Van Vorst Park – Hudson County Parks & Playgrounds

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Van Vorst Park – Hudson County Parks & Playgrounds


One of the entrances to Van Vorst Park

One of the entrances to Van Vorst Park


3 Reasons My Family Loves Van Vorst Park


  • Urban parks are so different from suburban parks but have their own charm and purpose. The Van Vorst section of Jersey City is historic and beautiful, and this park fits right in with the architecture. Just sitting in the park among the gardens will leave you feeling like you stepped back in time.


  • The playground area is small but it’s fully fenced in. There’s also a small sprinkler area (seasonal, of course) that’s fenced in as well. Don’t leave your dog at home because there’s a fenced in dog run for them to. Chess tables are available too: Van Vorst Park offers play for everyone!


  • The gardens throughout the park are not just a thing of beauty but are also educational. Markers identify the plantings and the variety is impressive. The grass is not for walking on in many spots, and the park has mostly paved areas, but the gardens and trees provide shade and beauty. Quite an oasis in the middle of a city!


Some of the gorgeous plantings at Van Vorst Park

Some of the gorgeous plantings at Van Vorst Park


What Van Vorst Park Offers

  • Dog run
  • Playground structure
  • Sprinkler area
  • Gardens
  • Citi Bike stand
  • Gazebo
  • Seasonally: Farmers Market, Movies in the Park
  • Chess tables
  • Picnic tables
  • On-street parking only (limited)


The Van Vorst Park playground

The Van Vorst Park playground


Van Vorst Park is located at Jersey Avenue and Montgomery Street in Jersey City in Hudson County. 



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