4 Ways to Enjoy Sunday’s OTHER Big Game – The Puppy Bowl XIV

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People all around the country are busy gearing up for the “Big Game” on February 3, 2019. Some people watch for the football, some for the commercials, and some for the halftime show.


But what if your family is just not that into football?

You either miss out on the parties and excitement or you are stuck watching something that doesn’t interest you. I may have an alternative for you- The Puppy Bowl! On Sunday, February 3, 2019, Animal Planet will be airing “Puppy Bowl XIV.” The Puppy Bowl is an adorable competition between two teams of puppies up for adoption. The puppies are put onto a mini football field and given a bunch of toys to play with. Touchdowns are scored when a puppy picks up a toy and carries it into their endzone. And the cuteness doesn’t end there. The Puppy Bowl game also features a kitten half time show, doggie tailgaters, chicken cheerleaders, “Meep” the live tweeting parrot, and hamsters flying overhead in a blimp. The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet has become an event to look forward to in our house and we go all out. Here are a few steps to throw your own Puppy Bowl party.



4 Ways to Enjoy The Puppy Bowl with Kids


1. Get “puppy” themed party supplies


We got these dog dishes at the dollar store.

We got these dog dishes at the dollar store.


2. Plan your menu

  • Think of puppy-or dog-themed snacks to serve at your party. Here are a few ideas to get you started: hot dogs, corn dogs, kibbles and bits (Chex mix, trail mix, or any other snack mix), cookies or Rice Krispie Treats shaped like dog bones, Snausages (pigs in a blanket). You can also make dog print snacks with this 6 Cavity Dog Paw Non-Stick Food Grade Silicone Cake Pan Baking Mold we also found on Amazon.
Puppy bowl snacks

Perfect for making special snacks during the Puppy Bowl game.


3. Dress up and decorate for the occasion


Puppy Bowl puppy party decorations


4. Pick your favorites and enjoy the Puppy Bowl game

  • We always pick a team and favorite dog to root for throughout the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.
  • During the Puppy Bowl you can vote for your choice for MVP on their website.


M and N glued to the Puppy Bowl

M and N glued to the Puppy Bowl


One of the best things about the Puppy Bowl is that it’s actually on earlier in the afternoon so you can still enjoy the Super Bowl afterwards. The Puppy Bowl will air on the Animal Planet channel Sunday, February 3, 2019, at 3:00 pm and then repeats will run through 1 am.


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  1. Pammy Pam says:

    Make sure your fave pooch has his game shirt on.

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