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What Happened When Santa Contacted my Boys



“Oh no, I’m in trouble with Santa.” My 4 year old on the phone with Santa. |Photo credit Jersey Family Fun


A funny thing happened last night. No it wasn’t the phone call from Santa to my 4 year old or the video from Santa to my 6 year old and 8 year old, it was their reaction to it during it and during the rest of the evening.


First, Santa called my 4 year old. We set up this phone call through the Portable North Pole. There are 14 options, everything from congratulations messages to birthday wishes, from work on your behavior to calls from the sleigh on Christmas Eve. You can hear samples at the website.  You can purchase your phone call in advance but you can’t schedule it in advance. When you get the link to schedule it, you’re agreeing to get the phone call within a couple minutes of that.  In other words, you can’t schedule it for a few hours from now or the next day. For my youngest, I went with the friendly reminder to work on his behavior. Here’s his video reaction.

My 6 year old watched a video tailored to him and his personality. My two youngest were glued to the screen as they hung on to Santa’s every word. First, the elves sang him a song. Then, Santa found a book where he keeps track of each child’s progress. We took a virtual trip to Santa’s workshop (where Santa talks about how they are working on a special gift for my child) and then out to the stables to meet a reindeer.


After two of my boys had watched the video they sat on the couch talking about how they were on Santa’s ‘nice’ list. If that wasn’t hilarious and cute enough it gets better. Later that night, after my 8 year old returned home from hockey practice. He wanted to watch his video. Tired and exhausted, he insisted. Watch the video below. He gave Santa his full attention, shook his head to respond, answered his questions. When Santa’s video message was over he was stunned. He said he was speechless and the best part….promised to work on his behavior.

Then, he went upstairs to get ready for bed.  When I went upstairs a few minutes later, I could hear my boys chatting about their videos. What did Santa say to you? He said I’m still on the nice list. He said he’s working on this toy for me. It was all this mommy could do to not break out in laughter. I love my boys and I think it’s adorable that even at age 8 my oldest believes. He’s been struggling with it. As he matures he’s trying to find a logical way to explain Santa’s existence and how he can possibly make it around the world in one night. I just do what I can to keep him, all of my boys, believing in the magic. This was one easy thing I could do for him.


The Portable North Pole order process was easy enough. I was able to decide just what information I wanted to share with Santa and how personal I wanted the video to be.  We ordered the premium video which allows you to upload 3 pictures, a picture of your home, and a picture of your child’s favorite animal. When you enter your child’s address, you can stop with the state and country or you can reveal your city and more specific information. There are questions along the way to complete about your child and you can sample voice recordings to make sure Santa pronounces your child’s name correctly. Your Santa video, phone call, or letter will be customized to your child based on that information.


Here’s some of the Portable North Pole’s offerings to help your child keep believing in Santa.

As part of Portable North Pole’s Christmas Program, each time a Portable North Pole product is purchased, 5% of the sale price will go directly to affiliated children’s hospitals in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland and France. Right now you can also get get 5% off on Santa’s most popular personalized products at! Use promo code SANTA5FUZ. Offer ends 12/31/12.

  • Portable North Pole’s standard Santa’s Video (Suggested Retail: Free)
    • A FREE personalized video message from Santa Claus, filled with magic and exciting discoveries for your loved ones. Includes a brand new story and a sneak peek at never-before-seen North Pole locations!
  • Portable North Pole’s Downloadable Santa’s Premium Video (Suggested Retail: $6.99)
    • Santa has your children on his good list and he has taken the time to send a message of holiday greetings! Little ones will delight in their direct, personalized premium video messages from Santa Claus, featuring their own photos and personal details. Premium downloadable videos include more than five minutes of Christmas magic, a clip of Santa’s riding on his sleigh and even a personalized Christmas carol! If you are ordering this for more than one child in your home, the main components of the video maybe the same, but they are tailored to your child at certain points in the video.

Here’s Santa to show you a little more about the premium video.

  • Portable North Pole’s Santa’s Phone Call: (Suggested Retail: $3.99 for one call or $6.99 for three calls)
    • Santa has a very important message for your loved one! He will pick up the phone and call directly to deliver his personalized message. Santa’s call will last about two minutes and you can choose between 14 message options.
  • Portable North Pole’s Santa’s Interactive Letter (Suggested Retail: $19.99)
    • Santa will write a one-of-a-kind personalized interactive letter sprinkled with a pinch of Christmas magic! Available in Red or Green, each letter is printed in color on soft double-sided, first grade quality paper and includes up to 10 personalized items about your child or loved one.
    • Exclusive web access (webcam required) will allow the child to experience:
      • A virtual reality feature confirming that the letter was sent from Santa’s village post office
      • A facial recognition feature that scans Santa’s records to confirm the child made is on the nice list
      • A personalized premium video viewable online
  •  Portable North Pole’s Santa’s Nice List Certificate (Suggested Retail: $8.99)
    • Santa will go over all the personal information provided to make an official PNP customized certificate for your loved one to hang on their wall. The one-page certificate features Santa’s official foil stamp and is personalized with the name, age, hometown and photo of the child.
  • Portable North Pole’s Personalized Door Hangers (Suggested Retail: $6.99)
    • Santa’s elves will craft a festive door hanger for your loved one to hang on their bedroom door. Two messages available are available: (“Santa’s #1 Fan” and “On the Nice List”) and are printed double-sided.
  • Portable North Pole’s Official Christmas Book (Suggested Retail: $24.99)
    • Santa’s elves will create a one-of-a-kind Christmas book based on the personal information provided about your loved one. The book features 25 color pages and a soft cover. The story will be personalized with the child’s photos and up to 50 personalized items integrated into the story.
  • Portable North Pole’s Personalized Letter (Suggested Retail: $14.99)
    • Santa will write a one-of-a-kind letter for your loved one based on the personal information provided. Available in red or green, and printed in color on soft, double-sided, first-grade quality paper, each letter is personalized with name, age, gender, hometown and photo; up to 10 personalized items can be included in the letter.
  • Portable North Pole’s Christmas Coloring Book (Suggested Retail: $7.99)
    • Santa and his elves will craft a fun and festive coloring book especially for your loved one, customized with the personal information provided. The coloring book is about 20 pages, features a soft cover and is personalized with the name and photo of the child.
  • Portable North Pole’s Placemats (Suggested Retail $10.99)
    • Santa’s helpers will create a personalized Christmas placemat, ensuring your loved one will think of you every time he or she sits down to the table! The soft plastic placemat is printed single-sided with the child’s name and photo and features rounded edges. Four messages available: “I Love Santa,” “On Santa’s Nice list,” “Santa’s #1 Fan!” and “Santa Believes In Me!”
  • Portable North Pole’s Personalized Christmas Carols (Suggested Retail $2.99) COMING SOON!
    • Santa and his elves have a great ear for music! They’re in the studio now recording a personalized Christmas Carol just for your loved one. Downloadable Christmas Carol is available as a MP3, 160 kbps, stereo and runs about two minutes.


Click the ad below if you’re ready to order your personal Santa video, phone call, or other items.

In full disclosure this post was sponsored by the Portable North Pole through Child’s Play Communications. We received a promotional code to make our review possible. Because we loved the product so much we signed on to be an affiliate advertiser for them. Should you make a purchase using one of the ads or links above, Jersey Family Fun will make a small portion of your sale. This income goes toward covering costs associated with running Jersey Family Fun.

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