Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

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Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Here are some of our favorite ideas and sentiments for homemade Valentine cards. Just create the card with the sentiment and add the listed item.

  • Cards with a pencil
    • Valentine, you’re sharp.
    • Leads go out, Valentine.
    • Valentine, you’re all write. (Disney Family Fun)
    • Valentine, you’ve got the write stuff.
    • Valentine, you’re just write for me. (Disney Family Fun)


  • Cards with stickers
    • Valentine, I’m stuck on you.
    • Valentine, We’re a great pair. Let’s stick together.
    • You can count on me when things get sticky. (Disney Family Fun)


  • Cards with handprints
    • I wanna hold your hand!
    • Hands down. You’re the best Valentine.
    • Let’s give you a hand, you’re the best.
    • You deserve a round of applause. (with hands attached in a circle.)


  • Cards with fruit
    • Valentine, we make a great pear.
    • Valentine, you’re the apple of my eye.
    • Valentine, you’re berry special.
    • A treat for someone so sweet.
    • Valentine, I can pear to be without you.
    • Orange you glad to be by Valentine.
    • Valentine, I’ll do splits for you. (banana)

    Valentine's Day Card Goldfish

  • Valentines with Butterflies
    • You butter me up Valentine.
    • I just had to fly on over to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.
    • Valentine, you send my heart a flutter. (Disney Family Fun)
    • Valentine, fly with me to new heights.


  • Valentines with a ruler
    • Valentine, you rule (Disney Family Fun)
    • No matter how you measure it, you’re the best.
    • Inch by inch, I’m getting closer to being your Valentine.
    • No one measures up to you, Valentine.


  • Valentines with race cars
    • Valentine, I never tire of your friendship. (Disney Family Fun)
    • Valentine, I wheely like you.
    • Valentine, I had to race on over to say, Happy Valentine’s Day!


But if you are short on time, these ideas can do the job too.


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