Our Review of the Vtech Innotab 2S Learning Tablet

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We received this toy, at no charge, to review from Vtech.
We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share
with families information about toys we think their family may enjoy.


There is nothing that can bring more excitement to a home than a brand new electronic device with every bell and whistle. We were thrilled to be trying out the Vtech InnoTab2S Learning App Tablet.  We have a lot of technology in our home and this presented itself as a great addition for us to use for learning, entertainment and loads of fun!


Easy to get this going in just minutes!

Easy to get this going in just minutes!


Here are some great things about the Inno Tab 2S, tablet for kids that we loved!

  • Easy stand up device that even kids can figure out.
  • Wi-Fi capable – allows you to download faster and easier.
  • Moveable camera allows kids to take videos and pictures with ease.
  • Personalization is very easy – unlike other devices we’ve tried.
  • Online applications are more reasonably priced with lots of variety.


Everything you need to plug it in and load up a ton of fun!

Everything you need to plug it in and load up a ton of fun!

The first thing I noticed about the Inno Tab 2S  was the ease in which I was able to get it set up. I’ve used other devices that have taken me hours to prepare. This device was simple!  I loaded the software, personalized the device equally for both of my twins and purchased some applications and videos.  I really loved the way the personalization works on this device. Each child gets their own picture with their name. This makes it easier for preschoolers to identify themselves and to keep track of each child’s games.


My boys adjusted to the device in minutes. I was actually impressed that my four year old was the first to figure out how the Inno Tab 2 S stands up. It has a small piece that is easy to get out and allows the tablet to be used vertically or horizontally. It also comes with two stylus pens that work well with the tablet. It’s nice to know that little figures also work very well.

We love how easy it was for this toy to be used by preschoolers. They grabbed it up and were ready to go!

We love how easy it was for this toy to be used by preschoolers. They grabbed it up and were ready to go!


There was no getting around the ease of use. The kids just knew how to follow the menu prompts to find the games and videos that I loaded. It is nice that you can connect the tablet to your home Wi-Fi as it allows the videos to stream directly. I found a great selection of reasonably priced videos and games.  They enjoyed playing with them and had no problem navigating.


We also tried this out on the road. It proved to be perfect for a long lunch when the service took quite a while for the food to arrive. The Vtech Inno Tab 2 S was able to engage both of my twins. One who preferred videos and the other who switched off to a game after the video ended. The personalization also allows me to load the games, apps and videos to the table that each child would like. This tablet will be coming with us on summer vacation!


This learning tablet has everything that I want for a smart toy for my children. It has the ability to entertain them, teach them, and allow them to have creativity. They loved making funny videos of each other and taking pictures with the camera application. They had no problem finding and using all the functionality of this tablet.


I think it is the perfect blend of learning and entertainment toy that I’ve seen in a long time!

Where you can buy an Vtech InnoTab2 S Learning App Tablet


In full disclosure this review was made possible by Vtech, who are providing Jersey Family Fun with a Inno Tab 2 Learning App Tablet to review.

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