18 Ways to Have the Best Star Wars Day

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May the 4th be with you!


May 4th is Star Wars Day and not only do Star Wars movies entertain our kids but their stories also make the best for story time as well. So in honor of all things Star Wars we have this list of the Top 18 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day.


Star Wars day


  1. Check out a Star Wars book from your library or purchase books from the Star Wars Collection on Amazon.

  2. Visit a Star Wars Day event in New Jersey.

  3. Check out Hallmark’s site where you can send a FREE Star Wars e-card.

  4. Create your own Star Wars Yoda Ears.Star Wars

  5. Transform a piece of a paper into a Clone Trooper Mask.

  6. Convert a box and other items into a Star Wars Spaceship playset and Diorama or a Star Wars Cantina Restaurant Playset.

  7. Plan a Star Wars party.

  8. Download free Star Wars Origami light sabers.

  9. Make learning fun with these fun & educational Star Wars printables.

  10. Talk like Yoda all day. See who in your family can do it the longest.

  11. Host a Star Wars Movie marathon. Which one will be your favorite?

  12. Take advantage of FREE Comic Book Day to shop for a Star Wars comic.

  13. Print & color these free Star Wars Coloring pages.

  14. Feeling Crafty? Find out how to make a Chewbacca book mark, Princess Leia paper dolls, and even a tie fighter pinata here

  15. Hungry? The Stars Wars site also has plenty of Star Wars recipes to cook up with your kids. And Amazon has lots of Star Wars Bakeware.

  16. Check with your local lego store for special events and activities

  17. Visit YouTube to watch a collection of Lego Star Wars videos.
  18. Visit the Star Wars site for special Star Wars events in major cities.

Now that we have you thinking, what ideas do you have to share?

How will you celebrate Star Wars Day?


Star Wars

Photo Courtesy of Lucas Films

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3 thoughts on “18 Ways to Have the Best Star Wars Day

  1. Amy Brooks says:

    I love, “talk like Yoda all day . . . see who can last the longest!” Hilarious!

  2. Star Wars will never get old, already so many generations are BIG fans…Really cool! Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  3. lesa says:

    I love the Star Wars Ears idea! How fun! Thanks for putting this together! How awesome!

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