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Get Video Proof of Santa in Your home, we did!

 Get video proof of Santa in your home, we did!

Last year we gave you some ways to prove Santa exists and was even in your home. One of the companies we introduced you to was The Santa Video. We told you how easy it was to have video proof of Santa being in your home (like above). For my kids the Santa video was just the thing to help them keep believing..


The Santa Video, uses a picture you send them, to make it appear that Santa was really in your home. Imagine the look on your child’s face when you show them the video of Santa putting presents under your tree or eating the milk and cookies you left.  Take a look below the ad for more information (click the ad if you want to make a purchase) and to see how easy it is to get your own video. (Plus keep reading to see how to win a free video too.) There are at least 8 different video options you can use and 6 different musical selections. My video came within minutes of ordering it too.


Want a video proof of Santa like above to prove to your kids Santa is real and that he visited your home?

See how easy it is in the video below. 3 easy steps and your kids will be in awe as they watch the video Christmas morning of Santa visiting your home.



Enjoy this new way to prove Santa is real to your kids and if you order a video let us know how your kids react to seeing it.


In full disclosure these are affiliate links. If you use the ads to make a purchase, Jersey Family Fun will receive a small portion of the sale as income to help with the cost of running Jersey Family Fun.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.