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Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ (with Photos)

Of all the playgrounds we’ve revisited this summer the Verona Park Playground in Verona has undergone one of the most dramatic renovations. Gone are structures like those below and in their place are several, bright, large, inviting pieces of playground equipment. This Verona playground will thrill kids of all ages and their grownups too.

Large Playground
The Verona Playground in 2014.
Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - WIDE image - green playground high back spinner in front
As a portion of the playground looks today (Picture taken July 1, 2022.)

10 Things to Know About Verona Park Playground in Verona

As part of our challenge to write about 100 New Jersey playgrounds in 100 days we bring you the details about Verona Park Playground, a playground in Verona.

Another Jersey Family Fun mom visited this playground back in 2014. We revisited on July 1, 2022 and what a wonderful surprise to see all this new outstanding playground equipment. The playground was renovated in 2017. Our pictures and details are based on our July 1, 2022 visit.

Where is Verona Park Playground located?

This Verona park is located at the intersection of Bloomfield Avenue and Lakeside Avenue in Verona in Essex County. The park is part of the Essex County park system.

What kind of playground equipment does Verona Park have?

The playground has two main structures: a lime green playground and a blue and red playground. Surrounding that are other fun and innovative structures giving kids a variety of ways to play.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - WIDE image - red and blue playground view from hill
Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - WIDE image - playground slide side

Are there swings?

There are two swing structures. The first swing structure has 4 baby swings, 1 accessible swing, and 6 traditional swings. Of those traditional swings, some have a straight flat seat while others have a curved seat.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - SWINGS - traditional swings TALL image BEST

A second, nearby swing structure has 2 disc/flying saucer style swings.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - SWINGS - disc swings TALL image

Are there slides?

Kids looking for excitement will love the slides on the green playground. There is a long and tall tunnel slide that curves a bit before heading to the ground. There is another long and tall slide, but this one is completely open. It has some curving to it too. The last slide coming off this playground is open and twists.

The red and blue playground has a side-by-side slide with some curve to it and a twisting slide.

Adventure Hill also has two straight metal slides to it as well.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - Features - Hill Wall TALL

What special features does the playground offer?

The special features at this park include climbing walls, climbing platforms, rope ladders, bridges, tunnels, high back spinners, 4 person seesaw/we-saw, stepping pods, mister, sensory play, ride on toys, and monkey bars.

Multi-level Tower

We know how much kids love a multi-level tower and this playground delivers on a tower that will WOW the kids.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - TALL image - high tower with ladders and bridge

Springy Ride on Toys

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - Features - Ride on toys taxi, dinosaur, and duck WIDE image

Climbing BLOQX

We’ve only seen Climbing BLOQX like this at one other playground in New Jersey, Kid Street in Bridgewater. It’s definitely a unique structure for kids to climb. The Climbing-BLOQX is located towards the far end of the playground behind the green playground structure.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - Features - Climbing BLOQX WIDE image 2

Adventure Hill

You know how kids love to roll down hills? Park designers took the thrill of hills and created an Adventure Hill. Kids can climb spheres, little rocks, or webs to get to the top and then roll or slide back down. There’s also an elevated slope to walk or stroll to get to the top.

What kind of ground cover does the playground have?

The ground surface is colorful rubber padding that was just replaced this past spring. Adventure Hill has turf and rubber padding.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - TALL image - green playground view from hill top *

Is the playground at Verona Park accessible?

The playground offers an accessible swing and smooth surfaces. It also has a high back spinner and we-saw (a 4-person see saw) that we believe to be accessible. There are no ramps onto the equipment, but Adventure Hill might be accessible to some children with wheelchairs and strollers.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - Features - We Saw 4 person see saw WIDE image

Is there shade available at the Verona Park Playground? 

There are lots of shady spots here. There are large canopy tops that stretch over the equipment and parts of the playground.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - SHADY - tall image of canopies over benches

There is shade in the tunnels and in play areas under the equipment.

Verona Park Playground in Verona NJ - WIDE image - red and blue playground

There is a pavilion and there are picnic tables under the trees.

Verona Park in Verona NJ - Extras - pavilion WIDE image

Where is parking for the Verona Park Playground? 

There was a medium-sized parking lot.

Verona Park in Verona NJ - Parking lot

Are there restrooms at Verona Park?

We located indoor restrooms in a building near the tennis courts and a port-a-potty near the children’s garden.

What else is there to do at Verona Park?

In addition to the playground at Verona Park, there are additional amenities available for visitors.

Are there walking trails?

The pathway that surrounds the lake is perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll. The Children’s Garden is also a nice place to walk through. The park also offers a 1.2 mile fitness course.

Verona Park in Verona NJ - Extra - Lake view TALL picture

Are there fields or courts for sports? 

There are bocce courts, tennis courts, and fields for baseball/softball.

Verona Park in Verona NJ - Extra - Tennis Courts TALL image

Bonus information we want you to know about Verona Park 

The park is the fifth largest park in the Essex County system, it is 54 acres of grass fields, a lake, and playgrounds.

Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden was added in 2003 and is maintained by volunteers. It is an adorable stop before entering the massive playground.

If you want to introduce the family to the leisure joy of fishing or possibly you just want to feed the ducks, paddle boating, or visit the boathouse, stop by the lake. The stone bridge that goes over the lake is a convenient stop to enjoy the view and a favorite location for photographs.

Who do I contact about having a birthday party or event at Verona Park Playground?

We provide these details about this Verona Park as a service to our readers and the park. However, Jersey Family Fun is not directly involved with this park. To reserve Verona Park Playground for a birthday party or private event, please contact them directly by calling (973) 433-7409 or visiting their website.

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