re halfway through the school year, what has been something you’ve needed to add to your tween’s middle school supply list?


I’d love to hear your stories and experiences in the comment below.


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Motorola Pulse Escape Wireless Headphones _ The Newest Addition to the Middle School Supply List


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Motorola.

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