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We received the Telestrations game at no charge, to review, from USAopoloy.
We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with
families information about games we think their family may enjoy.


If you have kids you have probably heard of the telephone game!


My kids love to play telephone, they think it’s hysterical to say a word and whisper it in each others ear until you get back to the first person. We always giggle as something as simple as the words macaroni and cheese turn into something like the dog wants peas. Now imagine telephone in a board game with a drawing twist! Yes, you read that correctly the game of telephone that you draw!

Telestrations | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Telestrations | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Each Telestrations Game Includes:

  • Instruction Sheet
  • Sand Timer
  • Over 1700 words to telestrate on the this side/that side sketch cards
  • 8 Telestrations sketch books
  • 8 Dry erase markers
  • 8 Soft Cloths
  • 1 die


Telestrations contents | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Telestrations contents | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun


What I liked about Telestrations

It’s not your typical family game. There aren’t a ton of little pieces that can get lost and you really need to think about what you are drawing and guessing. The game is recommended for ages 12 & up and we had a couple younger kids playing as well. After a round of playing though even the younger kids got it and insisted we keep playing. The game play is actually quite simple. Everyone gets a sketch book, you take a this or that card which has words on it next to a die, you roll the die and find the corresponding word to your number. Once you have your word you then write it in the first page then pass your books to your left. The next person looks at the word and draws their interpretation, you then pass the books again to your left. The next player will try to guess what you drew. This game play continues until you get your original sketchbook back. We played for a few hours and there were tons of giggles and silly guesses. My favorite telestration while we were playing was telescope and by the time the last person guessed the guess was cookie in the sky.


Here’s a video from some of our game testers about how the USAopoly Telestrations game works

I also checked out the USAopoly website and found some fun ideas to age the game down for younger people who wanted to play with the family. I love when a game company goes out of their way to give you fun new ideas and ways to play the game with your whole family.

  • Ignore the guesses page and use sketches only
  • Prewrite some secret words that may be simpler for younger children (Dog, Cat, Boy, Girl)
  • Everyone gets a prize at the end, it’s always good to reinforce laughter (A piece of candy, an extra 5 minutes to stay up late, etc)


Giggling as they guess | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Giggling as they guess | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun


Would I recommend the Telestrations game?

I would recommend Telestrations for a family game night or a tween child’s sleepover party. We had so much fun with this game that we even included it in our Memorial Day Barbecue. If you have a large group of people around there is no reason to not play Telestrations. My daughter has requested that I go buy colorful dry erase markers so that she can play this with her friends at all their sleepovers this summer.


Cookie in the sky | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Cookie in the sky | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun



Want to purchase your own USAopoly Telestrations Game?


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In full disclosure we were provided with a sample of the USAopoly Telestrations game to make this review possible.  This post also includes affiliate links. If you follow the links to make a purchase, we will receive a small portion to help offset our website costs. There is no additional cost to you to make a purchase through these links. As always, our opinions and experience are 100% our own.

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