100+ Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Summer With Your Kids

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Bring on the summer!


100+ Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Summer With Your Kids

“Vacation – all I ever wanted! Vacation – had to get away!” Who didn’t grow up singing that song by the Go-Go’s? It’s THAT time of year: school is out for summer, the weather is beautiful, and the whole family is ready to get out and do something. But what?!

We are so lucky to live in New Jersey where the activities, day-trip destinations, and yes, even vacations are plentiful. Whether you want to explore a new museum, splash around at the waterpark, or beat the heat with a free summer movie, our Summer Day Trips and Destinations Guide will help you make your summer vacation all YOU ever wanted.

Thank you to our team of writers for their work to create the great articles and directories. We appreciate our advertisers who make it all possible. And a special thanks to Biscotti & Kate Mack for sharing the Flitter Flutter collection with us. Their beautiful summer clothing, pictured on the cover and page 37 is great for beach visits and special summer days. No matter what adventures you choose this summer we wish you many fun adventures.

Enjoy your summer,

Jennifer Auer, Nancy Palutis, Melanie Cortese and all of the Jersey Family Fun Team


Take some time to enjoy our New Jersey Day Trips & Destinations Guide for the summer. We’d love to know what you think. Come back and tell us where you went and how you enjoyed it.

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What’s your favorite New Jersey day trip idea for summer?



8 thoughts on “100+ Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Summer With Your Kids

  1. Lisa says:

    First time we are hearing about Diggerland USA is here on jerseyfamilyfun. Cool place for a mom of 3 boys! Idk about which ride first, but my youngest would be begging for 2nd, & 3rd rides on everything.

  2. Jennifer says:

    My kids would ride a Diggerland Truck at the Tuckerton Seaport, if the could.

  3. Carol L says:

    I think my grandsons would bring Sahara Sam to the pool. They love swimming and this would be great.
    Carol L

  4. christy says:

    Kayaking in the Hudson!!!

  5. Carla H says:

    My kids would love to hang out with Sahara Sam at pool!

  6. Inas says:

    My kids would most likely want to take Sahara Sam to our favorite little zoo at van saun county park to see the animals, ride the train and carousel then play at the play ground!!

    (Last comment posted too soon!)

  7. hadiyah says:

    me and my family are trying to enjoy this weekend coming for low price we are a family of 8 6 kids 2 adults is there any way u can find something for us to do

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