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Make a Day Watching the Planes at Sky Manor Airport


Have you ever packed up your child who loves planes and headed to an airport to watch the airplanes as they take off and land?




Sky Manor Airport

I remember years ago driving to Newark just to do that very thing with my oldest three children. While they were excited and entertained, the one hour drive each way paired with parking and security made it a once and done trip. Last year however, we were introduced to a little airport out in the majestic hills of Hunterdon County. Not only is parking free but your children can get out, run around and feel the presence of these small engine planes as they take off and land at the Sky Manor Airport.


A bright fall day is the perfect time for a visit to the small airport, Sky Manor Airport, located deep in Hunterdon County. With planes taking off an landing nearly each minute the action packed adventure will find you enjoying the thrills and chills of flight as your children become engrossed in what adventures await them in life. The Pittstown hot spot opened in the 1940’s with just a little grass landing strip. It now boasts a fully paved 2900 foot runway. This little gem has now become a favorite spot to kick back, relax and enjoy the view and get an up close and personal look at small engine planes.



My son and I stepped out this weekend for an afternoon at the Sky Manor Airport. It was a warm fall day with bright sun in the sky. It was perfect for flying, we chose a bench nestled under a tall pine tree and waited. Within moments we were watching as one plane took off headed to view the beauty of fall in New Jersey over the Delaware River and another landed sliding down the runway with grace. Not only were we treated to the small engine planes taking off, circling and landing we also had the opportunity to see parachutes floating through the air and helicopters circling the area.




Things to do at Sky Manor Airport

As we sat and talked we were thrilled with the opportunities that this Sky Manor Airport has to offer. Not only can you spend an afternoon with a blanket and snacks, the airport has so much more to offer.

  • The Sky Manor Cafe is open six days a week to serve breakfast and lunch. Closed on Tuesday to rest and recuperate, the Cafe itself offers a wide variety of dishes to please anyone’s palate. Voted one of New Jersey’s Best Airport Breakfasts there is more to this little spot than meets the eye. While dining, visitors can and watch as planes take off. On the day we visited many were enjoying the tables outside.
  • If flight is something you are interested in, the Sky Manor Airport also offers opportunities for experience. You can enjoy a free local flight with the Young Eagles Youth. Children ages 8-17 can visit and take off into an experience of a lifetime. Visit their website for more details on dates and times these free flights are offered.
  • If you or your child still have the bug to take flight, you can get more involved with the Sky Manor Airport by taking flight lessons. These lessons are offered on site through Sky Beckons Aviation located on site at the Sky Manor Airport.
  • If these don’t suit your fancy then don’t forget to check out the hot air balloon flights, vineyard or helicopter lessons.




Even without taking the time to head off into the great blue yonder, the afternoon is not one we will soon forget. We enjoyed the time watching, learning and talking exploring opportunities that my son may one day experience.


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