What Not to Do When Painting Your Kid’s Playroom – Playroom Makeover Series

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Our wood paneling playroom before being painted. |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun


You know how sometimes you think oh that will never happen. I’ll be careful.  I won’t make a mess. Well, for me painting the playroom was one of those things. I thought how hard could it be. It won’t be messy.

I was wrong!

For this week’s Playroom Makeover series post I thought I would share my lessons learned about painting a room in your house in other words what not to do.

So go ahead and have a laugh or two at my expense and I hope these tips help with your next painting project.


What Not To Do When Painting


Don’t leave furniture exposed.

When I started painting I thought oh the chair I’m standing on to paint will be fine. After all I’m leaning of the chair the paint would drip down in the floor, not the chair. Right? Wrong. See my picture below. (Anyone know how to remove this paint?)


Don’t leave furniture exposed.


Don’t wear good clothing.

Again, I thought I’ll be careful; nothing will land on my clothes. I had a paint shirt on, but never expected paint to land on the back of my shorts this way. I still don’t know how it got there.


Paint on my shorts…. a casualty of painting the playroom.


Don’t leave your hair naked.

My hair was up in a ponytail, but paint got in it. Note to self and you paint does not wash out of hair easily. Next time, I’ll wear a bandana or old baseball cap.


Don’t forget any areas.

After you paint a room, you’ll later notice other areas that don’t look so nice up against the fresh paint. If you have molding, door trims, baseboard heaters take a look at them. If they need it, now’s the time to paint them while the paint is out and other areas are covered and protected from it.


Don’t forget about the grooves.

Wood paneling has those annoying black groves down the panels. Either ignore them and let them stay or buy a rolling brush with a thick nap that will cover it at the same time you apply paint to the regular wall. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy trying not to drip paint everywhere when you use a small brush to fill the grooves.


Don’t keep your children from helping.

When you’re applying that first coat, let the kids help. They’ll think it’s fun. You’ll get help. Besides any mistakes they make will likely be covered up by the last layer of paint.


See the world of difference a coat of paint made on our wood paneling walls. |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun


And that’s it. I’m sorry I have no humorous pictures of me covered in paint. Lol. But I hope our tips for painting will help you with your next project.



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In full disclosure, we did work with sponsors such as McGowan’s Floor Coverings, 3 M Command Products, and RoomMates Peel & Stick Decor, to make our Playroom Makeover Series possible. Certain products or services were provided for us in exchange for sponsored posts and special discounts for our readers. But we chose our sponsors based on the quality of their products or services. Our opinions are honest and our own based on our experiences working with these clients.

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7 thoughts on “What Not to Do When Painting Your Kid’s Playroom – Playroom Makeover Series

  1. Tari C says:

    Looks good!
    I second the rubbing alcohol for paint removal. If you want it let it soak in a bit to soften, you could also use hand sanitizer–since it’s thicker it tends to stay put and the alcohol content is usually high enough to work just as well as regular rubbing alcohol. (Sanitizer is also very good at removing pine sap from cars and clothes without damaging either.)

  2. Darla from HeartWork Organizing says:

    Good for you! Despite all of the lessons you learned, none of them were painful, and you were brave enough to cover the panelling. Congrats! Looks great!

  3. Stacy Uncorked says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say – love how painting the paneling brightened the room! And try rubbing alcohol on the paint drops on the chair – you can also use a plastic paint scraper (or a combination of the two). :)

  4. Stacy Uncorked says:

    HA! Great tips – and I’m giggling over the fact you ended up with paint on the *back* of your shorts. ;)

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