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Being a mom to three boys means that I know all about my boys’ desires for video games. They come home, do their homework, and right away want to play video games. I try not to mind too much. I mean after all their favorite video game is Minecraft and it IS a game they can all play together. But that theme music.. it gets to be too much. Yes, I know, I could go into another room and not have to hear it.


As a work-at-home mom who also tries to monitor what her kids are playing I spend A LOT of time in the same room as my boys when they are gaming. They spread out on the couch to play and I’m with the laptop in my favorite chair. If it weren’t for the loud music and sound effects of the game the arrangement would be perfect.


Turtle beach gaming headset with box and PlayStation controller


Now with summer break here, I knew my boys would want more gaming time and that I needed a solution. The solution came with the arrival of  the Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset. We were hired to test out these new gaming headphones for their comfort, gaming features, and let’s be honest to see if they could make my mom-life easier. (Don’t tell my boys that last part.)


When the Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headphones first arrived my kids immediately starting begging me to test them out. Every day, they’d ask if we could open the box. I’m not sure if they were more excited to test out a new device, to have an excuse to get more gaming time or to get a chance to play Fortnite (the game these headphones are created for). But between end-of-the-year school projects, traveling to Wildwood and then Boston, and sports schedules we hadn’t had much time for gaming. This past week, I finally said yes. They were elated! 


TV screen with fortnite and headphones for gaming


Truth be told, my boys haven’t played Fortnite too much! To hear them talk you would think they are the ONLY kids that don’t get to play Fortnite whenever they want. Mom and dads we all know that’s not true. So while my boys haven’t played Fortnite much in the past I recognize the game is popular with teenagers and it’s time to loosen up some of my video game restrictions. This summer we’ll maintain a balance between gaming and being outdoors and exploring. Sometimes those will be separate passions and sometimes they’ll blend together. We’ll share how we do that on the site and on our social channels this summer. I recognize with three boys (tweens and teens) there’s no getting through summer with just one or the other, it’s got to be a little of both.


Coming back to the Turtle Beach Recon Gaming Headset, is a headset that makes gaming work in our house and on the road. I really enjoy how it works with our Wii, PlayStation 4, and the boys’ iPad. Regardless of where my boys use it the audio quality on this headset is great whether it’s for their first days of Fortnite, cooperative gaming in Minecraft, or battling against each other in Clash Royale. If you’ve been looking for a gaming quality headset that is easy to use, you’ll find that this is one that your family might really enjoy.


teen wearing a gaming headset to talk and play fortnite


Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset

From a mom’s point of view, there are a few things that I really do like about this headset. First off, it’s affordable (about $40 or less). In our house, that’s huge. We’re always saving our dollars so we can splurge on our family vacations. While I don’t want to discourage the boys’ hobbies (especially when it’s one they can do together), I also don’t want it to bust our budget, either.


And secondly, this one headset can be used between multiple platforms thanks to its versatile 3.5 mm connection. What that means for you and me is that once you buy this headset, it should work for all your kid’s gaming consoles, even that iPad or Nintendo Switch your kids like to take on trips. Bringing a laptop or chrome book with you on that vacation, mom or dad? (The Turtle Beach headphones work with that as well. Get some gaming time in after the kids go to bed.)


teen using gaming headphones for ipads


If you ask my boys, they’ll say that they love this Recon 70 headset because it’s extremely lightweight and comfortable which allows them to game for hours on end. (or until Mom makes them shut it down!) They also like the padded leather cushions for their ears because they say they’re really comfortable and don’t dig into their ears like other headphones tend to do. Gamers can easily control the volume, adjusting to pick up every special sound effect a game offers. Yet, the headphones will keep the gaming sound effects to the kids wearing them and moms like me won’t have to hear that continuous loop of theme music running in the background.  


One other biggie that I’ve noticed with this gaming headset? The attached mic works really well. And what this means is that for games that require talking, my boys aren’t screaming as loud as they can to get their commands heard. It’s quite simple for them to talk into the mic and listen to commands which means it’s not loud and chaotic in the house when they’re playing their favorite game. And when they aren’t talking they can easily flip up the mic to mute it.


Who is this headset good for?

This gaming headset is good for all varieties of gamers. It’s a simple, yet well built, entry-level gaming headset that has really nice audio quality and control. And with how it can be interchangeable between various gaming platforms, you’ll only need to buy it once and that’s it. Unless you have multiple kids like me, you may want to get each kid their own set. Bonus it comes in two sets of colors: Black/Blue, Red/Black, Green/Black and White/Blue and more. Get each kid their own set so there’s no fighting.


z wearing turtle beach gaming headset for playstation


Parent to parent, I was pleased with this Recon 70 Gaming Headset. It’s constructed well and I do believe it will have a long life when used properly with the gaming consoles. Take the time to test it out yourself to decide if it’s the right fit for you and your family. 


You can learn more by visiting the Turtle Beach site


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