6 Ways to Get CHEAP Amusement Park Tickets

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What’s better than a day at the Amusement Park?

Growing up I remember that I loved going out to visit places, especially local amusement parks. I look back on those carefree days with fond memories. Now as a parent, my boys are getting older. Two of my three kids rarely qualify for regular child admission. (Some places offer free admission for kids under a certain age). My teenager, at 13 years old, is already charged the full adult rate when we use public transportation. So, it’s time to do what we do best, find ways to help you find affordable family fun. We’ve done some brainstorming and talked with veteran moms and dads to come up with a few tips to take the sting out of the cost of a day at an amusement park. Before you visit a local amusement park read these ideas to help you buy cheap amusement park tickets.




6 Ways to Get CHEAP Amusement Park Tickets

The best way to buy cheap amusement park tickets is to do your research!

  • Inquire about group rates if you have multiple friends interested in joining you. For some amusement parks you can get a group discounts for buying as few as 10 tickets.
  • Consider a Season Pass if you plan to visit more than once.
    • Most of the time, Season Passes or memberships pay for themselves in 2-3 visits.
    • Some townships even offer discounts on Season Passes at many popular parks so make sure you check there first. We have this list of New Jersey Towns Offering Discount Amusement Park Tickets that lists which township recreation departments sell admission park tickets at a discount. If you don’t see your town on our list, call the Recreation Department to inquire if they offer this program.
    • Some places even offer food and game discounts if you have a season pass.
  • Buy your tickets ahead of time.
    • Many parks offer a discount for buying in advance, like Diggerland USA and Sahara Sam’s.
    • Some organizations like AARP or AAA allow you to purchase tickets online at a discount.
    • Google discount coupon codes or subscribe to Living Social or Groupon. Both offer discounts to fun places periodically. We keep a Groupon listing updated as well! Check out The Best Groupon New Jersey Deals for Families for discount tickets to local amusement parks.
  • If you can’t purchase ahead of time online, check local convenience stores or fast food restaurants.
    • We’ve seen discount coupons at places like Wawa, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Burger King, Walgreens or CVS.
    • Giant Foods in Pennsylvania also offers discounted Hershey Park tickets.
  • Some places, like Storybook Land, have special days or hours where admission is less.
  • Check to see if the park you plan to visit offers Twilight Hours or a discount on a second day visit. Many do. The best place to find out is on the park’s website.


Enjoy a Storybook Land roller coaster in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey



Here’s how to save on meals, drinks, and parking at amusement parks

  • Pack your lunch! It’s a great way to save on your day at an amusement park and many places have picnic areas.
  • If you do buy your lunch, ask for water instead of soda. Some places, like Six Flags & Hurricane Harbor offer complimentary water in cups.
  • Better yet, take reusable water bottles and fill up at water fountains. 
  • Be sure to check the website of the park you’re visiting before you pack up snacks to be clear on their food and beverage policy. For example, Six Flags Great Adventure will allow you to bring in one unopened bottle of water per person.

Don’t know where to go? We have some great listings you can check out below.


Amazing Amusement Parks in NJ NY PA (FB)



How do you save on your summer fun? Let us know in the comments below!



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  1. Jaime says:

    Mountain Creek waterpark would be fun! Something to do with the kids before summer is over and drag along my newphew too! LOL

  2. Jaime says:

    I would definitely would be going to the water park first with the kids! With this heat its definitely easier to deal with the kids when they are cool! LOL

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