Water Wubble – Your Easiest and Most Fun Water Balloon Fight Yet!

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We were hired by Water Wubble to share with you how they are changing water balloon fights.


Water Wubble water balloons


Meet … The Water Wubble!


It’s always so sad when spring break is over right? We had some great experiences but to give one last laugh/good time before we are back to routine, I decided to have a good old water fight with my kids and Water Wubble!


Water Wubble water balloons


It wasn’t too warm but just before the sun set we turned on the hose, and put some water in a tub and the kids got to work. Ever fill up traditional water balloons? I bet you can still feel the pain on your fingers. No pain here! Water Wubbles are a self sealing, refillable water ballon ball that fills from the hose, a water bottle or a tub. After it’s filled (to the level you are comfortable with) just push in the extended part and the ball seals.
Water Wubble water balloons


My kids are 7 and 11 years old so they can fill the water bubbles themselves, but even little ones won’t have trouble.


You know how water balloon play is over faster than you want it to be? Those balloons get used up quickly and someone has to be filling new ones constantly. Water Wubble is made of a strong rubber (no latex) and they didn’t empty out quickly. There were quite a few throws back and forth between us before the water started to escape. We played on grass only and they were durable for that surface.


Water Wubble water balloons


They enjoyed themselves so much, I couldn’t even get them to stop playing so I could take pictures. They were soaked from head to toe; not only because of the Water Wubble splashing but because they were so excited to have the hose on! I am definitely keeping the Water Wubbles nearby for those moments when they are driving each other crazy inside and need to get some energy out.


Water Wubble water balloons


Traditional water balloons are a headache to clean up. We have a dog and I don’t want him chewing on popped balloon pieces. Water Wubble is NO clean up and the balls are refillable! Pick up the balloons which stay intact in one piece, shut the hose and you’re done. Until next time Water Wubble!!


Water Wubble water balloons


Get yours at Waterwubble.com!


Water Wubble is currently running a giveaway for a Water Wubble. You can enter below and you will be contacted by them if you are selected as a winner.

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Now, who is ready for a Water Wubble fight?


In full disclosure, this is a sponsored post. We appreciate Water Wubble’s support of Jersey Family Fun and our efforts to share fun new toys with our readers. As always, all opinions are our own.

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