Verona Park – Essex County Parks & Playgrounds

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Verona Park – Essex County, County Parks & Playgrounds


Large Playground

The large playground is for older kids and can accommodate many children.


If you are looking for a park that mirrors one you would find in a movie (most likely a romantic comedy) then Verona Park is it.  The fifth largest park in the Essex County system, it is 54 acres of grass fields, lake, and playgrounds.  Rarely do I visit the park without a jogger running around the lake or a walker holding a leash to their dog.  It is a stunning park that has been one of my favorites for a long time.


3 Reasons My Family Loves Verona Park

  • Variety ~ The pathway the surrounds the lake is perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll. I have walked my dogs here as well as my son in a stroller when he was an infant. I have watched people fishing and using the paddleboats. It is a wonderful location for photographs. Even as I visited to take some notes for this review, a wedding party had stopped off for photos. There are walks held here and they have an annual craft show that we always attend. Verona Park offers something each member of the family will enjoy.


  • The Children’s Playground and Garden ~ The Children’s Garden was added in 2003 and is maintained by volunteers. It is an adorable stop before entering the massive playground. The playground is not shaded so this is my favorite playground on days that might be chilly to warm. However, in the scalding heat of the summer definitely bring hats in addition to the sunscreen.


  • The Lake ~ If you want to introduce the family to the leisure joy of fishing or possible you just want to feed the ducks, paddle boating, or visit the boathouse stop by the lake. The stone bridge that goes over the lake is a convenient stop to enjoy the view and a favorite location for wedding photographs.


Playground for 5 and Under

The playground for small children contains two slides, a bridge, and many other features.


What Verona Park offers

  • Lake for fishing and boating
  • Stone bridge
  • Great Locations for photos!
  • Children’s Garden
  • Tennis Courts
  • Preschool Children’s Playground (designed for children ages 2-5)
  • School Age Children’s Playground (designed for children ages 5-12)
  • 10 Swings
    • 4 Infant Swings
    • 6 School Age Swings
  • Softball Field
  • Bocce Courts
  • Annual Craft show
  • Free and convenient parking is available near the children’s playground and surrounding streets of the park
  • Great location to take the kids (or dogs if you have one) for a walk
  • Near many and diverse places to eat


Swings at Verona Park

There are plenty of swings at Verona Park.



The Verona Park is located at the intersection of Bloomfield Avenue and Lakeside Avenue in Verona in Essex County.


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Verona Park Slide

This is one of many slides located at Verona Park Children’s Playground.

In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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