8 Ways to Use Leftover Valentine’s Day’s Candy Boxes

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8 Ways to Use Leftover Valentine’s Day’s Candy Boxes

Every year we have leftover Valentine’s Day candy boxes. Every year we buy them. Every year I think about what a terrible waste it is to throw out those cardboard hearts. Here are a few ways to re-purpose and reuse heart-shaped boxes whether they are small, large, fabric or decorative.


Leftover Valentine's Day's Candy Boxes


Ideas for reusing small leftover Valentine’s Day candy boxes

  • Cookie cutter
    Get a hot glue gun. Glue a strip of folded tin foil around the edges of your leftover Valentine’s Day’s candy boxes. Perfect for little hands.
  • Stencil
    It’s nearly impossible to draw a perfect heart. Use leftover Valentine’s Day candy boxes for art projects to trace out a heart.
  • Tooth Fairy
    What a perfect little place to put a tooth! Paint your leftover candy box white, Decorate and use it to keep baby teeth safe for the Tooth Fairy! The tooth fairy can even use the box to leave their treasure for your child.
  • Trinket Box
    Cover that leftover candy box or decorate it. Reuse your Valentine’s Day candy box for pieces of jewelry for your little girl.


Ideas for large leftover Valentine’s Day candy boxes

  • Wall stencil
    Painting hearts on a wall? A large leftover candy box can be perfect for a painting project.
  • Picture Frame
    Use the heart shape box like a shadow box to create a unique picture frame. Use the heart shape to trace the outline of the photo before you cut the photo for the frame.
  • Love you box
    Make a bunch of notes about the things that you love most about your child on small slips of paper. Whenever your child is down in the dumps encourage him/her to get a note from their leftover Valentine’s Day candy box.
  • Gift box
    Great for a special day. It’s warm and personal and can be decorated to suit the occasion.

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