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Virtual Trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

If you have been following us on our Facebook page you already know that we were on a grandparent-sponsored family vacation to Orlando in the days before they closed Walt Disney World. We had a full day at Hollywood Studios and I came back with so many ideas to write about and share with you, but I could not have imagined that one of my first would be to help you plan a virtual trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Virtual Trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Here we are though. Disney theme parks around the world are closed. So many families are experiencing heartbreak over cancelled and postponed Disney family vacations.

Then, a few days ago, I asked our Facebook fans if they wanted Virtual Spring Break ideas. The response was an overwhelming YES! I never expected the response to be so favorable. I am touched.

We have been so many places. There are so many things I hope to be able to turn into virtual trip ideas for you. Our family trip to Star Wars Galaxy Edge left such a lasting impression with my family and me though that I knew that’s where I had to start.

From breakfast to bedtime I hope these ideas help you plan a virtual trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge that fills your day with fun and your heart with joy.

One last note, every photo in this post was taken by me. While I hope you love them and they make you feel closer to Galaxy’s Edge please do not reuse them for your own purposes without permission. Thanks so much. Now let’s have some fun.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Getting ready for your Virtual Trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

We’ve packed a lot of different activities into this post to help you and your family have a great virtual trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Read through this all before getting started with kids. You may have everything you need at home or you may decide you want to order a few items to enhance your virtual trip. Star Wars costumes are not required but can add to your fun.

We all know every theme park visit has some kind of waiting involved. We experienced that ourselves as we waited for the grandparents so we could get into Hollywood Studios. We had arrived early with the intentions of getting a boarding pass for the Rise of the Resistance, but it didn’t work out for us. :(

We want you to have a fun time with this virtual trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and we want your kids to too. We’ve pulled together some Star Wars coloring pages and activity sheets your kids can do while they ‘pretend’ to wait for their next activity.

Free Star Wars Printable Coloring Pages

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Virtually travel through Batuu

When you visit Star Wars Galaxy’s edge in person it’s like being fully immersed in the planet Batuu. There’s the marketplace Black Spire outpost, Oga’s Cantina, Savi’s Workshop, the Droid Depot, and so much more. Never has it been so much fun to just walk around and take in the environment around you and window shop.

I can’t bring you there, but I can help you window shop and see some of what was available for purchase. Let your kids have a virtual shopping trip. Tell them to take notes and make a shopping list. Later you can share that shopping list with Santa, the grandparents, or others who often want to shop for your kids.

Black Spire Outpost at Batuu at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Shop for these Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge souvenirs from home

Thanks to Amazon and our affiliate links you can purchase Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge souvenirs at home without having to visit the parks.

Black Spire Outpost merchant stand at Batuu at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Disney Pins

You can’t leave Disney without a pin. Here’s a collection of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge pins.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Recreate the Oga’s Cantina Experience at Home

Oga’s Cantina is where the bounty hunters, smugglers, rogue traders, and weary travelers went for a meal to eat in Star Wars: A New Hope. During our visit to Galaxy’s Edge it was our first stop after walking through Batuu.

Easter Egg 1

If your kids are always hungry like mine turn breakfast into an Oga’s Cantina experience. If you’d like to learn more about Oga’s Cantina please read about our experience in Oga’s Cantina at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Start by getting the Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack with the Cantina music (track 9) with our Amazon affiliate link. Grab some other Star Wars movies soundtracks to play as background music. These albums are also available on iTunes. Play the music in the background as you prepare breakfast.

As you’re preparing breakfast, have your kids create their own coasters from cardboard or card stock. They can use the designs below to inspire them and colors or markers to create the designs.

star wars galaxy's edge oga cantina drinks, menu, and coasters on the table.

Here’s what we had to eat and drink at Oga’s Cantina and how you can create it at home.

  • Blue Bantha is basically blue milk served with a sugar cookie on top. If you have blue food coloring at home you could easily replicate this. Or make it chocolate milk with a cookie on top.

  • Jabba Juice is a mixture of fruit juices and blueberries. If you don’t have juice at home substitute lemonade with some crushed ice for the same color. Any small berries can work to make to make drink special. Gently drop the berries on the ice before pouring in the drink.

  • Hyperdrive (Punch It!) – Is Powerade Mountain Berry Blast with White Cranberry Juice, Black Cherry Purée, and Sprite. You can make your own version at home without needing the purée.

  • Rising Moon Overnight Oats is a breakfast food that combines fruit with oats and yogurt. If you don’t have oats at home I’m sure the kids won’t mind. Add some pretty fruit to the top of a cup of yogurt or a bowl of oatmeal.
a breakfast food option at Oga's Cantina at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Rising Moon Overnight Oats

When it comes time to serve the food make the funniest person in the house be the server. When we ate at Oga’s Cantina we had a server who was hilarious. He cracked jokes and made it a great experience. You can find 50 funny Star Wars jokes for kids on Boys Life.

To create the same dining experience stand around the table instead of sitting down.

star wars galaxy edge ogas cantina has waist high tables to serve guests

Check out these Star Wars Cookbooks

If you would like more ideas for Star Wars foods and meals check out these cookbooks with our Amazon affiliate links. Some of them are available in Kindle format so you don’t need to wait for it to be delivered.

Make your own lightsaber in a virtual Savi’s Workshop

I have to tell you, one of the most epic experiences we had was making handbuilt lightsabers at Savi’s Workshop. It is a memory I know my teenagers are going to remember for a very long time and I can’t wait to tell you more about it in a future post. For now, watch this video to get an idea of how to set up your own Savi’s Workshop.

Supplies to make lightsabers

  • The lightsaber wand can be made with pool noodles, broom sticks, mop handles, pvc piping, old hockey sticks, even cardboard if you don’t have anything else.

  • Duct tape, straps, ribbons, electrical tape, masking tape, or other colored tape, or kinesiology tape can be used to decorate the base of the handle.

  • Pull together some stickers that can enhance the lightsaber handle. Ponytail holders, rubber bands, or other elastic-style bands can be used to add extra embellishments.

  • A Kyber Crystal can be created using beads, colored pom poms, a small Lego block, construction paper, a cap to a dried out marker. Use your imagination for something that can serve as a small crystal. It will be important to have colors like red (dark side), green, blue, purple. Put them together on a special tray or plate.

  • Glue or clear tape. You will need something to attach the crystal to the lightsaber wand and to hold the ribbon to the wand.
Workstations at Savi's Workshop at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Before your Jedi start making lightsabers set up your environment.

  • Use a table that is large enough for each of your Jedi to have room to work and create their own lightsabers. Each one should have their own workstation.
  • Place all supplies (except the Kyber Crystal) at each workstation giving each builder choices. A shoebox lid can serve as a tray to hold their choices.
  • Dim the lights before calling your Jedi into your Savi’s Workshop.
Pick your handle options for lightsabers at Savi's Workshop at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

Let’s make lightsabers

Before you call your Jedi into Savi’s Workshop have them consider what side of the force they are going to be on. Will they create a lightsaber of Peace and Justice, Elemental Nature, Power and Control, or Protection and Defense? They can review the images below to learn what each style stands for.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Savi's Workshop Lightsaber design options
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Savi's Workshop lightsaber options and what they mean.

Bring your Jedi into the workshop and point each one to his/her station.

Show them the beginning of this video. Stop at the 2:33 minute mark.

With your ‘Kyber Crystal’ in a special container walk around to each Jedi and have them select one for their lightsaber.

Have your Jedi lay the wand portion of their lightsaber in front of them and select what they would like to use to wrap around the base to create the portion of their lightsaber they will hold. Have them wrap the base of the handle. The base should be about 6-10 inches.

Base of lightsaber being created at Savi's Workshop at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

Attach the Kyber Crystal to the middle of the base of the wand. It’s not necessary to carve out a hole. Jedi can attach it with glue or clear tape.

Jedi can now finish decorating the base of their lightsaber. They can use the strap to create a handle or use stickers to embellish the handle.

Before allowing them to go off to play with their lightsabers or the next part of your virtual trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge make sure you have a ceremony of sorts to ‘light’ their lightsabers. Create your own or watch the end of this video (after 2:33 minute mark) and have them act it out.

Here are some other blog posts across the web on how to make lightsabers

The lighting up of lightsabers at Savi's Workshop at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

Create your own virtual Smugglers Run Millenium Falcon ride

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has two Star Wars rides, Rise of the Resistance and Smuggler’s Run Millennium Falcon. When we didn’t get a boarding group of Rise of Resistance and Smugglers Run had long wait lines we weren’t sure we’d get on either ride.

Underside of the Smugglers Run Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World.

With a two hour window between our reservation for Savi’s Workshop and the Droid Depot we skipped out on lunch to get in line for Smuggler’s Run Millennium Falcon.

The queue line for Smugglers Run is decked out with special coded images that interact with the Play Disney app Star Wars Datapad game. You can’t access the Star Wars activities on the app without being in the park. But if you visit the Apple App Store or Google Play there are several interactive Star Wars games kids can play. Let the kids play to ‘pretend’ to wait in line while you set the scene for their virtual Smugglers Run ride. Have them sit in a room different from where you’ll do the ride.

Inside area of the queue at the Smugglers Run Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World.

You’ll likely want to use the living room or playroom if it has a tv as your setting for your virtual ride. You want to be able to use whichever TV has capabilities to play YouTube. If that’s not a possibility gather your tablets or chromebooks or laptops that have screens.

You’ll need to be able to darken the room. Set up 6 spots to sit, 3 rows with 2 seats each. The front two seats are for the pilots, middle two are for the gunners, and the back two are for the engineers. If not using a TV place the screens in front of or near your seating area. Everyone will need to be able to see a screen.

Inside at the queue of Smugglers Run Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World.

If you have items that can be used as a levers place those in front of the engineers. If you have items with buttons that can be pressed place those near each gunner.

Take the coloring pictures the kids colored earlier and hang them around the house. When it’s their turn to ride the ride, show them our pictures from the Smugglers Run Millennium Falcon queue (coming soon). Then walk them around the house to look at their Star Wars artwork before taking them to your ride.

Inside the queue of the Smugglers Run Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World.

Let the kids decide which position they want or randomly choose: pilot, gunner, or engineer. Have them sit in the corresponding spot. Darken the lights.

Inside the cockpit of the the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World.

Have everyone hit play on the video below at the same time. Act out the ride as you watch it. Pilots should move their levers. Gunners should launch their proton torpedos. Sway together as the Millennium Falcon moves up, down, and side to side.

Make a Droid at Home

Another cool experience we had at Galaxy’s Edge, that can be simulated at home, is droid building. We visited the Droid Depot and made one BB-8 unit and one R2 unit. Whether you buy a droid-building kit or find different items around the house, you can certainly build your own robot at home with the kids.

Your kids are probably like mine, crazy creative and imaginative. Think about what you have around the house: cardboard boxes, shoeboxes, old soccer balls or basketballs, piping, pipe cleaners, styrofoam, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, etc.

Another option would be to gather any old robotic sets you have around the house and try to see if they can be combined together to create one new robot.

Building blocks like Lego, Knex or similar toys can also be collected to build a droid.

Pull everything together into one spot, either on a table or the middle of their play space. Then get in there with the kids and see what kind of robots you can come up with.

You may or may not be able to make your robot move, but there’s still ways to make your robot special. Decorate it with markers or stickers. Attach it to a remote control car to move it around the house. Or hide an old phone, walkie talkie, or iPod inside to have your robot make noises.

Droid Depot at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

Droid Depot App

In honor of Star Wars Day, May the 4th Be With You Day, 2020, Disney released a Droid Depot app. This app lets you program your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge droid OR create your own virtual droid. Learn more here and check out our droid dancing below.

Droid Dancing

Droid DancingIf you’ve got a droid from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge you can make it dance too. Music and programming made possible with Disney Droid Depot app.

Posted by Jersey Family Fun on Monday, May 4, 2020

Robot & Droid DYI Kits

You can also purchase robot kits on Amazon with our affiliate links. Here’s a few we liked.

Assembling a droid at the at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

More help to make your own droid at home

  • Coming soon

Play Star Wars Games

We are spending more time at home playing games than ever before. If you need a little down time, pretend you’re passing time waiting for another run at Smuggler’s Run, someone to use the bathroom, or you’ve stopped for lunch, consider playing a Star Wars game.

My 14 year old was delighted to find he could buy the Sabacc game at the Outpost at Batuu. While we were in Orlando he played this with his brothers multiple times. He still plays frequently at home. If you’re not familiar with Sabacc it’s the game that caused the The Millennium Falcon to change hands between Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.

Sabacc is available on Amazon as are other Star Wars games.

Check out these Star Wars games with our Amazon affiliate links

Here’s are some more classic games with Star Wars editions

End your virtual trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge with your own Galactic Spectacular

My favorite part of any Walt Disney World trip is the end-of-the-night light shows. I knew there was a Star Wars Galactic Spectacular at Hollywood Studios and there was no way I was missing it.

It was fabulous! We sat there in the main courtyard facing the center stage as our favorite scenes, villains, and heroes from the Star Wars series were projected onto the buildings. Lasers shot across the sky. Fire blasted from the buildings. Music filled the air. It was quite epic!

Yoda is projected onto a building as part of the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios.

What you need for your own Galactic Spectacular at home

You may not be able to create this exact scenario at home BUT you can create a Galactic Spectacular of your own. Have a Star Wars movie night at home or go one step further and get outside and project your Star Wars movies in the backyard.

The side of a shed, garage, or your house can make a suitable backdrop for projected Star Wars movies.

Again, we did some virtual shopping on Amazon to find you those items you need to take your Star Wars movie marathon and turn it into a Galactic Spectacular.

ATT projected onto building for Star Wars Galactic Spectacular at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios.

We hope these ideas will help you and your family plan your own epic virtual trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. If you think of anything we missed please let us know.

lasers shoot across the Millennium Falcon image as part of Star Wars Galactic Spectacular at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios.

If you would like to start planning your own visit to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge when it reopens please contact our friends over at Get Away Today. Not only do they offer layaway plans but if you mention Jersey Family Fun you can receive special discounts. Book at 24 hours a day or call 855-GET-AWAY 9 am-5 pm MT Monday – Friday. Any trips booked with them helps us earn Disney cash for our own return visit to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge so we are so very thankful when you mention us when booking.

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