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JFF Kids Music Review (2)

We received this Children’s CD, at no charge, to review from Sugar Mountain PR. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about children’s music we think your family may enjoy.


With the second grade curriculum focusing on animal habitats it was a great coincidence that our family received The Whizpops! Sea Blue Sea to review as my child began her own report and diorama on marine life. With a colorful cover I anxiously tore into the package and popped it into the CD player in the car, what followed left me excited at the prospect of sharing this group with others and helping my own children learn more about science in a fun, catchy way.


The Whispops! Sea Blue Sea



Parents Choice recommendation and consideration for Best Children’s Album in the 57th Grammy Awards only gives a sneak peek into the music that is The Whispops! This music includes songs that are easy to listen and memorize but also provides an opportunity for learning more about animals in the ocean. Our favorite, Sea Turtle, has lyrics that have my three year old using words like carapace and the knowledge that these animals have been around for 100 million years. It’s great for him to become engaged just as much as his older siblings.


The Whizpops consist of six main musicians but also calls upon special guests to enhance their music employing instruments such as the ukulele, clav, timbales, cowbell, whistle and many traditional instruments you hear in most children’s albums. This is a great opportunity to share unique sounds and allow your children exposure to instruments they may not always hear.


The Whizpops! Sea Blue Sea Song List

  1. Coral Reef
  2. Manatee
  3. Dolphin Disco (Super Pod Party)
  4. Manta Ray
  5. Sea Turtle
  6. Anglerfish
  7. Blue Whale
  8. Starfish
  9. Whale Shark
  10. Octopus


You can hear audio clips from their album at the TheWhizpops. This is the second CD from The Whizpops! Their first, Science and Wonder received the 2013 Creative Child Magazine’s 2013 Educational CD of the Year Award.


Check out our favorite song “Sea Turtle” here.


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The Whizpops! Sea Blue Sea

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